10 – The Story of Gods and Kin


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I am surprised by this fact, so I inquire of the Dog God.
「Eh? I thought RunRun was just a normal dog」
「 Luxcanis is my kin, a god-beast. I sent him to Earth on the day you were born」
「I see, so that’s what happened」

The goddess sticks out her chest proudly.

「It was me! I was the one who requested the Dog God to protect Will-chan」
「I am grateful」
「I was going to send Luxcanis to Earth even if Hime hadn’t requested it of me」

The Dog God explains about RunRun, following that.
Although RunRun is a god-beast, he doesn’t necessarily have the memories of the World of Gods.
However, it is said that he possesses incredible power only a god-beast may wield.

「He is still a puppy」 the Dog God says.
「So, he is still growing at eight years old?」
「Yes, that’s right」

Dog God says with a distant look in his eyes.
「Even though he had a good name, Luxcanis, Will went and named him RunRun」
「Huh? I did?」
「That’s right, you did」

According to Dog God, RunRun had been living in the garden of my parent’s mansion for a year since I was born.
Although he wasn’t raised as a pet and the only connection between my family and RunRun was that, sometimes the servants would give him some food.

However, once I reached one year old, I went out into the garden and met RunRun for the first time.
At that point in time, he had been a small dog so my parents were not worried.
And in time I became closely attached and named him as such it seems.

「Even though I tried to pass Luxcanis’ name into you through Luxcanis himself, but to no avail…」
「Is that so…」

It all happened long before I was aware of my surroundings. So, I have no memory of it at all.
Since I was only one year old, I probably couldn’t even pronounce the name Luxcanis.

「Oh, so humans are too young to make difficult pronunciation at one year old」
Dog God has a hint of sadness in his eyes.

Another god also cut through the crowd.
「Pigi! I also sent my kin recently too! It is incredibly cute isn’t it!?」
「…So that slime is a kin of the Slime God?」
「Yeah, that’s right! Pigi!」

Slime God says while wiggling its whole body.
The Slime God is about one meter in diameter. Its whole body is translucent and the colour is constantly changing every moment.
「Fluffy is a wonderful name! Will’s sister is definitely praiseworthy! Pigi!」
「Well thank you for that」

I feel joy when Saria’s naming sense is praised.

I ask Dog God and the Slime God,
「Is the kin of Dog God and Slime God the same as Beloved child of God?」
「It’s quite different. The beloved child of Dog God is just normal dogs. Same as how the beloved child of Human God is humans」
「That’s right! Godkin have a part of my power to use on Earth」
I don’t get it.

「You don’t get it? Well, just think of godkin as half-god. That’s why they’re even called god-beasts」 says Slime God.
「It may be difficult for a human to understand, but I birthed him from one pillar of God, so you can even think of him as my own child」 explains Dog God.

It is difficult to understand since humans don’t give birth on our own, but for the gods, it is still their child nonetheless.
I suppose one can only learn the logic of the World of Gods once they become a god.

「So, RunRun is guarding me because Dog God ordered him to?」
「Hmm, not exactly. God-beasts have their own free will」

It seems that Dog God cannot give detailed orders to the godkin, the god-beasts.

「That’s inconvenient」
「Well, god-beasts are akin to children after all」

「Even in human families, children don’t always listen to their parents do they?」
「Ah, they do have that period of rebellion」
「That’s it. That’s absolutely right」
Dog God says heartily.
Dog God might have had children who have disobeyed him.

「Since Luxcanis’ affinity with Will was good, I sent the child so both of you would get along with each other」
「Ah, RunRun is very smart and behaves well. He always takes care of my sister too」
「That’s good to hear. I hope you’ll take care of him」
「He’s the one who is always taking care of me」
「Even so, Luxcanis is still a little child… he also needs someone to rely on. Thank you for taking care of him」

Dog God deeply bowed his head. I feel a little guilty when he is going that far.
Since I depend a lot on RunRun and having him take care of things for me all the time.

「Me too, I am very thankful to you. I am grateful that you sent RunRun to me」

「Fluffy is also a slime that has a good affinity with Will!」
「Is that why it chased me in the forest?」
「Unlike a dog, dropping a slime in the middle of the city might create a problem!」

Even though he is Slime God, he is familiar with human society.
It seems that Slime God had sent Fluffy to the forest near the city, once I recovered my memories of my previous life.
Fluffy apparently had been lonely in the forest.

So when it sensed my magic in the forest, it came chasing after me hurriedly.
It sounds disheartening when I hear that. Let’s give it a lot of love from now on so it doesn’t feel lonely.

「Thank you for your concern, Dog God and Slime God」
The goddess interrupts our conversation.
「Have you finished talking? Then…」

I ignore the goddess and think to myself.
If there is a god-beast for dogs, then is there a god-beast for humans too?

「Ah, Will-chan, again you’re not listening to what I have to say」
「Oh sorry, I wasn’t listening」
「There’s no helping you. Well, Will-chan, the god-beast for humans is actually—」

She seems to have read my thoughts again. This time though, I am very interested in the contents of the topic she is discussing.
I listen closely to the goddess.

But just then, my presence begins to fade.

「Oh no! Will-chan, are you leaving already?」
「It would appear so. I really wanted to hear what you were going to say…」
「Sadly it would take too long to finish」

The goddess begins to speak seriously, but the gods behind us start to fuss.

「What! Hime, Dog God and Slime God monopolized Will all to themselves, that we didn’t get to talk to him at all」
「That’s right! It’s Hime’s fault. Apologize!」
「That’s right! Apologize! ‘You’ are too selfish!」
「I will never apologize! Instead, who was the one who addressed me as ‘you’?」
「Shut up! Someone like ‘you’ deserves to be addressed as ‘you’!」
「That’s right! That’s completely right!」
「What did you say!? I won’t forgive you. I will definitely make you regret that」
「’You’ are the one who is going to regret things」

The goddess begins to quarrel with the other gods.
Despite that going on, Dog God and Slime God continue to talk to me.

「I am going to miss you」
「I am always watching over you through Fluffy! Pigi」
「I leave Luxcanis in your care」
「Take care of Fluffy!」
「Ah, I will cherish them」
「I feel at ease with Will taking care of thi—」

I could only hear the words of Dog God halfway through.
「Okay, the measuring is over」
Arti is still standing in the exact same spot before I touched the device.

「……Did I lose consciousness?」
「Uh, no」

The time of stay in World of Gods was enough to have a physical experience, but only a moment seems to have passed here.
But that does not mean time flows faster in the World of Gods.
Even I do not understand the logic behind it very well. So, it’s a waste of time thinking about it.
It exceeds human intelligence.

For some reason, Fluffy is moving around in my clothes at that time.
It might have guessed that my consciousness was blown into the World of Gods.

「Well, what does the end result say?」
「Will Wolms, your guardian deity is the Human God」
「Is there any other gods?」
「No, that’s the only god」
「………I see」

My plans of enrolling into the Academy of Heroes begin to fall apart in my mind.
Thinking back on it, the first time we met, the goddess said I was recognised for my contributions as a human. Then, the goddess is most probably the true Human God herself.
I failed to ask what god the goddess was since I wasn’t terribly interested in that.

「Will my entrance exam for tomorrow be suspended?」
「No, you will take the exam as scheduled」

Somehow I avoided being turned down for the exam tomorrow due to this outcome. I feel completely relieved since things can still turn for the better.



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