03 – Daily Hunting (Training)


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Although I’ve decided to take the entrance exam of Academy of Heroes, I still have a few things to confirm.
So I ask the retainers.

「Is there a minimum age requirement…亅 「Funfun亅
「There is no standard age. Even among humans, the age for adulthood depends on the tribe they belong to.亅
「That’s right I suppose亅 「Hahahahafunfun亅

Even though I was trying to have a conversation, RunRun keeps sniffing and licking my face.
The large RunRun has both its forefoot on my shoulders from behind.

「RunRun, I will play with you later亅
I get RunRun’s forefoot off my shoulders.
And it starts sniffing Saria instead.

Saria clings to me with her right hand and begins patting RunRun with her left hand.
Seeing that, I return to the conversation with the retainers.

「I’m glad that I can take the exam even at the age of eight亅
「Although it is common for ordinary humans to receive them at the age of fifteen to thirty亅
「Still, Will-sama will do great. I guarantee it!亅
My evaluation among the retainers is high for some reason. I want to ask further about the academy.

「I understand if it’s 15 years old, but 30 years old is surprising亅
「There are many who take the exam after graduating from the Academy of Sages and Academy of Knights亅
「Ah, I see亅

Anyway, there is no age limit. That is one less concern.
While talking about that, I sit Saria on my lap.
Saria is hugging me quietly while patting RunRun’s head.

「Nonetheless, I’m still a child. Will the Lord give me permission?亅
「There is no problem, if it is the child’s own decision亅
「Will the Lord not get angry?亅

The retainer smiles as I ask so.

「The Academy of Heroes is run by the Salvation Organization, and the top brass of that organization is the Council of Sages亅
「They have more power than the King and more authority than the Pope亅
「That’s reassuring亅
That means even a great noble can’t go against the Salvation Organization that is led by the Council of Sages.

「If you can send out an application without being found out by the scions, everything will turn out fine亅
「We will be responsible for delivering the application亅
「Thank you very much亅

I bow to the retainers.

In truth, the Lord of Wolms family isn’t always in the mansion.
Rather, they are not always in the Royal Capital. I do not know where and what they are doing.
When I ask the retainers, they just say the Lord is busy.
Well, it doesn’t matter.

After that, while I continue chatting with the retainers, one retainer runs towards us in a state of panic.

「The scions have returned亅
「Well then, I’ll be leaving now亅
If I am known to be in the break room, the retainers will be reprimanded.

「I’m sorry亅
「No, please take care of Saria亅
「Yes, please leave it to us亅
The retainers bow deeply to me. I bow my head too in return.
Then I put Saria, whom I was embracing, on RunRun’s back.
Saria waves her hand to me with a smile.

「Anicha, See you soon亅
「Saria, be a good girl亅

RunRun sniffs me with a sad look.
「RunRun, I am leaving Saria in your care亅
I feel good enthusiasm from RunRun when I leave Saria to him. Thus, I pat RunRun’s head.

After that, I bow to the retainers again and leave the break room.
Then, I check the place where the rag was a while ago. The spot was sparkling clean.
I can only thank the retainers who cleaned it in my place.

If I am found by the scions, I would probably be forced to do some weird work.
So, I decide to go elsewhere.

「RunRun isn’t here but… Well I’ll try catching some birds instead亅
I decide to go outside the Royal Capital and hunt some birds.

「Oi, where is the shitty brat!亅
I hear the 12 year old noble child yelling. It will be troublesome if I am found.
So, I erase my presence by hiding my magic.

All living things, including humans, have magic.
Most creatures have extremely small magic.
However, if you hide that magic, you will be able to hide your presence.
Perhaps subconsciously, other creatures can somehow sense this magic.

「Oi! Shitty brat! Come out!亅
I ran towards the garden from the mansion while suppressing my magic, and jumped over the fence surrounding the land of Wolms main family.
The height of the fence is 3 meters, but I can jump over if I use magic to activate body strengthening.
It is a difficult task to weave magic through my body to perform body strengthening while suppressing my magic.
That is exactly why it is good training.

By the way, meters is the unit of length used by the gods.
I don’t know much, but it seems to be based on the size of stars.

The 12 year old is making a fuss in the mansion, but I ignore it and run to the outside of royal capital.
However, I cannot go outside through the gate.
If an eight year old child tries to leave the capital alone, the guards will surely call for the guardian.

I will go over the tall walls that surround the royal capital. Its height is 10meters.
While suppressing my magic, I climb the wall quickly while placing my hands on the slight bumps and the joints on the wall.
Naturally, such a feat is impossible in the body of an eight year old, without magic strengthening of course.

Collect magic at the fingertips and also flow it to the arms and legs.
Once I climb to the top of the wall, I can see the guards slowly patrolling.
Treading carefully as not to be found, I jump off the wall to the outside.
At the moment of landing, by collecting a large amount of magic in my feet and flowing it to my entire body, I roll to absorb the impact.

「Yoshi, I was able to escape unscathed亅
It seems that the results of my training have manifested.

Then, I run towards the nearby forest and look for prey.
There are almost no large beasts near the royal capital. Just being able to catch a bird is a great find.
Saria and RunRun both love bird meat. I would like to share it with the retainers as well.
It would be best to catch a lot.

Hunting is also part of the training.
I erase my presence and get within 30 meter distance of a bird.
Then I pick up a stone, collect magic on the thumb of my right hand and shoot the stone.
The stone flies at high speed, aimed at the bird.
I was able to finish off the bird properly.
This method trains the body and at the same time trains the amount of magic and control of magic.
It’s a very good training method.
As I repeat this and hunt three more birds, I could hear the clashing of swords from a distance.



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