116. Effect of Blessing


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116. Effect of Blessing

When I pointed that out, the dragons looked at each other.

「Oh, come to think of it. It’s exactly as Disciple-sama says.」

「Certainly. I’m also able to speak human language.」

「Apostle-chama, chugoi(sugoi)!」

Even a child dragon, which is only about two times larger than the miniaturized Rubeum, was able to speak the human language.

The blessings of a general clergy has no significant effect.

Despite that, why is the blessing of the Apostle so extreme?

「Dion-sama. What does this mean?」

「The Dragon God-sama’s representative dragon bestowed the blessing directly, so a miracle is quite natural.」

「Did you predict this far as well, Dion-sama?」

「I thought there would be some change, but I didn’t think it would be to this extent.」

The effect seems to be more than expected by Dion.

「Is that so… I feel that their magic has also risen overall.」

「Their love value has increased so to speak.」

Milt’s love value measuring device can only measure humans.

However, the love value itself also exists for dragons.

「If it’s to this extent, maybe we should get Rubeum to bless all of our allies.」

「Umm! Can I get a blessing too…?」

「Rosetta-san, the effect may be thin for non-believers.」

「Is that so?」

Dion says that if you are not a devout believer, the effect would be thin.

Either that, or if you have the love of Dragon God from the beginning.

「Will there be any effect on Dion-sama, a believer of Dragon God?」

When I asked that, Rubeum flew over to Dion’s shoulders.

「Kyuru? Do you want to try?」

「Thank you very much. I would be honoured to.」

Dion bowed his head and closed his eyes as he brought his hands together in prayer.


Rubeum put his hand on Dion’s head.

「Dragon God-sama, Dion is a good boy, so bless him please. Kyuru」

When the blessing was over, Rubeum tilted his head a little anxiously.


「Thank you very much. I feel that my physical ability and magic have improved.」

When he heard that, Robeum nodded satisfied and flew back to my shoulder.

「What if it’s just your imagination?」

Regina suspiciously eyed Dion.

「I am not sure about physical abilities, but magic has certainly increased…」

「If Will says so, it might be true then. How about Dolflare-dono?」Regina said.

「I also feel like my abilities have improved.」

「…I see.」

And then Regina approached me, and whispered softly so no one else can hear

「Isn’t it possible for Master to do the same?」


「…Let’s try it later.」

Having said that, Regina turned away.

Fay, inside my clothes, was looking up at me.

Surely Fay must have heard that.

I myself am not only a disciple of many gods, but also a kin, an Apostle.

But my main, so to speak, is the Apostle of the Human God.

And Fay is the divine spirit of the Human God.

Even if the Human God doesn’t descend, I might be able to learn of her will to some extent.

「…Fay. Let’s talk later.」


Fay squirmed back inside my clothes again, replying satisfied.

Regina, on the other hand, walked towards Dolflare.

「Dragon King-dono! I’d like to have the beard though!」

「That’s right. I shall give you my beard. Will you please follow me?」


「Disciple-dono will be using it for production, right? Can you please follow too?」

「All right.」

I followed, with Rubeum on my shoulder.

Fluffy and Shiro were playing with Rosetta and the dragons, so I left them behind.

I, Regina, Rubeum, and Fay were taken to a very large room.

Soon, Dolflare returned to his dragon form.

He probably moved to this room to return to his dragon form.

And Dolflare, who returned to his dragon form, cut his beard from the root.

「Is it all right to cut it so short?」

「It doesn’t take long to grow. And I am happy to be of help.」

「Thank you very much. It’s helpful.」

「By the way, I’ll give you this, too. Please take advantage of it.」

Dolflare had prepared about twenty dragon scales.

There were a lot of horns and fangs, too.

「Is it all right to accept all of these?」

「Of course. I just set them aside when they were replaced by new ones.」

「Thank you very much.」

「By the way, this too…」

Dolflare pulled out a leather baby sling anxiously.

It might be the baby sling for Rubeum.

「Thank you very much. It was something I needed.」


Rubeum, who didn’t know its purpose, tilted his head.

「You use it like this…」

I put on the baby sling, and put Rubeum inside.

「Kyururu! It’s kind of nice! Dolflare, thank you.」

「Holy Monarch. Thank you for your generous words.」

Dolflare bowed with a very happy smile.



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