110. Dolflare and Rubeum


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110. Dolflare and Rubeum

This posture was almost like prostrating.

Even when I referred to the memories of my past life, it is unthinkable for the Dragon King to prostrate.

「「「g r r g r r r g r r r」」」

The surrounding dragons were also astonished. They started making noises.


Whereas, Rubeum was looking puzzled.

He looked at my face as though asking, “what is this ojii-san doing?“

I think it is admirable of Rubeum to not express it into words.

「As expected of Dolflare-dono, so you noticed?」

Dion seemed pleased.

He seemed to understand the meaning of Dolflare’s mysterious prostate.

「Dion-sama, what do you mean?」

「Rubeum-sama is the godkin of Dragon God-sama, right?」

It was Dolflare who answered the question I posed to Dion.

「…Yes, you’re right」

I am a godkin of Human God, the apostle of many gods, but no one has noticed that from simply
meeting me.

It is normal not being able to tell apart godkins.

「Yes, the divine form and fluency in the human language. All of that is detached from a dragon」

Dolflare exhales vigorously with excitement.

A detached dragon might be an unworldly dragon in the dragon language.

「Kyururu, you seem to understand my magnificence well」

「Ha! I thank you」

Rubeum suddenly started using self-important words.

And he was constantly looking at me with a self-satisfied look.

Dolflare was still prostrating with his lower chin on the ground.

「You guys! You’re holding your heads too high. Quickly prostate!」

「g r……」

Even when Dolflare said that, the dragons still had a bewildered expression.

Still, Dragon King Dolflare told them to prostrate, so they began to bow slowly.

Seeing the slow movement of the dragons, Dolflare further added.

「You are before the Dragon God’s Representative, the Sovereign of All Dragons, the Archbishop, the Holy Dragon Monarch!」


The dragons were all startled simultaneously when they heard Dolflare’s words.

While shuddering, all the dragons lowered their lower chin to the ground at once.

「Kyuru, no problem」

「Ha! It is the clan’s honour to have been able to receive the honour of seeing Your Holiness」


Following Dolflare, the other dragons were also crying out.

They are probably saying the same thing Dolflare said in the dragon language.

「Umu, raise your head」


「I don’t mind. Raise them… kyuru」

The dragons finally lifted their heads after being told twice by Rubeum.

Wanting an explanation, I looked over at Dion.

「It is only natural, as Rubeum-san is the apostle of Dragon God」

「……Natural huh」

「Yes, of course」


Rubeum looked at me while puffing proudly.

「Rubeum is amazing, right…」

「Yes, you are amazing」

When we were talking about that, Dolflare nervously opened his mouth.

「Our Holy Monarch, if Your Eminence can bestow upon us your visit, there would be no greater honour」

「Rubeum-san, Dolflare-dono says he wants you to visit their home…」

Dion interpreted Dolflare’s indirect words.


Rubeum looked over at me.

He must want me to make the decision for him.

「Since we’re already here, why don’t we accept the invitation?」

「Kyuruー Ok, I’ll go」

「I am grateful」

While bowing to Rubeum, Dolflare roared in a low voice.


「g r g r g r g r」

Immediately the dragons responded and started to move.

They are probably going to make preparations to receive Rubeum.

「Will Wolms-sama, and the rest of the esteemed guests, please come too」

「…Thank you?」

For some reason, Dolflare started attaching「-sama」when addressing me.

Perhaps he realised my discomfiture, so Dolflare said,

「Because Will Wolms-sama is the sworn friend of our Holy Monarch…」

「I see?」

He is talking about the fact where dragons lick the face of those they recognise as friend.

Did he perhaps draw that conclusion from when Rubeum licked my face?

While I was thinking about that, Dolflare said.

「Shall we give you a ride to our humble home?」

「That would be helpful but…」

「If you will ride on my back, I will be most pleased」

Apparently Dolflare himself wants to personally carry us.

「Thanks! Kyuru」

「Ha! Thank you for those generous words!」

Dolflare seemed to be respecting Rubeum as a god.

That’s why when we got on his back Dolflare seemed to be quite nervous.

Dolflare flew quietly, perhaps due to taking care in front of Rubeum.

Even so, he was much faster than the academy wyverns.


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