108. Dragon King Battle (3)


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108. Dragon King Battle (3)

I grow a huge rock thorn from right underneath Dolflare.

It is an advanced-level magic called Soil Lance.


Dolflare was a little flustered.

It would’ve broken through an average dragon’s magic barrier and scales.

It was such a sharp, hard, and very fast attack right from the earth.

However, the Dragon King title isn’t just for show.

His magic barrier breaks but the scales don’t.

「That was within my calculations!」

The purpose of the Soil Lance was to break down Dolflare’s stance.

Just being able to break his magic barrier can be considered a huge success.


Dolflare tried to fix his stance while glaring at me.

(But, I won’t let you.)

I shoot out Magic Tornado horizontally.

With his magic barrier and stance broken, Dolflare takes the Magic Tornado head on.

Dolflare’s stance was broken down even further, and the magic blades in the Magic Tornado wounded his scales.


「Even this doesn’t seem to deal much damage」

Dolflare used his wings to erase the Magic Tornado, and tried to fix his stance.

He can be considered to be relatively defenceless in terms of magic.

Right then, I hit him with Strike Nova.

It is a great magic of the flame series.

A spell that hits with an extremely hot and radiant sphere that you can’t even look directly with your naked eyes.


While roaring loudly, Dolflare hurriedly deployed a magic barrier.

Strike Nova destroys the magic barrier as if evaporating it, and closes in on Dolflare.

Right before Strike Nova makes a direct hit, Dolflare uses his right arm to shield his body.

The scales on his right arm pop off. The flesh under the scales were left exposed and carbonised in an instant.


I don’t quite know if Dolflare was screaming or roaring.

He immediately clad his right hand which was in the process of carbonizing, with magic and erects a barrier.

And then, crushes my Strike Nova.

「That’s enough!」

Dion’s loud voice resounded.

Dolflare seemed to be dissatisfied.

「…I can still continue」

「Dragon King, what are you saying after sacrificing one arm?」

Dolflare’s right hand was dangling feebly.

And from slightly above his elbow to his claws was carbonized.


「Not stopping after sacrificing an arm can only be called a death match」

「…I suppose that is also true」

Before the match began, Dolflare strongly emphasized this wouldn’t be a death match.

If you can’t stop after sacrificing your arm, next you will be sacrificing your life.

As Dolflare also understands this, he stops.

「Will Wolms, you did splendid」

「…Thank you very much」

「I want to have the battle reaction right away, but wait for a while」

Dolflare turned towards the sky and opened his mouth wide.


He roared towards the sky. It was so loud that it echoed throughout the huge mountain range.

I also look towards the sky.

The number of dragons, which was a dozen before the match, has increased to about fifty.

They must have gathered to watch the match between me and Dolflare.


The dragons cried out all at once, responding to Dolflare’s roar.

They are probably speaking something in the dragon language.

And the movement of the dragons that were circling changes.

The dragons that were in the sky, descended near Dolflare and me one after another.

It’s not uncommon to see dragons which are bigger than Dolflare’s child that we fought at the beginning.

And there were also many small dragons.

「They want to greet Will, as you have won against me」

「I don’t think I won……」

「GYA! GYA! GYA! Honesty is best!」

「But I don’t think I won either」

At best, it would be a draw.

Neither of us were dealt a fatal wound after all.

「A human child charred the hand of the Dragon King. It’s a win」


「If you wish to show me a little respect, you should accept the win」

「Understood. Thank you」

As I said so, Dolflare nodded satisfied.

If a human and a dragon were to fight, it is only obvious that the dragon will win.

Furthermore, I am a child, and Dolflare is the Dragon King. Naturally it would be his complete victory.

Nevertheless, the result of a draw can be considered a win for a human child.

That must be what Dolflare is thinking.

After that, Dolflare licked me from stomach to face.

Dolflare’s tongue was warm, or rather hot.

His tongue was very big.

The tongue itself might be bigger than my body.

「Th-Thank you」


Rubeum said that a dragon licking your face means recognizing you as a friend.

Dolflare has recognised me as a friend.

While I was talking to Dolflare, the dragons stared at me from a little far away.

「g r g r…..」

「g r ……」

And then they continuously cried out 「g r g r」. They must be saying something in the dragon language.

「Everyone, I am Will Wolms. Pleased to make your acquaintance」

For the time being, I introduced myself to the dragons and bowed.

There is no loss in being polite.


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