117. Clothes-Production Dragon


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117. Clothes-Production Dragon

I carried Rubeum in the baby sling and gently patted him.

There were no gaudy decorations making it inconspicuous.

Everything was carefully made.

「Is this hydra leather?」

「That’s right. As expected of Disciple-dono. Even though it has been processed considerably, you noticed with just a touch.」

Hydra leather was woven with dragon scale and dragon beard which was processed into fibers.

Both physical and magical defenses were very high.

And yet, it feels good to the touch, flexible and soft.


Rubeum had already started to doze off in the baby sling.

It probably feels comfortable to be wrapped up.

As expected of a dragon. He knows what is suitable for a fellow dragon.

「Rubeum seems to like it, too. Thank you.」

「I am glad.」

「Come to think of it, why did you use hydra leather?」

The baby sling is for the Holy Monarch, Rubeum.

Dolflare and the other dragons must have spared nothing in making it.

They must have carefully selected the materials.

It’ll be helpful to know the reason why they chose these materials for when I produce clothes.

「It’s because of the excellent flexibility.」

「What about the durability of Hydra leather?」

「It should be quite high, though… I don’t know the details because I didn’t make it.」

「Is that so? Can I talk to the dragon who produced it?」

The dragon who produced this baby sling should have been considerably skilled.

I will learn a lot by talking to them

「Of course. I will bring him in at once.」

Dolflare left the room after changing into his human form and immediately came back.

A dragon followed behind him.


「He is the one who made the baby sling of the Holy Monarch and the clothes of Disciples-dono.」

It was the child of Dolflare that I and everyone else fought together.

「My child has always liked sewing.」

「Is that so? The craftsmanship on the clothes were amazing. Thank you.」


「Rubum’s baby sling is also wonderful craftsmanship. Rubeum seems to like it as well.」

「…Arigato. Happy.」

The Dragon King’s child seems to be able to speak human language thanks to Rubeum’s blessing.

But he’s not used to it yet. It sounds like baby talk.

Still, it’s good enough for communication.

When I tried to ask about the production to the Dragon King’s child, Dolflare spoke.

「Disciples-dono. You don’t have to use honorifics for my child.」

「Not necessary.」

「If that’s the case, I won’t hesitate to…」

I asked Dragon King’s child about various things related to clothes-production.

The Dragon King’s child also teaches me politely in return.

「About the durability of Hydra leather…」

「Hydra leather, strong.」

As I asked in detail, it seems that dragon leather is superior to hydra leather in terms of the robustness of the material.

However, it is difficult to use the leather of someone from the same race from an ethical standpoint. Obviously.

The reason is that the leather can only be taken from a dragon’s remains unlike the scale, the horn, and the fang which are the by-products of growth change.

Like how humans make the binding of books with the skin of another human.

Those people have very bad taste

Therefore, it is said that dragons often use hydra leather instead.

After that, I asked the Dragon King’s child how to process the scale into a fibrous shape.

After asking everything I wanted to know, I expressed my thanks and left the room.

Meanwhile, Regina was talking about something to Dolflare.

Midway, Dion joined them with a serious expression.

It might be related to the Salvation Organization.

So I left Regina, Dion and Dolflare alone and returned to the room where Rosetta and others were.

Rosetta, Tina, Arti and others were playing with the child dragons.

Though I say playing, Rosetta and Tina seemed exhausted.

Even though it is a child, it is a dragon. They are much bigger and more powerful than an ordinary demon.

It takes considerable physical strength and magic just to play with a dragon.

「As for Shiro and Fluffy…」

Shiro and Fluffy were also playing happily.

For Shiro and others, the room was spacious and sturdy, so they can let loose to their heart’s content.

Shiro was head-butting the child dragons.

Not only that, but Shiro was also running up the back of a child dragon together with Fluffy.

The child dragons were also crying out happily.

I am glad they’re all happy.

And the child dragons who realized I was back said「Let’s play.」

It seems that even the child dragons are able to speak the human language thanks to Rubeum’s blessing.

It has a considerable effect.

「All right, let’s play.」


「Will, I’ll leave it to you…」

「I am exhausted, too…」

Rosetta and Tina said, drenched in sweat.

「It is a good training to strengthen your body with magic.」

「… That is… quite true.」

Saying that, Tina gulped down the water placed on a table.

I glanced at Arti. She still seemed to be energetic.

「You can rest, too, Arti. I’ll take care of the dragons.」

「Thank you very much. But I am alright.」

Arti was playing with Shiro, Fluffy and two other child dragons.

She always pet Runrun happily, so perhaps she is a natural animal person.

「Well, what should we play?」

「Gyaa gyaa!」

The child dragons who were playing with Rosetta and Tina happily gathered around me.


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