111. Dragon King’s Hot Spring


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111. Dragon King’s Hot Spring

After flying for a good while, Dolflare landed.

There was a huge citadel in front of us.

It was enveloped by a powerful magic. You won’t notice it until you’re close enough.

「It’s a splendid magic.」

「Will Wolms-sama. Thank you for your words of praise.」

The magic also makes it difficult to observe the citadel from a distance.

Even if you try to detect it with magic, the concealment magic cast over it makes it difficult to detect.

Moreover, we have moved 20,000 meters over the great mountain range since we took off.

Going on foot might have taken two to three days.

No, you would have to go through a thick forest untouched by humans, and climb up the high-altitude mountain. Naturally, there will be no easy route for humans to pass through.

It wouldn’t be strange if the whole journey took more than ten days.

An uninvited outsider would have to go through a lot of difficulties to reach this place.

When we got off Dolflare’s back and walked towards the citadel, the dragons prostrated, greeting us.

「Kyuru! Raise your heads!」

「G A A A」

All the dragons who raised their heads seemed to be equally tense.

Being guided by Dolflare, we set foot into the citadel.

「…It’s huge.」

Tina, who is also royalty, muttered as such.

When we stepped inside, the citadel was more like a palace than a fort.

The interior was not much different from a human palace.

But everything was many times bigger than human’s.

We were guided to the guest room by Dolflare, and were served with various hospitality. And then treated to a feast of various dragon’s dishes, and entered into a bath as wide as a small lake.

The only male humans were me and Dion, so we both went in together.

Of course, Rubeum, Shiro and Fluffy were also together.

Fay claimed to be a woman, so she decided to take a bath with Regina, Rosetta and others.

「Fuu. This hot water feels nice.」

「It’s been a long time since I took a bath with Master.」

「That’s right. It’s been a hundred years almost.」

There were only the two of us, excluding the god-beasts, so Dion addressed me as “Master”.

I sat with my knees together in the bathtub. It feels very good to soak in hot water upto the neck.

「The other side looks deep.」

「That’s right. Because dragons use it.」

The floor of the bathtub was slanted and the further you go the deeper it gets.

The deepest water depth is likely about five meters.

「Master. I don’t think you have to worry about it, but please don’t go too far to the other side.」

「Yeah but, I don’t think I will drown, though.」

Dion was probably worried because of my eight year old body.


Rubeum climbed on my knee, splashing the water with his wings.

The movement was similar to a chicken’s dust bath.

「Rubeum, does it feel good?」

「Feels good. Kyuru」

And Shiro was trying so hard to climb on Dion’s head.

「Shiro. Use the bath to soak in the hot water quietly.」


I hugged Shiro so as not to disturb Dion’s relaxing time.

I then gently poured hot water on Shiro’s head between the two small horns.


Shiro closed his eyes, feeling pleasant it seems.

「I cleaned you before getting into the bath, but I wonder if there was still something itchy.」


Little by little, the horns are growing, so it may be itchy.

「I’ll make sure to ask if it itches anywhere from now on.」


Shiro said he wants me to do that.

On the other hand, Fluffy was swimming skillfully. It was surprisingly fast.

「Fluffy, the other side is deeper, so be careful.」


I looked at Dion, while patting Rubeum and Shiro.

「Dion, were you acquainted with Dolflare-dono?」


「I would’ve appreciated it, if you told me from the beginning…」

「I’m sorry about keeping silent, but even if I used my connection, Master wouldn’t have gotten that beard.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. Either way, we would have had to go through a couple of matches.」

That is surprising.

Judging by the tone that Dolflare had, it didn’t seem like he placed a lot of importance on his beard.

「Is the beard something valuable?」

「Rather than saying valuable, a beard is a part of one’s body.」

「…I see.」

If you give a part of your body to a stranger who wishes to use it for magic… It will become troublesome.

If that’s the case, I understand.

「If it is for my use, I will most likely receive it, but Master will need to be recognized as a friend for you to receive it.」

「Hmm. I understand somewhat.」

It’s difficult to trust someone unconditionally just because the person you trust, trusts that someone.

「And besides, Dolflare and the other dragons like to fight.」

「Do you mean that combat is compulsory to be recognized as a friend?」

「To put it simply, it is. I also fought with Dolflare-dono about seventy years ago.」

「Is that so?」

If we’re going to fight either way, then it would be better to give the disciples a sense of tension.

If Dion had said they knew each other, the tension will inevitably fade.

「I understand if you put it that way… Come to think of it, Rubeum was amazing today.」


Rubeum cried and looked back over my shoulder.

I also looked back at the end of Rubeum’s gaze.

「Holy Monarch. I have come to wash your back.」

There stood a man with a great physique.


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