118. Child Dragons


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118. Child Dragons

Three child dragons came to me.

These three likely played in turns with Rosetta and Tina.

Rosetta and Tina are also quite something to hold their own.

The child dragons happily sway their tails and say simultaneously.



“Oshiakko” is a game where you headbutt and try to push back your opponent.

In the case of a human, it seems that you can use your hands.

And ”Pyon-pyon” is to dodge a sweep of the tail.

The child dragons began to dispute whether to play with “Oshiakko” or “Pyon-pyon”.

「All right, let’s do both. It’s alright to use magic, right?」

「Ok! But, shooting is no good.」

Meaning long-range magic is banned.

Certainly, if you use long-range magic, it will not be ”Oshiakko” anymore.

「If long distance magic is banned, you guys can use magic too.」

「Understood! Gyagya!」

One of the child dragons, who had a relatively good physique, came before me.

「We’ll start with you and Oshiakko.」


「Then let’s get started.」

「G Y A A A!」

The child dragon charged head first right from the beginning. So I met the charge with my hand and we pushed each other.

I’m just an eight-year-old.

My physical strength is too weak to compare to a dragon. There is a difference in weight by at least a hundred times.

It is necessary that I use magic to counter.

Gravity magic increases your weight and at the same time enhances your physical abilities.

「Gugugu. I can’t move.」

「Humans are quite awesome right.」

「Un! Sugoi!」

The dragon child seemed extremely happy to play ”Oshiakko” with me.

Rosetta and Tina were probably playing nothing but ”pyon-pyon” having to dodge their tail sweeps.

I asked the child dragons who were watching “Oshiakko” enviously.

「Don’t you want to do Pyon-pyon?」

「Is it okay?」

「Yes, it’s okay.」


The child dragon who was watching from the sideline unleashed a tail sweep with all its might.

It is quite fast for a child.

I leapt over it in a manner of jumping a skipping rope

Of course, while still doing ”Oshiakko”.

「Sugoi sugoi!」

「You know it.」

It is very difficult to jump while weighing down one’s body with gravity magic.

On top of that, thanks to “Oshiakko” the moment I jumped up, I was pushed backwards.

「My turn to push back.」

「Gyagya! Sugoi sugoi!」

If you are pushed back more than a certain distance, you will lose.

That is the rule of ”Oshiakko”.

By the way, the rule of “Pyon-pyon” is you lose if you fail to dodge the tail and it makes a direct hit.

「This is good training.」

「How about this?」

When I was pushing back at “Oshiakko” gradually, two child dragons stood on my left and right.

And, they swept their tails vigorously.

If I jump up to dodge the first tail, the second tail will hit me directly at the moment of landing.

I can dodge both by jumping higher but I’m also in the middle of “Oshiakko”.

If I jump too high, I’ll be pushed too far back and lose.


I jumped just barely to evade the first tail and slid my body horizontally, dodging the second tail.


The overjoyed child dragons continuously tried to push me back and tried to hit with their tails.

However, I pulled through everything and pushed them back instead.

「Sugoi! Sugoi!」

「Will’s Win!」

The child dragons were gasping for breath.

That really took quite a bit out of me, too.

「You guys are amazing too! Everyone was strong.」

「Gya gya」

When I praised them, the child dragons cried happily and shook their tail.

By that time, Arti was drinking water, sitting beside Rosetta and Tina.

The two child dragons who were playing with Arti, snuggled up to either side of her.

Arti gently patted both dragons alternatingly.

Shiro sat on Rosetta’s lap, whereas Fluffy sat on Tina’s lap.

「Will, that’s amazing. Even when the two of us joined together, we couldn’t win at Oshiakko.」

「That’s right. I have to practice more magic control」Tina said

I sat next to Rosetta.

The child dragons who were playing with me gently pressed their heads and licked me.

Regina and others came back as I talked with Rosetta while patting the child dragons.

Dion, Dolflare, and Dolflare’s child were with her as well.

「Children. I am glad you have all been playing well!」Regina nodded.

Dion said while looking at us with gentle eyes.

「It’s unfortunate, but we’re returning back to the academy soon. Is your stamina holding out?」

「It’s okay!」


Rosetta and Tina responded cheerfully though they were likely to be exhausted.

「The child of Dragon King-dono will also come to the academy. You all should say hello again.」

When Regina said so, the Dragon King’s child came forward and bowed slowly.


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