09 – Revisiting the World of Gods


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By the time I realized, the surrounding has grown dark.
I am enveloped by a strange falling sensation.
To me, it’s a sensation that I am all too familiar with. It almost feels nostalgic.
It seems my consciousness has been blown into the World of Gods just by touching the Guardian Deity Love measuring device.

「It’s been a while since I left this place」

This is the world I was in, after dying as Edelfuss and till reincarnated as Will.
It was only a few days ago that I recovered my memories of my previous life and of this world.
That’s why I feel strange. It feels nostalgic yet at the same time like I just left this place.
That sort of strange feeling.

「Ah, Edel-chan. Nice to see you again, you’ve become so cute」

The Goddess, who invited me to become a god after I died, suddenly appears before me.
Seems like the goddess has taken a liking to the appearance of Will, as she cheerfully pats my head.
Apparently I am in the appearance of Will, now. I guess reincarnation changes my appearance even in the World of Gods.

「Not Edelfuss. I am Will now」
「Yes, you’re right! I am glad you are doing well」

The goddess smiles cheerfully.

「What? Edelfuss has come?」
「It really is Edelfuss!」

The gods, who were my masters, are gathering around one by one.
There are many things that are weird in the World of Gods. It is difficult to understand because the representation of perspective of Gods is not accurate.

「If Edelfuss is here, does that mean you died again?」
「I am not dead yet. And I am Will now」
「Oh, yes. It was Will, right!」

I am being clamoured by all the gods gathering here.
My masters don’t seem concerned at all that my appearance is different from when we were training.

「Excuse me! I will be the first to speak with Will-chan」 the Goddess says.
「Hime, don’t keep him all to yourself, Will is our disciple too」
「Still, you guys can only talk to him once I’m done!」

The goddess pushes away all the gods and stands before me.
Apparently, the goddess has a higher position even among gods.

「Why are you here, if you’re not dead? Though I am happy to see you」
「Weren’t you looking over me? Did I perhaps cease to be your favourite?」

I heard from the Gods that they usually look over their favoured individual, the so-called beloved child of God.
And in my previous life I was the beloved child of the Goddess.

「N-No! Will-chan is still my favourite! How could you say such a cruel thing?」
「Still, Gods are also busy and I can’t be watching you all day long」
「I know! I know why Will is here, because I was watching!」

The one who cried out was the Sword God. He is appealing to me.

「Oh, thank you, Master Sword God」
「Yeah! Because I am always watching!」
「I was also watching」
「Me too, me too」

When the goddess glares at the gods who were appealing to me, everything becomes quiet.
The goddess did not shut the gods up.
She made it so the other Gods’ words could not reach my ears temporarily.

「So, how did you come here?」
I explain to the goddess about the guardian deity love measuring device made by the Small Sage.

「So you connected to this world with magic? That is actually impressive」
「That’s right. My disciple came up with it」
「As expected of Will-chan’s disciple!」

The goddess seems to be convinced as she is deeply nodding to herself.
And she speaks with a distant look in her eyes.

「Wow, something like that was actually made. Humans sure are amazing」
「You didn’t know about this before?」
「I did not」

I immediately thought,
(How could you not know even though you are a God?)
However, I revise the thought.

To Gods, people are a tiny existence as how an ant is to a human.
Even if a person feeds an ant on a whim, they are not necessarily interested in the ant society.
Even people who are interested in how ants defend themselves from foreign enemies and how they build nests are only a few.
Likewise, even if Gods favour someone as their beloved child, it does not translate to being interested in human society.

「Will-chan, you are thinking of something cruel again!」
「That’s right, unlike Hime, we were all looking over you!」

The goddess crosses her arms and pouted.
And my other masters continued appealing to me with a satisfied look on their faces.
The effective time that the goddess can block the other gods’ voice seems to be short.

They are gods, so it is normal for them to read people’s thoughts.
It’s not like I can blame them for the lack of delicacy.
The same as there are no more than a few people who would actually look away from looking at a dog’s butthole.

「And it’s better to stop comparing your innermost thoughts to the hole in the buttocks」 says the goddess.
「I see I’ll keep that in mind」
「Will-chan. We actually do like humans」
「I know, there must be so many other dimensions and worlds」
「Yes, it is exactly as Will-chan says」

Even so, I think I’ve been speaking in an overly friendly manner.
It must be due to spending a very long time training in the World of Gods.
Since the concept of time is different here, it is not correct to say it was long.
However in the sense of a human being, a long time is the closest way to describe it.

The goddess sighs and says.
「It’s a little sad to think that our love can be measured with a device」
(Even though you completely didn’t realize it at all) I thought, but I will not put it into words.

「Even if you don’t say, I can still hear you」
「Sorry about that」
「Will. How is life this time around?」
「Yeah, it’s a real bummer. But what were you going to do if I had died before regaining my memories?」

My parents who were meant to be my protector had passed away.
If something had happened at that time, I might have easily died as a toddler.

「I think it turned out okay though…」
At the same time, Dog God pushes aside the goddess and comes to the front.
The Dog God governs over the dog tribe. It has the appearance of a Godly Dog.

「Will! How is Luxcanis?」
「Oh right, Will calls Luxcanis as RunRun!」

A shocking fact comes out of the Dog God’s mouth.



  1. I knew that Dog was a special breed.

  2. He hadn’t realized?!?

    Did he really think RunRun was _normal_!!!

    OK, we should take into account that by the time he regained his memories, he was already used to RunRun and thought of him as a normal dog. So he may never have re-evaluated that as to whether it was a reasonable belief. But, even so, it boggles the mind; no matter what the “reason”, it still says he was unbelievably unobservant in this matter, which does _not_ mesh with his supposedly being the Apostle of the Gods and wise beyond his years and the ken of man.

  3. Dog God = Inugami Korone

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