120. State of Emergency


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120. State of Emergency

Around the time when Dolflare’s figure disappeared beyond the horizon.

「G R R…」

Dura cried out in a small voice, and fleetingly glanced back.

He might be feeling sad to separate from his birthplace and parent.

That’s why I gently patted Dura’s neck.

「Dura. We’ll regularly go visit the dragon’s mountain range.」

「Un. G R R」

「The dragons were all kind! Kyuru」

Rubeum seems to have taken a liking to the dragons, too.

On the way home, after about a day passed without any incident,

My Transceiver Ring rang.

『Regina, Dion, Milt. And Will, can you hear me?』

It was the voice of the president Xenovia who remained back in the academy.

『What happened?』

Regina’s voice replied from the Transceiver Ring.

『Twelve demons appeared. At the Devil’s Forest.』

Xenovia concisely reported what happened and where it happened.

Twelve demons is not something normal.

Devil’s Forest is a forest with a lot of monsters to the southeast of the Royal Capital, that is, the southeast of the Academy of Heroes.

It is about a five hours’ walk from the academy.

I was looking at maps during my free time, so I happened to know by chance.

Geography is important in everything you do.


Unusual for Regina, she seemed to be a little unsettled.

『Milt, Regina. How long will it take to get over here?』

『At full speed, it’ll take at least five hours.』

It was Milt’s voice, who should have remained in the academy.

Milt seems to be away from the academy for some reason.

In other words, the only member of the Council of Sages who remained in the academy was Xenovia.

Even if it’s Xenovia, twelve demons might be a little too much.

『…We’ll do our best, but no matter how hard we try, it’ll also take five hours for us to reach.』

Dion said calmly.

If Dion, who is very familiar with the ability of wyverns, says that, he’s probably right.

『That is still far away. Understood. I will try to buy some time.』

「Xenovia. Don’t overdo it.」

『I know… Master.』

Xenovia called me “Master”.

Because I addressed her “Xenovia”, she guessed that Rosetta and the others didn’t hear me.

Right now, Rosetta and Tina were riding the wyvern where Arti is the rider.

Regina and Dion each rode their own wyverns.

「I’ll try to get there as soon as possible. Don’t die no matter what.」

『Thank you very much. Please leave it to me.』

And the call ended.

Dion said to Arti in a loud voice.

「It’s an emergency. We will go ahead first!」

「Arti and others follow after us later!」

At Regina’s instructions, Arti nodded with a serious expression.


「Will! No, Dura! Can you keep up with me?」

「G R R. Dura is much faster than a wyvern.」

「I see. That’s reassuring! Then, Will, follow me on Dura.」


When I tried to reply「Roger」,


Rubeum, riding on my shoulder, roared.

「What is it?」

「Rubeum is also fast! Kyuru」


「Watch me, Will. Kyururu」

No sooner than that, Rubeum flew further from my shoulder to the sky. And, assumed his giant-form.

A magnificent crimson dragon of ten meters in length, and three meters in height, which you wouldn’t believe is a baby dragon.

He was slightly smaller than Dura, but was large enough.

「Get on me, Will. Kyuru」

Then Regina said with a serious expression.

「Wait, Rubeum. It’s an emergency. Let’s think about who will ride who.」

「All right. Kyuru」

We discussed while flying at high speed in the sky

A minute later, we decided on who would ride whom.

Me and Regina on the back of Rubeum.

It’s a strategy to put the lightest two on Rubeum, the fastest.

Shiro, Fluffy, and Fay, are lightweight, so they ride with me.

Dion rode alone on Dura, the next fastest.

Regina and Dion’s wyverns were in a state where no one was riding them.

But wyverns are clever, so if you tell them, they’ll follow Arti’s wyvern.

After the transfer in the air, Regina looked at the disciples tenderly.

「Children. Come back safely.」


「Arti. I’ll leave it to you.」

「Please leave it to me.」

And then, Rubeum and Dura started accelerating.

Both Rubeum and Dura were twice as fast as wyverns.

But Rubeum doesn’t seem to be serious yet.

「…Rubeum. Fly with all your might.」

「Will, I understand, but what about Dura? Kyuru」

「Dura will fly after us at full speed. Leave it to Dion.」

「All right.」

Rubeum accelerated further. His speed overwhelmed Dura’s.

Dura was by no means slow. Rubeum was just too fast.

The distance kept increasing.

We can entrust Dura to Dion.


Both I and Regina were so nervous to the point of being silent.

On the other hand, Shiro and Fluffy were not. They probably didn’t understand the situation.

They were just excited by Rubeum’s overwhelming speed.


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