08 – Guardian deity love value measuring device


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I follow after Arti to find out about the Guardian Deity.
What is a Guardian deity in the first place? Such a concept did not exist in my previous life.
Well I really am an ignorant eight-year old at this point, so I should just listen and learn about these things.

「Arti, what is a guardian deity?」
Arti stops walking and turns around. Her blond hair flutters beautifully.

「As the word suggests, guardian deity is a god who protects us. Every human has a guardian deity」

My question is probably a fact that even children of this era know about.
However, Arti does not scorn me for my ignorance and genuinely educates me on this subject.

「The guardian deity of most humans is the Human God who governs them」
「Hmm, Human God who governs humans, whom also offers protection to a certain extent, I see」
「Yes, but there are also cases where some people receive protection from other gods in addition to the Human God」
Arti slows down her pace slightly to help me keep up with her.

「The most famous one is a member of the Council of Sages, the beloved child of the Water God, Dion Edel Aqua-sama」

Dion is my disciple from past life, who is a healer. When I was alive, he was only known as Dion.
It seems that he has also become a splendid person and obtained a family name. I am so happy.
That said the middle name of both Milt and Dion seems to be ‘Edel’.

Did they perhaps adopt it from my former name, Edelfuss?
I am hit with a wave of embarrassment, awkwardness and weirdness.

I am no longer Edelfuss now, but Will. So, I’ll just let it slide.

「In other words, a guardian deity is similar to being a beloved child of God?」
If that’s the case, then I can understand it. Even in the days of my previous life, such people appeared from time to time.
In my previous life as Edelfuss, I was also favoured by a goddess apparently.

In a chat during training with the gods, they said that sometimes they look over people on Earth.
There is no doubt that’s what is called a guardian deity.

「Even among those who have a guardian deity, those who possess a high guardian deity love value are the ones known as a beloved child of God」
This is a new concept. One hundred years ago, anyone who was less than a beloved child of God was not even given a second thought.

「A person who has received the love of guardian deity, has a high aptitude for the ability corresponding to the guardian deity」
「If the guardian deity is the Sword God, will they be great at swordsmanship?」
「That’s right. If it is the Magic God, they would have a high magic aptitude」
「Are there people who have many guardian deities?」
「There are but it is rare」

Those who receive the love of the Wind God will be especially good at wind magic.
If they were to receive love from the Fire God too, then they would be a prodigy at both wind and fire magic.
Furthermore, if they received the love of Magic God, the magic’s power and effectiveness will increase by a few folds.
Basically, the more love you receive from the Gods the better.

I was a disciple of many different gods. Surely my masters would be my guardian deities.
Therefore, I wonder how many pillars of god are my guardian deities. I am a little excited to find out.

「With this device, you can find out the love value of gods other than the Human God」
「I see. By the way, which abilities aptitude is increased if the only guardian deity is Human God?」
「Since Human God is the guardian deity of all humans, there is no difference between other people」
That sounds about right. No one is special if everyone is given the same love.
In other words, those who only have the Human God as their guardian deity are simply ordinary.

After walking a few more steps, Arti stops in front of a room.

「We have arrived」
She opens the door and urges me to enter.
The inside of the room has a length and width of 10 meters in every direction.

「We will use the device in the center of the room」
There is a transparent sphere of about 0.3 meters in diameter at the center of the room.
The floor, ceilings and walls are carved with magic circles with the sphere in the center.

「I see」
It is an excellent magic circle. This original idea of Small Sage Milt is wonderful.
All kinds of complex magic systems are incorporated together, but the attributes of space-time magic are the most prominent.
The idea is to somehow connect a thin thread to the World of Gods.

Although I did find some areas which can be improved to be made better, that itself does not undermine Milt’s abilities.
Since, it is much easier to improve something than to create something out of nothing.
Next time I get a chance to meet Milt, I would like to learn from him.

「Will Wolms, please place one hand on this crystal」
「Understood. Anyway, you don’t have to address me with honorifics. I am the younger one after all」

Arti puts on a troubled expression.

「…if using honorifics is easier for you—」
「Yes, it is easier for me」
「I see. Then please continue as you like」
「Yes, thank you」

If using honorifics is easier for her then that is fine. Apart from that, I am not particularly discomforted by the use of honorifics.
Arti quietly waits for me to place a hand on the crystal.

「By the way… If the guardian deity is only the Human God, will I not be able to enter the Academy of Heroes?」
「There is no such thing. However, it’s a matter of your abilities so your chances of passing will be low」
「Also how many people who only had the Human God as their guardian deity enrolled into the Academy of Heroes?」
「None since the founding of the Academy」

Which means, theoretically it is possible but practically it is impossible.
Those with only Human God as their guardian deity, have no aptitude for any abilities.
It is reasonable to not accept them into the Academy of Heroes which aims to attract talented people with excellent abilities.

「I see. The exam is scheduled to begin tomorrow, but it has already begun」
「That is not the case. Usually, we measure the guardian deity love value at the church when we turn ten years old」

Arti politely explained.
Though not as precise as this device, there are simpler devices installed in various churches.
As a result of those measurements, the ones with multiple guardian deities and high love value will take the entrance exam into the Academy of Heroes.
That pattern is the most famous way to enroll into the Academy of Heroes it seems.

There is also a pattern where those with single guardian deity and low love value, participate in the exam once they have grown older.

「They practice at the Academy of Sages or the Academy of Knights till a certain age」

Basically, those with low talent compensate for it with effort. Such people deserve to be respected.

「Will Wolms, please place your hand on the crystal」

Arti urged me for the second time. She patiently answered my ignorant questions.
I probably should not make her wait any longer.

「Is this alright?」
Saying so, I placed the palm of my left hand on the crystal.



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