12 – The eight year old who accept the result of the guardian deity love value


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To be honest, I was convinced that I had many guardian deities.

In my own selfish expectations,
「I have never seen someone with this many guardian deity!」
Or so I thought Arti’s surprised reaction would be.

I had a good time drinking and jesting together with the gods, in other words my masters.
Before I was reincarnated, the gods gathered around and gave me encouragement.

In the World of Gods, I spent a very long time with my masters.
However, since the concept of time is different there, saying I spent a long time there isn’t exactly accurate.

However, although Dog God is not one of my masters, he seems to have taken quite a liking to me.

「… Masters, did you come to hate me somehow?」
「Will Wolms?」

Arti looked at me expressionlessly with her head tilted.
I must have subconsciously voiced my thoughts out loud.

「No, it’s nothing much」
I put on a smile to convince Arti.
Subsequently, I asked her about something that was on my mind.
「Arti, did you use this device to measure your guardian deity love value too?」
「Yes, of course」
「What was it like when you touched the crystal?」
「What was it like? I remember the sphere felt pleasantly cool to touch」
「No, did you feel like your consciousness was blown away to someplace else?」
Arti had an expression which says she was clueless to what I was saying.
「Has there been any case of consciousness being sent to someplace else while measuring?」
「……None that I know of」
「I see, forget about it then」
Apparently, it doesn’t usually get blown away to the world of gods.

Certainly, as far as I have seen, it is difficult to think the magic method used in the device would
send someone’s consciousness to the world of gods.
There might be another factor at play here.
Perhaps the last topic the goddess touched on, has something to do with it?
As I was thinking about that,
「……Will Wolms, the number of guardian deity is not taken into consideration for the entrance
exam results」
「Oh, really?」
「To measure in advance is to use it as a reference for your training plan after admission」
「If so, why not check it after someone passes the exam?」
「Because it is common to train in your field of aptitude before taking part in the entrance exam

Arti said ordinary people check their guardian love value when they reach ten years of age.
The results may have been used as a reference to determine which subjects to receive.
Nevertheless, I ended up with only one guardian deity.
Arti kept looking at me expressionlessly.
Maybe she was trying to cheer me up.
Since I was thinking silently, she must have thought I was bummed out by the results.
「Thank you. I will do my best tomorrow」
「That’s good to hear」
Then I asked Arti to give a brief explanation on tomorrow’s exam.
After the written exam, the practical exam will be conducted.
There are various types of practical exams, passing one of them with flying colours is good
enough it seems.
「It is foolish to reject someone who excels in swordsmanship just because they have poor
water magic scores」 Arti says.
「I guess that makes sense」
「Of course, it is still effective to get high scores in as many exams as possible」
A jack of all trades is always useful.
After Arti finished her explanation, we headed to the nursery.
It was to go meet Saria and RunRun, of course.
Along the way, I asked Arti.

「Who is your guardian deity, Arti?」
「It is the Sword God」
That old man is it? I recalled the figure of the Sword God.
Though he taught me a lot, I didn’t show him much love. I regret it.
I changed the topic because it saddens me.
「Arti is already a member of the Salvation Organization even though you’re so young. That’s
so cool」
Those who graduate from the Academy of Heroes with excellent grade can enter the Salvation
Given that, Arti is basically a super elite.
「I only joined the Salvation Organization a few days ago, so I’m still an apprentice」
「I see」
So she was guiding me around because she is an apprentice.
I saw Arti stop the flying fist of the fifteen year old scion with one finger.
That’s a feat that can’t be done without considerable skill.
「Even though Arti is so skilled, you are an apprentice?」
「Yes, I still have to train day after day」
After all, the ability of the members of Salvation Organization are quite high.
While talking about those things, we arrived at the nursery.
「I will leave now Will Wolms, Saria and RunRun」
「Thank you very much for all your help, Arti」
「See you soon, Aru-neechan!」
「Woof! Woof!」
RunRun licked Arti’s face to say goodbye.
Fluffy cried out from within my clothes.
Arti patted RunRun a little and leaves.
Saria waved goodbye till Arti disappeared out of sight.
I gently hugged Saria.
「Are you hungry, Saria?」
「Yes! Are you hungry too, Anicha?」
「Yeah, your brother is hungry too」

「Saria has dried meat」
Saria took out the dried cappapi meat from her pocket.
She must have saved yesterday’s snack.
It was common for my diet to be reduced due to the harassment of the scions.
The retainers secretly brought me meals but even that has a limit.
RunRun would also share the birds he hunted, but that didn’t happen all the time.
Due to that, there were times when we were left hungry.
I have put too much burden on Saria.
Even if I drop out of the Academy of Heroes, we will continue living without returning back to the
main family.
I should earn enough money to at least feed Saria.
I’m sure I can manage it somehow if I work together with RunRun.
「You can have it, Anicha! Eat it!」
Saria smiled saying so.
「But that is Saria’s snack, right?」
「Since Anicha worked hard, I’ll give it to you!」
Even though she herself was hungry, she offered it to me.
Such kindness.
「But Saria is also hungry, right?」
「No, I am not! Onee-chan gave me some snacks」
She seems to have gotten snacks from the nursery.
But when I asked her if she was hungry a while ago, she definitely said she was hungry.
「Anicha, Saria’s stomach is full from eating, so you eat please!」
Saria’s stomach growled at the same time.
She must have thought I wouldn’t realize her stomach growling.
With a smile, she offered the dried meat to me.
「…… I see, thank you. I will accept it」
「Yeah! Eat it!」
I think a little before eating the dried meat I got from Saria.
It is supposed to taste bad, but it tastes delicious since Saria offered it to me.

「Thank you, Saria. It was delicious」
「So, I asked Arti, and she said it’s alright to eat in the cafeteria」
That is one of the reasons why I ate the dried meat.
If Saria can eat meals at Academy of Heroes, I will gladly accept Saria’s goodwill.
Dried meat is full of love, but it is not nutritious.
Saria should be able to eat nutritional food from Academy of heroes all she wants from now on.
「Really? We can eat at the cafeteria?」
「In addition, you can even ask for another round of food」
「Wow! Another!」
「RunRun can also get your own portion so rest easy」
RunRun excitedly wags his tail. He doesn’t look like a god-beast at all.
Fluffy was wiggling around in my clothes,
「We’ll get one for Fluffy too」
「Well, let’s go to the cafeteria」
「Let’s go!」
「Pigi! Pigi!」
And so, Saria, RunRun, Fluffy and I headed towards the cafeteria.



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