121. Battle in Devil’s Forest


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121. Battle in Devil’s Forest

Rubeum flew at high speed towards Devil’s Forest.

He was many times faster than the academy’s wyverns, which should be much faster than ordinary wyverns.

「Rubeum. Are you okay?」

「I-I’m fine. Kyururu.」

He said he was fine, but Rubeum was out of breath.

I want to say it’s okay to take his time, but the later we arrive, the more dangerous it is for Xenovia.

「I’m sorry. It’s an emergency.」

「Yes, I’ll do my best. Kyuru」

When I turned back, I could no longer see any signs of Dura.

Dura was also fast, but Rubeum was overwhelmingly fast.

How far have we flown?

「Master! Devil’s Forest is in sight!」

Regina’s loud voice echoed.

How long have we been flying?

I lost count because I was tired of waiting.

It feels like about three hours, but in actuality, it only took 30minutes.

「Regina, how long has it been since Xenovia’s call?」

「About an hour and a half.」

Dion said it would take five hours on wyverns at full speed.

Which means, Rubeum flew more than three times faster than the full speed of a wyvern.

「Thank you, Rubeum. Aren’t you tired?」

「…… Kyuru ……Fine」

Though he said that, Rubeum seems to be considerably tired.

「Leave the battle to me and Regina.」

「Rubeum will also fight.」

「If Rubeum plays an active part in combat, I and Regina won’t get to have our turn.」

I said so, and patted gently.


「I am sure Shiro and Fluffy also want to join the fight, but wait until when I really need you.」

「All right. Kyuru」

While talking to Rubeum, we approached Devil’s Forest rapidly.

There were fires all over the forests , and explosions went off in succession.

「Yoshi! They’re still fighting!」

Regina looked happy.

The fact that explosions were still occurring means that the battle is ongoing.

In other words, Xenovia is alive.

「Thank goodness… Even so, it’s pretty intense.」

「It’s twelve demons, after all. I’m going to rush in first, so I want Master to observe the situation and join later.」


Regina nodded deeply when she heard my reply.

And then, she patted Rubeum’s neck.

「Ruu. Fly to the right.」

「Ruu? All right. Kyuru」

It seems that Rubeum was puzzled for a moment when he was suddenly nicknamed “Ruu”.

However, because it is an emergency, Rubeum did not question it too much.

「You don’t have to drop altitude. I’ll just jump down.」

「Ok. Kyururu」

Regina gives the destination to Rubeum in detail.

There was no hesitation. She seems to have a complete grasp on where Xenovia was.

We quickly reached above the heart of the battle.

I could see how Xenovia was fighting.

Surprisingly, there were no more demons left standing.

However, there were even more troublesome enemies.

「…Three tails of Tenebris.」

Demon King Tenebris. Its beastkin which is equivalent to an Apostle. Another name for it is the tail of Tenebris.

Golden body hair on a large body of ten meters in length.

Six legs and two tails. And four wings protruding on its back.

I’ve also fought against a tail of Tenebris once together with Arti.

It was a very close fight. And this time, there were three of them.

Fighting all three alone, simply speaks to Xenovia’s strength.

Be that as it may, it would be difficult to win even for Sword Saint Xenovia.

And Xenovia seems to be worn out.

Perhaps she was exhausted in the fight against the twelve demons.

It seemed like an atmosphere where she was trying to buy time one way or another.

「…It’s more troublesome than twelve demons.」

The corners of Regina’s mouth distorted as she said.

She was smiling

It’s not a cute smile. It was a villainous smile.

From a long time ago, this smile always appeared on Regina’s face whenever she saw a strong enemy.

「Regina, you’ve got that villainous smile again.」

「…Aa, Master. I’m sorry.」

Regina returned to her usual lovely smile.

And, she pulled out a greatsword which was larger than herself from a magic bag.

「Then take care of the rest, Master.」

Saying that, Regina jumped from 30 meters high in the sky.

She used magic to soften the falling speed.

However, she was still considerably fast.

Regina cuts at a beastkin with the fall momentum.

Her aim was at the beastkin, which was right about to attack Xenovia from behind.


Regina’s greatsword cracked the skull of the beastkin and smashed it directly onto the ground.

A crater formed on the ground, and debris from the soil and rocks was scattered about.

It’s as if an explosion magic had gone off on the ground directly.

「Regina? That was fast.」

We arrived in one and a half hours though we said it would take five hours.

Xenovia’s surprise is understandable.

「Explanation later. You’re tired, aren’t you? Step back, Xenovia.」

「…I’ll leave it to you.」


A number of demon corpses lay around.

In addition, there was one corpse of a beastkin.

Xenovia most likely defeated all of them alone.

It is natural that Xenovia was exhausted.

The beastkin, whose skull was smashed by Regina, was regenerating fast.

Regina said, while looking at the beastkin.

「Come on then, tail of the beast. I’m gonna kill you all.」

「「G I I A A A A A I I A A A」」

The other two beastkins roared and jumped at Regina.

Regina casually wielded the greatsword larger than her body.

The two beastkin attacked with a combination of magic, claws, and fangs.

Regina dodged all of them by a hair’s breadth, swinging the greatsword, she mangled them.

As I watched the scene from above, I muttered involuntarily.

「Regina is really strong.」

「Stronger than Xenovia? Kyuru」

「Maybe. She’s clearly become much stronger than one hundred years ago. She doesn’t seem to need my help.」

「…Kyuru. Will. What is that?」

「Which are you talking about?」

Looking in the direction Rubeum pointed, something ominous was squirming about.



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