06 – To Escort


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The girl says she has come to escort me.
Furthermore, the scions are throwing a fuss behind the girl.

「From the Salvation Organization, you say? Why does the Salvation Organization want to escort me?」I asked.
Perhaps they have realized that I am the reincarnation of ‘Edelfuss Wolms’.
That would be impossible but my disciples might have realized it.

But the girl debunks my theory.
「Will Wolms, did you not submit an application for admission to the Academy of Heroes?」
「Yes I did, but…」

To be precise, the retainers readied the application and submitted it. I just filled in the details.
The retainers did a great job.

The 15 year old scion, who was listening in on our conversation, began to shout out loud.
「Shitty brat! How dare you send out an application without my permission?!」
「Know your place, Shitty brat! Such an application is invalid」
The 12 year old is also shouting out now.
However, the girl completely ignores the scions.
She continues speaking as if only the both of us exist in that place.

「We are about to conduct the entrance exam soon, so I have come to escort you」
「Does the Academy of Heroes personally escort people just so they can participate in the entrance exam?」
The Academy of Sages I graduated from in my previous life did not include such service.
My disciples must have noticed my rebirth and are lending me a helping hand, after all.

Speaking of which, there was also a magic scroll to measure one’s’ magic power in the document set of the application form.
It was attached with the application form.
Some of the magic scrolls are simple so they are relatively cheap.
However, the Academy of Heroes must be quite powerful, to distribute these magic scrolls to everyone who requests an application form.

Perhaps they realized about my previous life due to my magic power measured by the magic scroll.
As I was pondering about that, the girl speaks.

「We usually don’t do this, but we came to escort you as we predicted there would be hindrances」
「…Well, you predicted that right」

In fact, the scions seem to be very angry that I have submitted an application.
If the girl hadn’t come to escort me, there would’ve been a lot of trouble.

The current situation isn’t the best, but it isn’t the worst either.
The fifteen and twelve year olds are simply throwing a tantrum. So, I will just ignore them.

「Will Wolms. Don’t underestimate us.」
「You are being rude」
「Oi! Don’t ignore us!」
「You won’t get away with this!」

The scions throw abuse with the same words uncreatively. I want them to stop. Their lack of variety in the abuse might cause people to assume that the Wolms are just a bunch of idiots.
「Well, let’s go since there is already a prepped room」
「… Does the exam start right away?」
「The exam itself commences tomorrow, but preparation is necessary」

I wonder what sort of preparation. I am a little worried.
As I was about to inquire on that, the twelve year old shouts.

「The entrance exam of the Academy of Heroes you say? A guy like you would never be accepted into that place!」
「I’ll teach you where you belong, shitty brat! I am gonna hurt you!」

The one who got enraged and came to hit me was the fifteen year old.

「Quite noisy isn’t it」
At that moment, the girl moved at a speed which couldn’t be tracked with the eye.
She stepped in between me and the fifteen year old and stopped his full swing fist.
That too was stopped with just the index finger of her left hand.
It is a move that requires skillful manipulation of magic.

「Hitting me equals to picking a fight with the Salvation Organization」
「N-No! I was just trying to teach a lesson to the shitty brat…」
「There is no reason for you to educate Will Wolms」

The fifteen year old drops to his butt, as the girl glared at him.
The girl looks back to me, and speaks as if nothing happened.

「Well, Will Wolms. Shall we leave?」
「Is it possible to go to the academy tomorrow instead?”
「……Are you concerned about your sister?」

Though I didn’t say a word, the girl completely read my mind.
I fear that Saria might be bullied while I am away.

「Then bring your sister along with you. Is that okay?」
「Oh, thank you. There is also a dog…」
「Of course. The slime in your clothes, is welcomed too」

I am relieved to be able to bring them all together with me.
Even so, the girl seemed to have been aware that I had a slime.
Soon after, the girl instructs the Wolms retainer to fetch Saria.
The retainer immediately runs out to do so.

While we were waiting for Saria and RunRun, the twelve year old speaks.

「Oi, I will also take the entrance exam. I will show the shitty brat who is the real Wolms!」
What does ‘the real Wolms’ even mean? At the very least, the scions are certainly not it.

「Do as you will」
The girl responded with a cold voice to the fired up twelve year old.

「Brother, you should also take the entrance exam. If it’s you, you can even enter the Salvation Organization」
The twelve year old seems to be overestimating his brother’s abilities.
In reality, there is no big difference between the two of them. They are both small fries.

「Aah, that’s right. I will teach the shitty brat where he belongs」
After being urged by the twelve year old, the fifteen year old expressed his intention to take part in the entrance exam.
And the girl responds indifferently.

「Please do as you will. The Academy of Heroes is always open to everyone’s application at all times」

And so, I ended up participating in the entrance exam together with the scions of the main family.



  1. Thanks for the chapter. Well soon they will know their reality.

  2. Tbh, this doesn’t even feel like rebirth at all. He acts dumbly, in many ways. He doesn’t understand peoples feelings even when he lived for 120 years and have many disciples. That’s just outright impossible. He isn’t confident, for someone who is at the peak of humanity with every power possible at command. He will be destroyed and be humiliated if the public knows he follows the command of an idiot useless garbage and he wash toilet with his bare hands. Even when he use magic in reality, the public won’t take the truth and will just follow the rumours. He is too polite which makes every single being look down on him. It feels disgusting. If you say this is because the genre is fantasy as in another world, so different common sense and such, this novel won’t be interesting anymore. This is just like typical xuanhuan novel with more content towards swords and magic.

  3. Thanks for the treat.

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