100. Guard Dragon


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100. Guard Dragon

「I am the disciple of Edelfuss Wolms!」

Regina loudly declared.

The voice of Regina screaming at the mountain was very loud.

It probably resounded to the far ends of the mountain.

The movement of the guard dragon circling around the sky changed.

It recognized Regina as a remarkable existence.

「I am the Human Hero, Regina Edel Glacier!」

She declared once again.

Then the presence of the whole dragon mountain range changed again.

It was as if, the overflowing bloodlust and magic power were oozing from the entire mountain.

The dragons seemed to be worked up.

「I came here to fight, but I am ranks beyond you all! So I brought my disciples! If you can win against my disciples, I’ll serve as your opponent! I however, don’t believe there is any worthy dragon!」

Regina’s statement was clearly looking down on the dragons.

Because of that, the bloodlust that exudes from the whole mountain range increased by many folds.

Rosetta and Tina were completely astonished.

They stared at Regina with wide eyes.

They probably didn’t think Regina would call out the dragons that hold great power with arrogance.

「M-Master, i-i-is it alright to say that to the prideful dragon race?」

Regina laughed at Rosetta, who was so surprised and panicked.

「The dragons here are very prideful. If you say this, they won’t gang up on you」

「That might be true」

Dion nodded in a calm manner.

「I see, Master has thought this through well」

「Well, don’t even attempt to try this. It is at least 10 years too early for you」

「…Ten years」

Rosetta mumbled with a serious expression.

Certainly, it may take a decade before they can say that to a dragon opponent.

Dragons are strong individually even if they didn’t attack in large numbers.

The dragons wouldn’t hold back if we provoked them.

If a person with mediocre abilities imitated Regina, they will normally end up being killed by the dragon.

「I can’t imagine ten years would be enough though…」

「Perhaps so, but you also can’t say that it definitely wouldn’t be enough either」

Saying so, Regina laughed attentively at Rosetta.

We waited as is for a while.

Regina was the vanguard.

I was behind her, followed by Rosetta, Tina, and Arti.

We were in that rank with Dion at the rear.

The rest of the god-beasts except Rubeum were near me.

Fluffy and Shiro were at my feet, while Fay was in my clothes with only her head poking out.

Fay was anxious about what was going to happen from within my clothes. Perhaps she took a liking to my clothes.

She’s small so it doesn’t get in the way and I don’t particularly mind.

As we were patiently waiting, one of the dragons circling the skies flew down.


The dragon tried to intimidate us with a roar.

It could probably understand human language, but can’t speak.

As it was scouting the territory, it is surely not a high-ranking dragon.

Still, the length from head to tail is over 10 meters and the height is about 4 meters.

It is a size larger than giant-form Rubeum.

It is such a magnificent dragon, that it is hard to imagine it was simply a low-ranking subordinate dragon that was standing guard over the territory.

I called out to Rubeum, who was concealed in Dion’s pocket.

「Rubeum, size doesn’t always translate to strength」

「Kyuru, I know」

Since his magic was completely erased with his special skill, there was no problem even if Rubeum spoke out a little.

The dragon seemed to be completely oblivious to Rubeum’s presence.

Although size doesn’t necessarily translate to strength, the larger ones tend to be the stronger ones.

The dragon before us should also be considerably strong.

Regina said to the dragon.

「Oh, are you the one who is going to be my disciples’ opponent?」


The dragon opened its mouth wide and roared mightily.

The dragon’s roar was infused with magic.

In other words, this dragon’s roar has reached the magic stage.

A powerful dragon’s roar becomes magic that can shake one’s spirit.

Individuals with low resistance would faint or fall into a state of panic.

This dragon might not actually be a low-ranking dragon.

After its roar ended, the dragon glared at us.

The fellows, who can’t withstand my roar, are unqualified to challenge me; is what it means.

「That was a good roar. It would seem that you are quite skilled」

Regina nodded satisfied.

This dragon might be the leader of the dragons that stand guard over the territory.


「I want you to fight with my four disciples together…」


Isn’t it cowardice to fight with many?

Regina interrupted the dragon’s groan that seemed to imply that, and continued.

「Of course, if you think four-on-one is too much to handle, you can go one-on-one」


The dragon went silent and exhaled from between its fangs.

During the time, the dragons began gathering one after another.

Ten dragons were circling the skies above us.

They are also surely interested in the result of the fight.

「I will leave it up to you. If you think it’s too much, let’s go with one-on-one, but if four-on-one is alright with you…」


The dragon roared loudly.

Are you underestimating me? – A feeling close to anger such as that was being transmitted.



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