07 – Let’s go to the Academy of Heroes


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Saria, RunRun and I were to head towards the Academy of Heroes on the girl’s carriage.
By the way, Fluffy was hiding in my clothes the entire time.

The girl stiffened for a moment when she met RunRun.

「He is quite big, isn’t he?」
「Oh, will it be difficult to get into the carriage?」
「No, that won’t be a problem」

Soon a carriage arrived in front of the Wolms family.
The carriage was even larger than the ones owned by the great nobles.
The Salvation Organization was brandishing the degree of power they held.

Saria was delighted to see the carriage, especially the horse.

「Fuwaa… It’s a horse. Anicha, look that’s a horse. RunRun, have you ever seen a horse?」
「Yes Saria, it’s a horse」

I also became happy when Saria became happy. It seems RunRun also felt the same, judging by how fast his tail was wagging.

When the carriage started moving, Saria who was sitting beside me, peeked outside the window amazed.
I gently pat Saria’s head. Her hair was very soft.

「Woof Woof! Sniff Sniff Sniff」
RunRun seemed to have taken an interest in the girl. He was sniffing her scent.
Despite that, the girl did not break her posture. She simply glanced at RunRun.

「RunRun, stop that. It’s annoying」,I said.

And the girl said to the dispirited RunRun.

「No, it isn’t annoying」
「I see, then that’s fine」
「Will Wolms, is it alright if I pat RunRun?」
「Of course, if it pleases you」

The girl started patting RunRun, and RunRun started wagging his tail in happiness.
The girl’s expression itself didn’t change, but it looks like she was somewhat delighted.

Saria who was watching the situation began to show an interest towards the girl.

「Onee-chan! What is your name? By the way, Saria is called Saria!」
「Me? I am Arti. Arti Xenon Barling」
「Aru-neechan! Your hair is pretty. Your eyes are also pretty!」
Arti had beautiful blond, long straight hair. Her eyes were coloured like emeralds.
Just as Saria said, her hair and eyes were very beautiful.

「T-thank you」
Arti was blushing bright red due to the compliments from Saria.
Meanwhile, Arti was still patting RunRun with both hands.
Since it was a good opportunity, I decided to ask Arti about a few things I was wondering about.

「How did you know the scions would obstruct me from participating in the entrance exam?」
「The person who came to submit your application, sincerely requested it of us」
「……I see」

It seems the retainer anticipated obstruction from the scions and requested their help.
I was worried the retainer might receive punishment from the scions.
As I was about to express my worries, Arti calmly replied.

「No need to worry about that」
「Why do you say so?」
「The Academy will not reveal the bearer of the application」
「Still there is the possibility of being found out. They might be put through something horrible to find the culprit」
「If they are punished for the actions of the Salvation Organization, it would turn into a big problem」

The retainers are all warriors of sorts.
It would be difficult to punish them unreasonably, even more so on the charge of cooperating with the Salvation Organization.
Even if it was the Wolms main family.

「I see, that is reassuring to hear」

While talking about that, we arrived at the Academy of Heroes.
I stepped out of the carriage for a moment because Saria wanted to look around outside the gate.
「Uwaaa—. So huge—, so wide—」
「Woof! Woof!」
「Yes, it is indeed wide. Makes RunRun look small」

Saria was overjoyed. As Saria said, the Academy of Heroes was vast.
RunRun ran around the surroundings while wagging his tail.
Fluffy was wiggling around in my clothes; maybe it wanted to run around together with RunRun too.
As opposed to the Royal Palace which is at the northern end of the Royal Capital, the Academy of Heroes is located in the south of the Royal Capital.

「This is…」
Rather than the southern end, it looks like it was built outside the Royal Capital, on the land adjacent to the south of it.
At least going by my knowledge from previous life, this place was outside the Royal Capital.

「If you want to use a large piece of land, it would be better to make use of it outside the Royal Capital」
「It is as you say, Will Wolms. It was built here for that reason」

After that, we got back on the carriage.
A while later, the building finally came into view.

「This is the lodging that also serves as the student dormitory」
「It is a beautiful building」

Arti politely explained.
Most of the students lived in this dormitory.

「After passing the exam, Will Wolms can live here with Saria and RunRun」
「Fluffy too!」 Saria said.
「You’re right. Slime-san is also welcomed」

That was a relief but I would have to leave Saria alone while attending classes.
I would like to avoid that if possible.

「Arti, can I hire a nanny during classes?」

I was already worrying so much, even though I hadn’t passed the exam yet.
However, Arti replied plainly without laughing.

「I will guide you to the nursery later」
「…there is even a nursery here?」
「Yes, of course. There are students here who have their own children」

Arti gave a brief explanation.
The Academy of Heroes is an institute for attracting and training talented people from around the world.
So they have to make the life of the students as comfortable as possible.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to attract talented people.
Such a policy was adopted due to the intentions of the Council of Sages.

「The children who are enrolled in the nursery, receive education appropriate for their age」
「How old are most of the children there?」
「There are some who are younger than Saria and some who are older than Will Wolms」

That was very helpful to know, Saria might not be lonely there after all.
I really want to pass the exam and enter the Academy of Heroes no matter what.
「Yoshi, let’s do our best」
「Anicha! Good luck!」
Saria was also rooting for me, so I gently pat Saria’s head.

After that, we headed to the nursery.
I drop off Saria and RunRun there and head to the main building with Arti.

Once at the nursery, Arti explained the situation to the staff.
After hearing the situation, the staff approached us with a smile.

「You are Saria-chan, right. Nice to meet you」
She seemed like a kind woman. It seems that she was the person who took care of the children in the nursery.

「Ai! I am Saria! Nice to meet you!」
「Yes! You introduced yourself wonderfully」

I cut into the conversation to ask about RunRun.
「Excuse me… what about this dog?」
「Yes, it’s alright. I will take care of it」
「Thank you very much」
Apparently, even monsters raised as familiars can be enrolled here.

「RunRun, take care of Saria」

I went to the main building, leaving behind RunRun who answered energetically and Saria, who is waving goodbye.
I was going there to receive an explanation on tomorrow’s exam.

In the meantime, Fluffy was still deformed and hiding itself in my clothes.
Since Arti knew about Fluffy, it would have been alright for it to come out but it did not want to.
Apparently, it had grown fond of the inside of my clothes.

On the way, Arti spoke in a quiet tone.

「Will Wolms, I heard that you hardly know about the Academy of Heroes and its entrance exam」
「Ah, that is correct」

I only had the knowledge of an eight year old regarding the things that did not exist in the era of my previous life.
And the Academy of Heroes did not exist in the era of my previous life.

On top of that, I was forced to work all day long by the scions of the main family.
That’s why I didn’t know much about the world.
With regard to knowledge of the current era, I may be even more ignorant than a typical eight year old.

「Have you not checked your guardian deity love value yet?」
「No, I have not checked. Rather, what exactly is that?」

In the era of my previous life as Edelfuss Wolms, there was no concept of guardian deity love value.

「It uses the technique developed by a Small Sage who is also a member of the Council of Sages…」
「A Small Sage?」
「He is the disciple of the Great Sage Edelfuss Wolms-sama, Milt Edel Valiras-sama」

Milt was the sorcerer who was crying while clinging to me, when I was on the brink of death.
When I was alive, he was simply called Milt. He must have gotten his family name after that.
I was so happy that he had become a splendid person.
To top it off, he had developed a magic that even I did not know of without my guidance.
I couldn’t have been more proud. This is what it means to honour one’s’ master.

「At any rate, why is he only known as a small sage? He should be addressed as a Great Sage」
「Because the Great Sage is Edelfuss Wolms-sama」

He might be holding himself back in respect to the previous life’s me. There was no need for that though.

「Let’s go check your guardian deity love value right away, Will Wolms」 Arti said and started walking.



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