119. Return


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119. Return

Rosetta and the rest bow their heads and say hello to the Dragon King’s child again.

「Nice to meet you too. By the way, can I ask for your name?」

「Yoroshiku, Will …My name is Dura.」

「Yoroshiku, Dura. Rubeum, say hello.」


I woke up Rubeum who was sleeping in the baby sling and explained the situation.

It’s a pity to wake him up, but I can’t afford to not inform Rubeum.

Without Rubeum’s permission, neither Dolflare nor Dura will be relieved.

「Dura, nice to meet you? Kyuru.」

「I am unworthy of such words.」

Dura prostrated before Rubeum.

「Holy Monarch. Thank you for accepting my child, Dura.」

「Un. Okay. Kyururu」

「Dolflare-dono, I appreciate that Dura is coming, but is it all right?」

I very much welcome him.

There are still a lot of things I want to ask about in the production-related business.

I would like his input during my trial and error process.

I want to train like playing with the child dragons as I had done earlier.

「Of course, Disciple-dono. It will be a good study for my child.」

Dolflare seems to think that it is good for Dura’s education to come with us.

「If possible, I would appreciate it if you could let him join in on the training.」

「Of course, I’m going to ask Dura to help me as well.」

「And my child’s metalworking skills are still not as good as the Disciple-dono…」

Unlike leatherwork and clothing-production, I’m good at metalworking.

After all, I am also the disciple of Metal God and Smithing God.

My knowledge is deeper than the average blacksmith.

「It’s true that we can both learn a lot from each other in production.」

「Umu. But the main reason is that I want one of my family members to serve the Holy Monarch.」

「Dura is to be the bridge between the dragons of the Great Mountain Range and the Salvation Organization.」

「Wouldn’t that be more convenient?」

Regina said happily following Dion’s words.

Regina is right. It would be convenient to have a liaison.

「Yes, it is. It’s easier to work with a liaison」Dolflare said so, too.

Apparently, Dolflare and Dura have a Transceiver Ring that connects to each other.

「If there is an order from the Holy Monarch, we will rush over immediately.」

「Kyururu. Thank you.」

Then we left the citadel after saying goodbye to the dragons.

On the way back, we had Dolflare and Dura send us near to the town where we entrusted our wyverns.

Though I say near, it’s not within eyeshot of the town. That will create a commotion otherwise.

They dropped us off at a distance of about an hour on foot. And we walked on foot to the town.

After that, we rode the wyverns in the town, and rejoined the Dragon King and his child.

Regina, Dion and Arti rode as riders on each of the three wyverns.

And I rode on Dura’s back with the god-beasts.

When we ascended to the skies, Dolflare followed us up and said.

「This might be rude, but please, please rely on my child.」

「Ok. Kyururu」

And then he turned towards Dura.

「Properly serve the Holy Monarch, Dura.」

「G R R R. Understood.」

Dolflare forced a smile with an almost crying face.

Even though Dolflare knew it was the best for his child, he was still worried about sending him off.

「Dolflare-dono. Please don’t worry.」

「Thank you very much.」

After we left, Dolflare continued watching us, floating still in the sky.

Dolflare saw us off in the sky until his huge body seemed like a tiny speck and disappeared beyond the horizon.


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