109. Post Dragon King Battle


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109. Post Dragon King Battle

When I bowed, one dragon from the surrounding dragons approached me.

It was the largest dragon after Dolflare. It is most likely an executive dragon.

The executive dragon approached closer and started sniffing me.

And with its big tongue, it licked me from stomach to face all at once.


Unlike Dolflare, the dragon’s tongue was chilly.

The temperature of the tongue might be related to the individuality of the dragon.


「Thank you」

From then on, the dragons took turns to sniff and lick me.

Lastly, Dolflare’s son that we fought at the beginning came to lick me.

After the greetings between me and the dragons, Regina came over.

「Umu Umu! I am surprised that Will is stronger than I expected!」

Regina looked really happy. She nodded satisfiedly.

「It was a good match」

Dion gave me a mantle casually.

In the middle of the match, my clothes were burned and I was naked.

I was licked by the dragons, so my whole body was full of dragon saliva.

「Dolflare-dono, let’s examine your right hand」

「Aa thanks. Can you take care of it?」

「Of course… This is… quite serious」

「It’s been a long time since I’ve sustained such an injury!」

Dolflare was happy for some reason.

Nevertheless, I wonder when my clothes were burned.

I didn’t notice that my clothes disappeared during the match. Probably because I was very concentrated.

「Was it during the flame breath before the tail bash I wonder?」

「Is it about your clothes being burned?」

「Yes, Regina-sama」

「Let’s see… It might be better to prepare clothes that don’t burn easily」

「Certainly, This is the second time this week that my clothes were burned by a dragon’s breath」

As I said so, Dolflare tilted his head.

At that time, Dion’s treatment came to an end.

Dolflare’s charred right arm was completely healed by Dion.

「Dion, I am grateful. Yours is a wonderful healing magic as ever」

「No no, it’s no problem」

And then Dolflare looked over at me.

「Is it true that this is the second time your clothes were burned?」

「Yes, it’s true」

「You said it was burned through your magic barrier?」

Dolflare looked over at his child who was beside me momentarily.

For some reason, Dolflare’s child was still nestling next to me after licking me.

「It couldn’t… have been my child. Won’t you tell me which dragon it was?」

「Well that is…」

Rubeum was the one who burned my clothes.

And she was still hiding in Dion’s clothes while erasing her presence.

I looked at Regina and Dion, to get their approval to introduce Rubeum.

I think it’s alright to introduce Rubeum to Dolflare and the rest.

However, Regina and Dion might have their own concerns.

「To be able to burn Will’s clothes, surely it must be a Dragon King class. I really want to know」

Dolflare was looking at me with passion in his eyes.

「Will, I will leave it up to you」

「That’s right, you can decide, Will」

As Dion and Regina has left it up to me,

「Understood… Let me introduce to you」

I decided to introduce Rubeum to Dolflare and the rest of the dragons.

Dion nodded, and patted Rubeum over his clothes.

「Rubeum-dono, it is alright to come out now」


Rubeum vigorously flew out from within Dion’s clothes.

And then she flew over to me.

「Kyuruー Are you hurt?」

「I’m fine, thank you」


While crying out, Rubeum relentlessly licked my face.

As though overwriting the licks of the other dragons.

After seeing me in that state, she must have concluded that the match was over.

Even Fluffy and Shiro ran over to me.

Fluffy snuggled close to my leg.

And Shiro began head-butting my thighs as usual.

「Fluffy and Shiro are both good kids, so behave yourselves for just a little longer」

We were still in the presence of the Dragon King.

Just getting closer is alright but starting to head-butt and such might be misunderstood as playing.



But, Fluffy and Shiro didn’t seem to understand.

I looked over at Dolflare as I was worried if I had ruined his mood.

「Will Wolms!」

While glaring at me, Dolflare roared.

Even the dragons who served as Dolflare’s retainers were startled.

It was such an intense voice.

Leaving aside Fluffy, Dolflare might have gotten angry as Shiro was frolicking around too much.

「I am sorry. I’ll immediately…」

As I picked up Shiro,


Shiro joyfully rattled his feet.

「Hey, Shiro don’t struggle」

Shiro doesn’t behave well like he usually does. He was somewhat excited.

Was he excited due to watching the match between me and Dolflare?

Rubeum patted Shiro while riding on my shoulder.

「Will Wolms, who is that esteemed person?」

「This child is Shiro…」

「No, not that person…」

「Are you asking about Rubeum?」


While petting Shiro, Rubeum looked over at Dolflare and tilted his head.

Dolflare widened his eyes and was fixed on Rubeum.

And then, he gulped deeply. The gulp was considerably loud.

「So, Your Holiness is addressed as Rubeum-sama」


I was surprised to hear Dolflare attach「-sama」to Rubeum.

Then, Dolflare lowered his head to the ground.


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