105. Dolflare (2)


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105. Dolflare (2)

To me, Dolflare looked like he was having fun.

It can even be said that he was excited.

The exceedingly frail human race compared to the dragon race.

I heard that my child was defeated by a mere human child and wanted to fight – must have been what Dolflare was thinking.

I clearly understand such feelings of Dolflare.

In my past life, I would’ve felt the same way if Regina had lost to a younger opponent.

If Regina was defeated with deception, then I would want to get even with that person. But if she was defeated fair and square, I wouldn’t have any resentment.

I would simply wish to know what kind of opponent it was.

「Hero-dono, I wish to know just how strong Will Wolms is」

「But look…」

「Regina-sama… I do not mind」

As Rosetta and the others were present, I addressed Regina with honorifics.

「Hmm… Are you confident?」

「Not that much, but I am not putting my life on the line」

「Well, I am also here as the healer, so it should be fine, right?」

Dion supports the battle between me and Dolflare.

「Hmm, If that’s the case, it’s okay」

Regina approves the contest between me and Dolflare.

Immediately I said to Dolflare.

「Dolflare-sama, I have a request」


「If we win, we would like to receive a small piece of your beard」

The original objective is to get a dragon’s beard to use for a bowstring.

It may not be that kind of atmosphere anymore, but the dragon’s beard is very important.

「My beard? What are you going to use it for?」

「To create a bowstring with it」

「Hmm? Will Wolms, Do you make bows?」

「Not just bows, but weapons as a whole… I’m still in the middle of studying it」

Hearing that, Dolflare’s breathing becomes a little heavy.

Perhaps he is interested in weapons production.

「I see, I don’t mind if that’s the case. And I was already thinking it was about time to cut it」

「Thank you very much」

「It’s still too early to say your thanks. You have to win against me first」

「Of course, I know」

However, even if I lost, I can have Regina fight for it.

That is why I said「If we win」earlier.

Dolflare used Regina’s statement to seek a match with me first.

In that case, if Dolflare wins, it would be Regina vs Dolflare as per Regina’s statement.

「I will do my utmost best」

After politely bowing to pay homage to Dolflare,

「I will do my best, but please be gentle with me」

I said in a little louder voice.

This is to let the surrounding dragons hear it rather than Dolflare.

If I said that, the surrounding dragons will think Dolflare went easy on a human child if he loses.

I wouldn’t have to crush Dolflare’s honour.

There is nothing good about crushing the honour of your negotiation partner.

「Umu, I understand」

「Is the discussion over?」

「Yes, I leave the refereeing to you, Dion Edel Aqua… No, priest of Dragon God-sama」

Dolflare says he asks the priest of Dragon God to referee.

Not Dion, who is his friend or Dion, who is the master of his disciples.

He is asking Dion to judge fairly as a priest.

「Of course」

After listening to Dion’s reply, Dolflare nodded satisfied.

And then, takes a deep breath.


He roars towards the sky. The atmosphere trembles.


The dragons swirling in the sky cry one after another.

They are replying to Dolflare’s roar.

And dragons gathered one after another in the sky.

「I want them to see my fight」

「…Is it alright?」

「What is?」

「It might turn out where everyone would see you lose to a human」


Dolflare happily laughed.

「How confident… But, you don’t have to worry」

「You wouldn’t lose?」

「Of course I wouldn’t. However, even if I lost, it just means the one who won is amazing」

「Does that mean losing does not tarnish your honour?」

「Exactly… If there is a guy who misunderstands, I will personally make him understand」

If Dolflare can handle it, I will do my best to win. Worrying too much is unnecessary.

My consideration to save his honour might be unnecessary.

「If that’s the case, I can win with relief」

When I said so, Dolflare exhaled heavily.

He was probably laughing.

「Oh, you can lose with relief」

I said to Dolflare that I would win with relief.

Naturally, Dolflare comprehends what I meant. However, he intentionally twisted the meaning.

It might be a satire of the dragon race. Therefore, I laughed.

Somehow, I felt like I could fight Dolflare comfortably.


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