112. Dragon King’s Hot Spring (2)


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112. Dragon King’s Hot Spring (2)

Rubeum thinks a little, and

「Kyuru. I’ve already had Will wash it for me, so that’s fine.」

「…Is that so?」

The man was clearly dejected.

「Are you perhaps… Dolflare-dono?」

「Yes, it is nice to meet you in this form, Will Wolms-sama.」

As expected of the Dragon King. He can even take a human form.

Although I say human form, it’s a dragon newt form.

Dolflare looked similar to Dion.

The color of the scale was the same blue as Dion. The tail which was thicker than the legs looked magnificent. And, his height was even taller than Dion.

Still, if he were to walk around a city normally, he would look like a normal dragon newt.

「Rubeum, since Dolflare-dono is already here, why not let him wash your back?」

「…Kyuru. Okay, if Will says so.」

「Thank you for such a blessing!」Dolflare said.

Rubeum flew towards Dolflare.

Dolflare immediately began to wash Rubeum’s back, or rather, the whole body.

「What do you think, Holy Monarch?」

「It feels good.」

「Is there anywhere you find itchy?」

「A little more up! Kyuru…」

「Around here, yes.」


Rubeum looks to be feeling really good.

Perhaps being fellow dragons, Dolflare can understand where it tends to be itchy.

I’ll also observe Dolflare and the place where he is washing carefully.

I’ll use it as a reference for washing Rubeum next time.

「I see. Dragons tend to itch around that area, Dion-sama?」

I use honorifics for Dion because Dolflare was present.

「Especially the joint of the wings easily accumulates dirt. A dragon’s hand can’t reach there, after all.」

「It’s a learning experience. The gap between the scales also seems to be one such spot.」

「Yes, it is. It’s the same for dragon newts.」

「I’ll be careful when I wash Dion-sama’s back next time.」

「Thank you very much. I am looking forward to it.」

About five minutes later, Dolflare finishes washing Rubeum’s body.

Rubeum flew toward the bath with a refreshed look.

I say to Dolflare.

「Are you not getting in the bath, Dolflare-dono?」

「No, I can’t possibly.」

「Kyuru. Let’s go in together.」

「No, such honour is–」

「It’s okay, it’s okay! Just get in. Kyuru」

After being persistently invited by Rubeum, Dolflare finally entered the bath.

Dolflare sat between me and Dion. Due to his height, he was only soaked to half-body.

「Dolflare-dono. Were you surprised?」

Dion asked with a smile.

「…Dion. If you were bringing along the Holy Monarch, couldn’t you have told me in advance?」

「I wanted my disciples to gain experience. I apologize.」

「There’s nothing to apologize for. You gave me a meeting with the Holy Monarch. That’s more than ample.」

Dolflare glanced at Rubeum, who was frolicking with Shiro in front of me.

「I just would’ve liked to make proper arrangements before meeting the Holy Monarch.」

「I am simply glad you are happy.」

「Even so, it looks like being a descendant of Edelfuss is not just for show.」

「No, that’s not exactly it…」

I had no choice but to be ambiguous with my words.

My cousins are also the descendants of Edelfuss, after all.

「Will Wolms-sama…」

「Um, Dolflare-dono, please don’t use honorifics for me.」

「But if Will Wolms-sama is a sworn ally of the Holy Monarch…」

「Kyuru. Will doesn’t want to stand out.」

「Is that so?」

「So I think Dolflare shouldn’t use honorifics. Kyuru」

「Yes! As the Holy Monarch wills it!」

「Umu. No problem.」

Rubeum seems to be happy to be served by Dolflare.

Being a baby, him being a little childish is only natural.

「Rubeum, don’t be too full of yourself.」


「No buts….」

「…Okay. Kyuru」

Rubeum agreed, seeming a little discontent.

But Dolflare quickly moved through the bath and came in front of us.

「No! The Holy Monarch is truly admirable!」

「No problem.」

「Hey! Rubeum.」

「Kyuru. Okay…」

And then Rubeum says,

「Dol Dol.」

「Dol Dol? Yes. How may I serve you, Holy Monarch?」

「You don’t have to praise me so much.」


「You don’t use honorifics for Will, so you don’t have to use it for me too.」

「I am grateful, but… I can’t set that example.」

「I see. It can’t be helped if you can’t, kyuru.」

Saying that, Rubeum fleetingly glanced at me.

As though waiting for me to say that it can’t be helped since Dolflare himself wants to serve Rubeum.

「Even if Dolflare-dono shows respect, that’s not a good reason for you to put on airs.」

「Kyuru. I got it.」

Rubeum seems to be convinced.


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