107. Dragon King Battle (2)


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107. Dragon King Battle (2)

Smoke arose from the whole body of Dolflare, who was hit by Thor Hammer at point blank range.


Thor Hammer is a great magic of the lightning series.

Even so, Dolflare is the Dragon King.

Normally, Thor Hammer wouldn’t have done much damage.

That’s why I was waiting for the timing at which Thor Hammer would be most effective.

「Was it really effective?」


Magic bullets shot by a child and hand-to-hand combat unleashed with a child’s body.

Both are attacks which Dolflare can take head on with his scales without doing anything.

That is why Dolflare did not put up a magic barrier.

Moreover, I specifically aimed for the moment Dolflare tried to attack me.

Therefore, Dolflare was defenceless when he was hit with Thor Hammer.


Dolflare exhaled his breath together with smoke.

「Way to go! Will Wolms!」

「Thank you」

Even while thanking him, I fired magic.

Flame, Ice, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Light, Darkness, No-attribute, etc.

A variety of attribute magic is interwoven to make it difficult to defend against.

This time, Dolflare does not try to take them head on with his scales.

He erected a barrier and repelled my magic.

Dolflare then swings his right hand.

This should not be stopped with a barrier.

The barrier would be destroyed in a single hit.

Even if it doesn’t break, I will be blown away together with it.

I evade by jumping back.

Due to the wind pressure from the right hand, I was blown even further back.

In addition, Dolflare attacked with magic bullets right when I landed.

Since my stance was disorganized, I couldn’t dodge this.

I deploy a magic barrier and while defending the magic bullets, I reorganize my stance, and close the gap with Dolflare right away.

「Your fist will not have any effect on me, you know?」


But I wouldn’t know for sure if it really doesn’t have an effect until I try it seriously.

I went under Dolflare’s torso and canceled my magic barrier.

And I swung my right hand with all my might.

Unlike before when I had my barrier active, I put all my magic into this attack.

If this doesn’t work, I’d better give up on the notion that my physical attack will work on Dolflare.


A loud sound rang out, and Dolflare’s scale dented for a moment.

However, it was immediately restored.

Dragon scales are very hard and not brittle.

It does not bend, does not snap, and does not break.


「Did it have an effect?」

「Aa, it did!」

Dolflare seemed to be enjoying this.

He instantly shoots out flame breath without any preparation.

He doesn’t need to inhale nor accumulate power before the breath it seems.

And even then, the breath is unusually powerful.

It is extremely difficult to defend against.

On top of that, I had drawn closer to strike him.

There is no time to dodge.

I erect a magic barrier and shield myself.


The magic barrier starts cracking with an unpleasant sound.

The soil within the barrier melts.

However, the flame breath itself seems to be prevented.

Perhaps Dolflare had read my thoughts.


Dolflare swung his left arm.


The sharp claws that can rip through even a dragon’s scale, rips up the magic barrier that I deployed.

Extreme hot flames blow in through the gap between the ripped up barrier.

It is just like how Rubeum fights.

Do dragons like this fighting method of breaking the barrier with their claws after their breath is prevented?

I don’t think that was the case in my past life.


With a war cry, I urgently deployed even more magic barriers from within the torn magic barrier.

Having observed this strategy in the battle with Rubeum proved to be useful.

The amount of flames that reached me was very small.

Due to revitalizing my body with magic, it resulted in a mere small amount of damage.

Just when I thought I managed to get through the predicament,


A severe blow from Dolflare’s tail.

A dragon’s tail is thicker and stronger than the arm.

The difference in strength between a dragon’s tail and its arm is about as different as the strength of human legs compared to their arms.

In addition, the tail attack uses the whole body.

Because of the dragon’s huge body and its weight, the power of the blow skyrockets.

Dolflare’s tail bashed onto my magic barrier from above.

I was blown away together with my magic barrier.

The magic barriers will surely not escape unscathed. The barriers started to fall apart with a cracking sound.

But, I somehow managed to land back and a few magic barriers still stood.

Almost all of the multiple deployed barriers were crushed.

Nevertheless, if even one barrier remains, it’s my win.

「As expected, a dragon’s tail is amazing!」

「Even that wasn’t enough!」

Dolflare sounds to be truly having fun.

Even if he is the Dragon King, there is a limit to childishness.

Dion must have thought that it was overkill, and as he raised a loud voice,


He probably tried to say「That’s enough」.

However, I don’t want to let it end here.

I immediately return to attacking to interrupt Dion’s match end declaration.


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