02 part2 – The sage has reincarnated


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Once the 15 year old leaves, the retainers rush in and voice their concerns.
「Will-sama, are you alright? Let’s treat your wounds.」
「No, I’m not injured so its fine」
「Impossible, that doesn’t make any sense…」
The retainers started examining my body, and were surprised to find there weren’t any injuries.

「Even though you were beaten to that extent… just what happened?」
「Hmm… I was taught martial arts by my father so…」
「Oh, I see, as expected of the child of Krujia-sama and Maria-sama」
Krujia is my father and Maria is my mother.

「Krujia-sama was remarkable in both martial arts and magic」
「Maria-sama was also excellent in martial arts」

Saying so, the retainers nod to themselves silently while reminiscing. It seems they were somehow convinced by that explanation.
The retainers must have had that much faith in my parents’ martial arts.
Meanwhile, the other retainers were cleaning up the dirty water knocked down by the fifteen year old.

「Ah, I’ll take care of it, everyone still have their own tasks to do, right?」
When I picked up the rag to try and clean the spilled water,
「Please leave this to us. The scions have already left somewhere」
The retainers smiled kindly.
The retainers of Wolms family are all warriors who are proficient in battle magic.
Those proud warriors knelt on the floor and wipe the dirty water with tattered rags for someone else’s sake.I feel sorry.
[ 1.TL Note: “scion” is “son of a distinguished/wealthy family”. ]

「Please, let me do it」
「It’s fine. Will-sama, rest over there for a while」
「No, but…」
「It’s not healthy for a child to overwork, please rest up」
While saying so, one of the retainers forcibly pulls me towards the break room.

In the break room, my 3 year old adorable sister, Saria, her pet dog, RunRun, and a few retainers were there.
Saria gleefully climbs on RunRun and approaches me.
RunRun was also wagging its tail.

「Saria, were you a good girl?」
「Yes, I was」

Apparently Saria was playing together with the retainers and RunRun.
I hold up Saria from RunRun’s back. Saria squeezes her chestnut hair against my chest.
I’m probably spoiling her too much; I gently stroke Saria’s soft hair.

「RunRun is always a good boy, right?」
RunRun wags its tail joyfully.

RunRun is a very large dog with silver fur. Its height is about as tall as me.
It’s eight years old too. On the day I was born, it was a puppy that had lost its way into the courtyard of the mansion.
By the way, it is still growing larger. It is a mysterious dog and I also feed it on my own.
It is also good at hunting and shares birds and other small animals that it hunts, with us.

The scions tried to throw it away many times but gave up when it kept returning somehow.
Recently, I had asked RunRun to guard Saria during daytime.
Thanks to that, the scions could not bully Saria.
After petting RunRun, I bow my head to the retainers.

「Thank you for always looking after Saria」
「It’s nothing much, after all she’s the child of Krujia-sama and Maria-sama」

And the retainers start talking with reminiscence in their eyes.
「Krujia-sama was a great person…」
「Aah, he treated me equally even though I was of lower status. Truly a great person」
「His talent for magic was outstanding too」
「We are grateful for receiving his guidance」

It seems the retainers are compassionate towards us due to our father.

「In truth, Krujia-sama should have inherited this h—」
「Stop it!」

One of the retainers lets his words slip, and was swiftly stopped by a senior retainer.
I pretended not to have heard any of it.

But I already knew what the retainer was about to say.
It’s not difficult to know the whole story, if I put together the various gossip I hear.

Seems like either my uncle or father, Krujia, was supposed to become the head of the family.
But at last, the current head of family won the succession due to his wife’s family influence, and my father was sent away to a remote district.
And he died protecting the citizens during a monster outbreak.

Did my disciples from my previous life choose not to interfere with succession struggle of the Wolms family?
First of all, I wonder what situation my disciples are in right now. I want to meet them.

So I inquired about them while chatting with the retainer.

「How can I meet with the people of the Council of Sages?」
「Well… lower class people like us can’t even dream of meeting them」
「I don’t think even the Lord can meet them easily」
The one addressed as Lord is the current head of the Wolms family, the father of the fifteen year-old and also my uncle.
「If you enter the Academy of Heroes and produce excellent grades, you can join the Salvation Organisation and meet them there」
「Academy of Heroes?」
「It is a school for discovering and nurturing the next generation of heroes. It was established by the members of the Council of Sages.」
If it was established by my disciples, then it must be one of the countermeasures against the Demon King, Beast of Calamity.
My disciples seem to be working hard, I’m glad.

I asked the retainers for more information regarding the academy.
They only knew as much as a warrior would know.
To enrol into the Academy of Heroes, it is necessary to overcome an extremely difficult entrance exam.
Instead, there are no tuition fees, and living expenses are paid for while attending the academy.

「Can I get allowances for daily expenses?」
「Yes, you can bring your own pet and a few family members to live in the dorm together.」
Then it should be possible to live together with Saria and RunRun.

Even if you fail the exam of Academy of Heroes, depending on your grade you can transfer into a different school it seems.
「What sort of academy is another school?」
「Like the Academy of Sages or the Academy of Knights」

Based on previous life’s common sense, the Academy of Sages and Academy of Knights was only attended by the Super Elites.
By the way, I was a graduate from the Academy of Sages in my previous life.

The Academy of Sages is being used as a backup measure for dropouts.
「Will-sama, who is the son of Krujia-sama, can certainly get into Academy of Heroes!」
The retainers are looking at me with eyes full of hope.

「I guess I will take the entrance exam then」
As I said that, the retainers nodded their heads happily.



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