11 – World of Gods after Will leaves


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During the same time as Will is shocked from learning he did not receive the divine protection from his masters,
The Gods are closely observing Will who returned back to Earth.

「I knew it! Will doubts our love because Hime didn’t explain properly!」

The angered Sword God calls out the Human God, who is actually the Goddess.
The goddess pouts her cheeks with discontent.

「What do you mean it’s my fault!?」
「It’s obviously Hime’s fault」
「You can’t even realise your faults! Are you actually an idiot?!」

Both the Sword God and Dragon God are now complaining to the Goddess.

「I-Idiot!? You are the idiot!」 the Goddess responds.
「Shut up, dumb idiot」
「At least show some remorse, Hime」says the Sword God.

Paying no attention to the gods who are quarrelling, the Fire God murmurs.

「It’s only natural that Hime is at fault…」
「Oh, that is right」

It is the Magic God who agrees with the Fire God.

「Magic God, that device is not good enough to measure Will’s true power, is it?」

The Fire God eyes the Magic God.
By the way, the sage who made the measuring device, is the direct disciple of Edelfuss, and also the beloved child of the Magic God.

The Magic God tells everyone in a way that seems to be defending his beloved child.

「My beloved child is an excellent man. It is not fair to blame him for not knowing of the existence of the apostle」
「You might be right…」
「I feel sorry for Will」

The other gods understand the logic behind it, but they do not agree.
They give off that sort of vibe.


「Hmm? So what does it mean?」
The one who asks is the God of War.
He is a very powerful god but not very smart. He is the definition of muscle-brain.
[1. TL Note: God of War, Kratos!!!]

「Well, to explain it in a way that is easy to understand…」

Past Edelfuss was the Goddess’, the Human God’s beloved child.
On the flip side, Will is not the beloved child of the Goddess instead, he is her godkin; the god-beast of the human race.

The God of War, who listened to the explanation nods understandingly.
「So Will is Hime’s kin as is Dog God’s RunRun and Slime God’s Fluffy?」
「Well, so to speak in a nutshell. There are many other things… No, nevermind」

The Magic God stops from explaining things that would be too difficult to understand because he knows the God of War would lose interest.

The Human God is special because she is the daughter of the Supreme God.
The godkin of the Human God are called “Apostle” by the other gods.
And even among the apostles, those who are blessed by multiple gods are called the “Apostle of the Gods”.

The God of War tilts his head and thinks.
「So, why was my divine blessing not measured in the love measuring?」

The strength of the divine blessing is equal to the magnitude of love value.
The God of War wonders why the divine protection he granted was not measured by the device.

The Magic God rose to defend his beloved child.
「That is a device that measures the size of divine blessing granted by gods to humans other than the Human God」
「Will is not a pure human; he is a demi-god since he is Hime’s godkin. So he cannot be measured in the first place」

The God of War nods understandingly again.

「That’s right, because Will is our apostle」
「Yes, he trained here so he could become a godkin」
「There’s nothing we can do if he can’t be measured. That’s the gist of it, God of War」
The fact that his consciousness was blown into the World of Gods might be due to him being a godkin.

The God of War shows an overwhelmed expression.

「In other words, Will is treated as an incompetent because of the device that Edelfuss’ disciple created?」
「Unfortunately, these things happen」

Hearing the Magic God’s reply, other gods begin to fuss.

「Oi, do something!」
「Pity Will!」
「Magic God, your beloved child made that device, right!」
「Doesn’t that make the Magic God responsible for this?」

Magic God tries to appease the other gods.
「No, no, no, no… my beloved child made that device with all his heart. It is a great device」
「We’re not talking about that now」
「That’s right, we’re talking about how this makes Will look incompetent」

Surprisingly, the one who tries to calm down the gods who were fussing is the God of War.

「Hold on for a second… it is asking for too much to hold Magic God responsible for the actions of his beloved child」
「…God of War just said something decent」

The surprised gods silently wait for the God of War to continue his remarks.

「About that, it doesn’t matter if Will is treated as an inferior」
「What do you mean?」
「Will is my disciple, unfair evaluations is not something that can stop him」
「I see, that’s right, after all, Will is also my disciple」
「Ah, that’s right. He is my disciple as well」

The gods look at each other and nod in unison.

「Let’s watch over how Will performs from now on」
「Yes, I believe in my disciple」

Many gods start to watch over Will happily.
The Goddess, Sword God and Dragon God are still disputing.

「Dragon God send your god-beast to Will immediately then!」 cries the Goddess.
「I am still carefully selecting!」 proclaims the Dragon God.
「Well get that done soon then!」
「Unlike a slime and a dog, a dragon would stand out! I have to get the timing right!」
「Timing doesn’t really matter!」
「Easy for you to say!」
「That’s right. Goddess should take care of her duties first!」,says the Sword God.

Seeing the three pillars of God bickering, the other gods let out a deep sigh.



  1. In Journey to the West the white dragon is a horse. So…

  2. OK, the way Hime’s conversation with Will ended, his being her child is a reasonable reveal.

    The God of War may be denser than some, but he’s right to have faith in his disciple.

  3. this novel is starting to suffer from pointless dialogue syndrome.

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