106. Dragon King Battle


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106. Dragon King Battle

Regina tells me and Dolflare.

「You should wait a while before the match starts」

「Yes, Regina-sama… I will wait as long as you like」

「A short while is fine」

Regina gave instructions to Arti, Rosetta, and Tina to step back.

To prevent them from getting involved in the fight between me and Dolflare.

That way, I and Dolflare can fight to our hearts content.

「You should also step back for the time being」Regina said.


Fluffy and Shiro stepped back together.

Fluffy was obedient, while Shiro stepped back while head-butting Arti and the rest.

By the way, Rubeum was still within Dion’s clothes, while completely erasing his presence.

And the divine spirit, Fay, was riding on Regina’s shoulder.

「You should also step back. If there is a stream of magic bullets, you should cover the humans」

「G r…」

Dolflare also told his child that we fought a little while back, to step back.

Dolflare’s son obediently moved to stand beside Rosetta.

And the dragon sat down like a dog.

After seeing the spectators step back, Dion came forward.

He stood between me and Dolflare.

「Are you both ready?」


「We can start anytime」

「Needless to say, this is not a fight to the death」

「I understand」

「I already know」

Dion nodded with satisfaction to our response.

And took a deep breath.

「Dragon God-sama! Please watch clearly the one-on-one fight between human, Will Wolms, and Dragon King Dolflare!」

Dion’s voice was very loud. Even the dragons flying in the skies must have heard it.

「We offer this battle to Dragon God-sama. Fight fairly with all your strength」

It’s the same speech as before the battle between us and the guard dragon.

It may be a set phrase before a match among Dragon God believers.


At the same time as Dion’s declaration of commencement, I started running.

Because I thought it would be polite to start by me who is the lower rank.

Dolflare did not move.

There are many ways to intercept me such as breath and magic bullets.

So, he must be waiting to see what I will do.

He was that careless.

Actually, it’s just the leeway of the strong, rather than carelessness.

The Dragon King wouldn’t go all out on a weak human child.


While crying out loudly, I strengthened my physical ability with magic.

While charging straight, making full use of my strengthened abilities, I continuously fired magic bullets.

Even then, Dolflare did not move. He did not even deploy a barrier.

He must be planning to receive the attack head on.

Or, maybe he didn’t feel the need to move.

All the magic bullets hit Dolflare’s scales.

But the magic bullets don’t break the scales. It was repelled on the scale’s surface.

At the same time as the magic bullets landed, I was close enough to strike Dolflare.

I pulled out the short sword on my waist, and unleashed a slash with all my strength.

The short sword is my own creation.

It’s the first weapon I made, not counting the weapon I made instantly for Arti in the battle with the beastkin.


Surprisingly, the sword broke from the root.

It may have been less perfect since it was a prototype weapon before making Arti’s sword.

But the fact that it wouldn’t cut through was already taken into account. I also thought it might break.

However, it was a little unexpected that it broke from the root. Thus, I was slightly shocked.


I jumped up, clad my fist with magic and punched Dolflare’s nose.


It felt like punching steel.

It didn’t feel even the least bit effective.

Weapons manufacturing really is an imperative task to fight formidable enemies after all.

「That was a good move」

Dolflare said satisfiedly.

「For a child, that is」

「Thank you for your compliment!」

While thanking him, I unleashed a flying kick.

There was no reaction.

It would be better to think that my hand-to-hand combat wouldn’t work on opponents at the level of the Dragon King.

「It’s about time for me to attack」

「You needn’t hold back」

「Well then…」

Dolflare raised his right arm to attack.

He must have made the attack easy-to-read on purpose.

And at the moment when Dolflare tried to swing his right arm,


Dazzling light filled the surroundings.

A loud sound reverberated to the extent that I thought it would burst my eardrums.

The air trembled.

Dolflare was struck by lightning.

It’s the Thor Hammer that I prepared unknown to Dolflare.

A great magic of the lightning series.

In my past life, there was a time when I used Thor Hammer to annihilate a large horde of orcs which numbered in several hundreds.

Originally, it was used to mow down enemies in a wide range.

But this time, I converged all the lightning into a single point to penetrate through Dolflare.

「Did I unleash the full might of converging it?」

Right now, it will not take much time if I only fire the Thor Hammer.

The part that took time was converging the range into a single point.

In the case of time-consuming magic, it is better if the enemy does not notice.

If they notice it, they can set up a defense in time.

Therefore, I cried out loudly at every opportunity.

While shooting magic bullets, I attempted hand-to-hand battle to keep Dolflare’s attention on me.

In that way, I prepared Thor Hammer while concealing it behind Dolflare.


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