114. After The Bath


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114. After The Bath

When I got out of the bath, new clothes were already prepared for me.

Until I got into the bath, I was naked and cloaked.

「The size should fit you, Disciple-dono. If you don’t mind, please accept it.」Dolflare said.

「Thank you. Are you sure?」

The design was just like the clothes burned by Dolflare. However, the material is completely different.

I understood that a lot of unique materials were used just by looking at it.

「We basically don’t wear clothes. So we have a surplus of materials.」

Dolflare remained the same as when he entered the bath. In other words, in his human form.

However, only high-ranking dragons can transform into a human form.

Thus, there were only a few dragons who could wear clothes, and the opportunities to wear them were also few.

「That dress wouldn’t burn easily even with my breath. It also has high cold resistance.」

「If it doesn’t get burned by Dolflare-dono’s breath, it’s perfect as a magic resistance.」

I picked up the clothes and touched them.

It was very pleasant to touch.

「Giant spider’s thread, salamander’s leather. And dragon scale?」

「As expected of Disciple-dono. You understood all that with just a touch.」

「Yes. I was thinking of making armor on my own…」

I studied diligently on clothes and armor materials.

「I see, you’ve processed the scales into fibrous shape…」

Dragon scale does not bend, nor break.

It is a very difficult material to process.

「It’s certainly difficult to process, but… Because we are dragons, the scales itself are not so precious.」

Dragon’s scales are replaced with newly grown scales once every few years.

No matter how sturdy the scales are, the lifespan of dragons is very long.

If it is not replaced with new ones, it will wear out.

During growth, the scales also become bigger.

「The scales that fell out during the replacement period are the ones which were used.」

「I see.」

「Umu. Don’t hesitate to wear it.」

「Then I’ll accept your offer.」

The clothes prepared by Dolflare were comfortable to wear.

Rubeum rode on my shoulder and patted my clothes.

At first, he touched it with his hands, but perhaps it felt very pleasant, as he started rubbing his whole body against it.

「Feels so good. Kyuru」

「Holy Monarch!」

「What is it?」

「I, your servant, Dolflare, am also wearing a cloth of the same material!」

「Is that so?」

「Yes.That is very much so!」

「Well let’s see-」

Rubeum flew onto Dolflare’s shoulder.

And, touched the clothes. And then started rubbing his whole body against the clothes.

「It’s true. Feels so good. Kyuru」

「A, Aa… Thank you very much.」

Being caressed by Rubeum, Dolflare had an extremely delighted look on his face.

After that, we headed to the guest room. The room was very large because it was for a dragon’s size.

However, the size of the chairs and tables was matched to human size.

The clothes they gave me and the furniture were probably made by the dragons in a big hurry.

Dragons might actually have a high production ability.

「Not only my clothes, but also furniture… Thank you.」.

「Don’t worry. It’s a warm welcome to the Holy Monarch and his companions.」

「Kyuru. Thank you.」

「I am unworthy of such words.」

「Dragons also seem to be good at production skills.」

「With how long our lifespan is, of course there are some dragons who are good at it…」

According to Dolflare, not all dragons in general are particularly good at it.

However, they seem to practice various skills while taking a break from improving combat strength.

「Long lifespan is advantageous for improving technology.」

「Umu. Even if you do it for a short time per day over many years, you will naturally specialize in it.」

He said there is also something like scholars among dragons.

I’d like to hear more stories regarding that next time.

As I listened to the story of dragons, Regina and the rest of the women slowly came along.

It seems that they were in a different bath from us.

Fay flew to me, flapping her wings.

「Fay. How was the bath?」

「It was great.」

Fay answered, and went into my clothes.

「Mmu? The texture feels good.」

「I got it from Dolflare-san.」

「I see.」

Saying that, Fay stuck out her head around my chest area and began to doze off.

「She was awake the whole time with me, after all.」

「Regina-sama. Thank you for taking care of Fay.」

「I didn’t mind at all. Fay is a good child.」

Fay is a baby, but she didn’t sleep much, it seems. No wonder she is sleepy.

I gently shake and pat Fay so that she can sleep comfortably.

「Isn’t it time for Rubeum to sleep too?」


Rubeum, who was riding on my shoulder, moved to my lap.

And curled up. He seems to have been sleepy after all.

While patting Rubeum, I asked Dolflare.

「How many hours does a dragon sleep?」

「For an adult dragon, it will be fine even if they hardly sleep…」

Sleep seems to be necessary when they are a baby, after all.

「I’m thinking of making something like a baby sling…」

「Baby sling?」

Dolflare began to think with a slightly serious expression.

Anything regarding the Holy Monarch seems to be the highest priority to Dolflare.

「Dragons don’t have the custom of using baby slings, but…」

While saying that, he seriously thought about what a comfortable baby sling for a dragon would be.



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