115. Blessings of the Apostle of Dragon God


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115. Blessings of the Apostle of Dragon God

Rubeum and Fay fell asleep, so we all went to bed that day.

The dragons prepared a room for each of us.

The god-beasts and I shared the same room.

「Carefully now…」

I gently lay Fay and Rubeum on the bed, as they were already sleeping.

Shiro was playing around, so it would be troubling if that woke up Fay and Rubeum.

「Shiro, Fluffy. Be quiet so as not to wake Rubeum and Fay.」


Shiro and Fluffy nodded silently.

I gently picked up Shiro and Fluffy and put them on the bed.

After that, I also got onto the bed and slept.

The next morning, breakfast was already prepared when I got up.

As Rubeum’s companions, the dragons welcomed us all with a lot of hospitality.

After breakfast, Dolflare came before Rubeum and got on his knees.

「Holy Monarch.」

「The breakfast was delicious. Kyuru」

「Hahaa. I am most happy to receive those words from the Holy Monarch.」

「So, what is it? Is there something you want? Kyuru-kyuru」

「Yes. Is it possible to bestow blessing upon us…?」

Dolflare requested a little anxiously.

The nearby dragons were also nervous.

「Ok, but how do I do blessings? Kyuru?」

「Rubeum-dono. About the blessing of the Dragon God…」

The priest of Dragon God, Dion, taught Rubeum carefully.

You would need to chant a fairly complex invocation, while performing equally complex established gestures, it seems.


Rubeum looked a little anxious. It sounded quite complicated so he probably doesn’t feel confident.

「Well, I explained it at length, but it’s a blessing that we priests usually conduct.」


「Rubeum-dono is the Apostle of the Dragon God. The representative on Earth. You don’t need any rituals or the sort.」

「Kyuru? So what should I do?」

「Perhaps you only need to pray to Dragon God-sama while touching their head.」

「Is that all I have to do?」

「Of course. Rubeum-dono is the Apostle of the Dragon God. The kin and child of God. The representative on Earth, after all.」

Only a handful of parents care about strict etiquette when asked by their children.

「If so, I can do it. Is that all right? Kyuru」

「Of course, Holy Monarch.」

Both Dolflare and the nearby dragons looked extremely happy.

Then I took Rubeum to another room.

And in front of Rubeum whom I was carrying, all the dragons of Dolflare’s household lined up.

Rubeum touched Dolflare’s head and,

「Dragon God-sama. Please bless Dolflare. Kyuru」

「Thank you very much.」

The next dragon came forth.

Unlike Dolflare, it was in its dragon form.

「What’s your name? Kyuru」

「G r a a a a」

Only a few dragons can speak human language like Dolflare.

But Rubeum is also a dragon. He seems to have understood that growl.

「I see. G r r r r」

「G r r」

Rubeum bestowed blessings while talking with the dragons in the dragon language.

After an hour or so, Rubeum finished bestowing every dragon with a blessing.

Dolflare and the dragons expressed their gratitude again and again.

The blessing of the Apostle seems to be very important to the believers.

「Thank you very much. I can die anytime now without regrets.」

「I will never forget this for the rest of my life.」

「G r r r g r r r」

「You can’t die yet. Rubeum will be sad. Kyuru」

「Hahaa, then I will do my best to survive.」

「I will survive even if I have to risk my life.」

「G r r g r r」

「Glad you are all happy. Kyuru」

Rubeum and the dragons talked about such things in a peaceful atmosphere.

But I sensed something strange.

「Nn? Wait a minute.」

「What is it, Will? Kyuru」

「The number of dragons speaking human language has increased, hasn’t it?」

If I remember correctly, the only person who could speak the human language was Dolflare.

「Eh? Really? Kyuru」

「Oh!」Dolflare said.

「Is that so?」

「G r r g r r」

「I’m talking about the dragon who said ”Is that so?”!」

「…Is it me?」

A pretty big dragon with a magnificent body came before us.

「Have you been able to speak human language since before?」

「No… Come to think of it, I can suddenly speak human language. What a surprise.」

The dragon came to speak the human language without even noticing it.

Is it the effect of blessing?

If so, the effect of the Apostle’s blessing is too instantaneous.

「It’s a miracle of the Dragon God.」

Dolflare nodded with a marvelled face. He seems to be convinced that it was due to Rubeum’s blessing.

「As expected of Apostle-sama.」

「Aa, I was surprised. To think he’ll be able to speak human language.」

「It’s an incredible miracle. As expected of the Holy Monarch-sama.」

「W-Wait a minute.」

「What’s wrong? Disciple-dono」

「Are there now more dragons who can speak the human language?」

The other dragons started speaking the human language spontaneously.



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