122. Mysterious Demon


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122. Mysterious Demon

I enhanced my eyesight and gazed in that direction.

「…What’s that?」

「Perhaps a demon? Kyuru」

「Is it really a demon?」

「I don’t know.」

It hid close to the shadows, and erased its presence with magic.

Neither Xenovia nor Regina noticed either.

I myself didn’t realize it until Rubeum told me.

Rubeum, who has an excellent presence detection, might have noticed it because he was observing from the sky.

「Since I can’t get a clear grasp no matter how much I observe, does it mean it’s that kind of magic?」

「Maybe so. Kyuru」

「Come to think of it, Rubeum is also good at that kind of magic, right?」

「Yes, I’m good at it.」

When I first met Rubeum, my magic detection didn’t work.

「Interfering with magic detection is Rubeum’s ability. Kyuru」

「That’s not one of your friends, is it?」

「No, it’s not. I think that’s a bad guy.」

If Rubeum says so, it might be so.

My guess would be an intelligence gathering member of the Tenebris Cult.

If that’s the case, they’re probably also excellent at surprise attacks.

「Rubeum, circle around slowly.」

「All right.」

「Increase the circling radius little by little.」

「Kyuru. All right.」

Rubeum obediently followed my instructions.

Have the circling radius increase gradually and naturally.

By doing so, it is a strategy that does not let the other party realize that we are aware of their existence.

The more confident the other party is in their own concealment magic, they will not think we are aware of their presence.

That is exactly why surprise attacks are effective.

「Will. Are you going to launch a surprise attack?」

Rubeum seems to have read my intention.

「Aa. I don’t want them to bring back the information.」

「Ok. What about the altitude?」

「This is fine. Rubeum will continue to monitor from above and let me know if anything else is suspicious.」

「Ok. Kyuru」

Rubeum gradually increased the circling radius.

And when we reached above the suspicious presence, I invoked a magic spell.

Meteor Strike.

Scorching red meteor appeared in the immediate vicinity of Rubeum and began to fall at high speed.

The meteor was summoned at an accelerated state.

It was far above the speed of free fall right from the beginning.

A surprise attack is most effective against an opponent who employs surprise attacks.

A powerful attack which doesn’t even allow the opponent to think would be the best.

Immediately after the meteor began to fall, I clearly detected the presence of the other party.

In order to respond to the sudden situation, it was not possible for them to maintain the presence interception magic.

(So it was a demon, after all!)

Confirming the existence of the demon, I sped up my thought processing.

I immediately jumped from Rubeum’s back. Naturally, I’ve erased my presence.

I didn’t even have the time to talk to Rubeum.

Shiro, Fluffy, and Fay, had already gotten into my clothes in advance.

From the demon’s point of view, he shouldn’t be able to see me as I fell hiding behind the falling meteor.


The demon screamed towards the meteor.

A scream of bewilderment and shock at the sudden appearance of a huge scorching meteor.

The demon put up numerous magic barriers to defend.

The barrier deployment speed was considerably good. And the defense of the barrier is considerably high, too.

It was obvious that he was not any ordinary demon.

The demon tried not only to defend, but also to break the meteor by launching a strong magic attack.

At the same time, he tried to avoid it by running away with all his might.

His response was very quick and appropriate.

Not only does he have a high magic pool and is excellent at magic, but he is also quite familiar with combat.

(Don’t think I’m going to let you go!)

I activated Soil Hand.

The purpose is to grab the demon with the huge Soil Hand coming out from the ground.


Though the demon is an enemy, he was quite splendid.

I am sure he would have easily dodged Soil Hand in a normal scenario.

Not only that, but he could’ve found the source of the magic and unleashed a counter.

However, currently, the demon was desperately trying to escape the meteor falling from the sky.

Thus, it is not easy to deal with Soil Hand.

Though, it is only natural since I aimed at such a timing.

Still, the demon dodged the Soil Hand at the last second by breaking his posture.

(So you dodged that, but… since your posture is broken, you’re mine!)

I activated Soil Hand again, and this time I caught the demon’s foot.

And the meteor slammed directly onto the demon.


The meteor hit the ground and rolled up clouds of dust and soil greatly.

The shock wave mowed down the trees.

For a moment, I thought「Surely the shock waves would have reached Regina and Xenovia.」

But Regina and Xenovia would not have a problem with a shock wave of this magnitude.

At that moment,


A thunderous roar as loud as an explosion reached my ears.

It was the demon’s roar.

It seems that the demon was still alive even after receiving the full impact of a meteor.

Then, I ought to deal the finishing blow.

When the heavy clouds of dust caused by the impact of the meteor subsided, the appearance of a demon with magic barriers erected, became clear.

The demon was bloodied all over. His flesh seems to be torn, and bones seem to be broken.

Simply put, he was on the verge of death.

It seems that even a demon could not come out unharmed from the full force of a meteor and the accompanying shock wave.

However, if he is still alive, I can’t hold back.

I aimed an attack at the demon with the momentum of my free fall.



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