113. Dragon King’s Hot Spring (3)


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113. Dragon King’s Hot Spring (3)

I gently pat the obedient Rubeum.

When I scratched gently at the joint of the wings, they flapped as though feeling good.

Dolflare stared at that situation with great interest.

「Will-sa… Will-dono what is your relationship with the Holy Monarch?」

Dolflare started by using honorifics, but quickly corrected himself.

The reason for that is Rubeum ordered not to use honorifics.

Rubeum’s command is probably very important to Dolflare.

「Well, let’s see.」

I think a little.

The explanation itself is not difficult. The real question is, how much to reveal?

I glanced at Dion because I wanted to know Dion’s opinion.

「I will leave it all to you.」

Dion was smiling.

Leaving it up to me means I can tell everything.

In other words, Dion is saying I can trust Dolflare.

I believe in Dion’s eye for judging people.

It would probably be alright to explain everything.

It would also be very reassuring to have the cooperation of the Dragon King in the fight against Tenebris Cult in the future.

He will also be a powerful force in fighting the Beast of Calamity, Tenebris itself.

「To explain the relationship between me and Rubeum, I need to talk about certain other things.」


「It’s going to be a long story, and it includes things that Rosetta and Tina don’t know.」

「So, something of absolute secrecy.」

「Yes. First of all, I’m a reincarnator…」

I dare not swear him into secrecy.

Even if I don’t put it into words, Dolflare will understand.

And I thought that way I could show respect to the Dragon King.

「And after I died…」

「Oh wow…」

「Actually, Shiro is also…」

I continued to explain carefully.

Being Edelfuss in my previous life, and reincarnating as the Apostle of the Gods.

Shiro being the god-beast of the Goat God, and Fluffy being the god-beast of the Slime God.

Runrun, who is also a dog god-beast.

I also conveyed that my objective is to defeat Tenebris.

「And the Dragon God sent Rubeum to help me.」

「What do you mean?」

「Dragon God is one of the pillars who is my master.」

「Which is to say… Will-dono is the beloved child of Dragon God-sama.」

「Yes, that would be so.」

「If that’s the case, I can acknowledge the power of an eight-year old who was able to char my arm.」

Being the beloved child of Dragon God seems to be more momentous than being the reincarnation of Edelfuss, it seems.

It is only natural for Dolflare, a devout believer of Dragon God.

Dolflare sank into his thoughts with utmost serious expression.

Shiro jumped out of my arms and approached him.

And, he began to climb Dolflare.

When I tried to stop Shiro, Dolflare spoke.

「So the disciple of Dragon God-sama and the Holy Monarch are trying to defeat the Beast of Calamity?」

「That’s right.」

「That’s it. Kyurururu.」

「Then, we, dragons of the great mountain range, will fully cooperate with Will-dono.」

Dolflare said powerfully as he looked at me, Rubeum, and Dion.

「Thank you very much. It’s very reassuring.」

「Thank you. Kyuru」

We came to seek the material for a bow string and additionally gained a strong ally.

Extremely good fortune.

It can be said that this is a huge step towards the battle against the Beast of Calamity.

「Master. I am glad for you.」

Dion was smiling.

「Was this perhaps… Dion’s real aim?」

「I simply thought it would be nice if things turned out like this.」

「Isn’t that what is called an “aim”?」

「I originally just wanted to have Dolflare-dono meet Rubeum-san.」

「Aa. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for letting me meet the Holy Monarch.」

「Yes. I decided that after getting the beard and arranging a meeting with Rubeum-san, to let fate take its course.」


Dion has a tone that seems to imply things just ended up this way.

However, the Dragon King is a very devout believer of Dragon God. And Rubeum is the apostle of the Dragon God.

If these two meet, you can predict what will happen to a certain extent.

Of course, Dion would have anticipated it, too.

In other words, it’s all going according to Dion’s calculation, isn’t it?

「…Dion has always been smart since you were a child.」

「Thank you very much.」

Dion seemed to be in a very good mood.

And by that time,


Shiro had reached the summit of Dolflare’s head.

Dolflare started the conversation when I tried to stop Shiro.

That’s why I forgot to stop him.

「Shi, Shiro! Get down! That is rude.」

「No, I don’t mind. It’s comfortable even.」

For some reason, Dolflare was all smiles.

「No, even so… I apologize for Shiro’s rudeness…」

「You don’t have to worry about it. It’s really nice to have a hoof stimulate the scales on my head.」

「…Is that so?」


I glanced at Dion, who always had Shiro climbing over his head.

「Yes, master. It certainly feels good. It’s a very pleasant massage.」

「I see.」


Shiro was stomping on the top of Dolflare’s head with a self-satisfied look.


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