104. Dolflare


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104. Dolflare

The newly arrived dragon has the exact same scale colour as the guard dragon.

Both are a beautiful blue like the clear blue sky.

Large wings and four thick limbs.

A magnificent horn.

I have a feeling this is how the guard dragon would look like when it grows up.

But the most important part, the big dragon had a magnificent beard.


The big dragon looked at us in turn.

And then it glared at the guard dragon we fought.

「To fall behind humans, not to mention to these children, aren’t you too careless?」

The big dragon starts to speak fluently in human language.

The voice is low and deep and seems to resonate from the bottom of its stomach.

The big dragon must have spoken in human language so we could understand.


The guard dragon cries out in a low voice.

As it did, the big dragon roared.


A small amount of magic is infused in its voice.

The roar resonates around greatly which causes the air to tremble.

「…You weren’t careless? Does that mean you lost to human children at your full power?」

The voice of the big dragon is mixed with anger.


But the guard dragon does not falter. It seems to be replying calmly.

I don’t speak the dragon language, so I don’t know what it said.

After listening to the words of the guard dragon, the big dragon looks at me.

「Hmm, human boy, What is your name?」

「I am Will Wolms」

The dragon is much older than I. I wouldn’t reach the dragon’s age even if I added my past life’s age.

So I spoke to the dragon politely and respectfully.

That should make it easier for me to acquire the dragon’s beard, which is my original objective.

「Wolms… In other words, from the lineage of Edelfuss… Will you fight me?」

「I donー」

As I was about to reply「I don’t mind」,

Regina comes forward quickly.

「Dragon, stop negotiating directly with the kids」

「Regina Edel Glacier… Will you be the one to fight me?」

「That’s not what I’m saying」

Regina refuses and smiles laughingly.

「But just losing wouldn’t be interesting for the dragons too right? How about we add some conditions?」

「Regina Edel Glacier… The one I wish to fight is Will Wolms」

Dion, who was listening silently until now, stepped forward.

「Long time no see」

「Dion Edel Aqua… It’s been really long. I’m happy to meet you」

「Yes, I am happy too」

Apparently, Dion is acquainted with the dragon.

「Lord, these children are our disciples」

「Hou? So you mean the grand-disciples of Edelfuss」

The big dragon seems to have understood that we are the disciples of the Council of Sages.

This dragon that Dion calls as “Lord” might be the head of this flock.

I would’ve preferred it if Dion had told me this beforehand.

「Children and the Human Hero… I am Dragon King, Dolflare. The lord of these lands」

Dolflare is the lord of this land in the dragon society.

Naturally, there is a different human lord for this land.

As Dolflare has named himself, we have to introduce ourselves again.

Everyone else except Dion, introduced ourselves.

When the introductions are over, Regina says again.

「If you are the Lord-dono, shouldn’t I be your opponent instead?」

Regina apparently wants to fight Dolflare.

Was she stimulated by watching our battle?

「I understand what Hero-dono wishes to say, but I wish to fight Will Wolms」

「But Will Wolms is just an 8 year old child…」

「That is exactly why」


Dolflare says to Regina who is reluctant.

「And didn’t Hero-dono say it herself… You will only fight us, when we win over your disciple」

Certainly, Regina said that.

And the dragons still aren’t victorious.

Dolflare’s claims are certainly logical.

「That is so… but, I think it is improper for Lord-dono to suddenly fight a child」

I know why Regina is reluctant about the fight between me and Dolflare.

Regina does not believe I will emerge unhurt from the fight with Dolflare.

「Hero-dono, Be relieved. I will not take his life」


「I just want to test the descendant of Edelfuss Wolms」

And then Dolflare looks over at me.

There is a sharp glint in his eye – To the point where it feels like I would get hit with magic from that look.

While glaring at me, Dolflare said.

「The one who was defeated earlier is my son, who is also my disciple」

「Hou… he was your son?」

「He is still young… although I can’t deny his lack of strength, he is still my child」

From the fight earlier, I can certainly tell that the guard dragon is strong.

He still couldn’t speak human language and his body wasn’t too big.

However, he used multiple magic at the same time.

He has high offensive and defensive capabilities and has a good sense of battle.

「Is it revenge for defeating your son?」

Regina grimaces.


Dolflare laughs happily with a loud voice.

「Not at all! It was a good experience for my child as well. I only have gratitude and no resentment」

「Then for what reason?」

Dolflare looked at his son who was beside him.

「It’s not the impartiality of a parent, but objectively speaking, he is unusually strong for his age, and he also has talent」


Dolflare’s son cries out a little embarrassed.

「When I heard of his defeat, I thought it was because of carelessness and scolded him. But my child says otherwise」


「That he wasn’t careless, and that Will Wolms is far stronger than him」

Saying so, Dolflare slowly shakes his tail.


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