123. Demon vs Eight Year Old


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123. Demon vs Eight Year Old


The demon looked at me shocked.

He was probably trying to ask「Kisama, who are you?」

But I won’t let him finish those words.

With the momentum of the free fall, I aimed a magic blade right towards the demon.

I really want to cut him with my own sword, but it can’t be helped since it broke in the fight with Dolflare.


The demon re-worked the broken barriers and desperately tried to defend my magic blade.

But my magic blade can’t be stopped by that level of defence.


Three magic barriers broke in a row, and my magic blade was almost upon the demon.

The demon quickly twisted his body and tried to avoid a fatal wound.

「I won’t let you!」

I quickly changed the trajectory of the magic blade to catch a vital point.

However, the demon was faster than I had expected.

I was going to cut him right in half from the head, but my blade landed on his shoulder.

Still, I cut the demon in two from the right shoulder to the crotch.

The left half of his body and head still stood, as his right half collapsed to the ground.

However, this was not a fatal wound for a demon.

「Tch. I missed the killing blow.」

「Kisama… Who are you?」

I don’t answer the demon’s question.

「As usual, demons are as persistent as a cockroach.」

「Don’t underestimate me! Damn brat!」

A kind of black mist gushed out from the two cut surfaces of the demon’s body.

No, the cut surface itself has turned into mist.

The two lumps of mists moved like clouds, and mixed together into one.

It’s obvious that he’s trying to regenerate.

「Like hell I’m gonna let you!」

With the magic blade, I tried to cut at the lump of mist.

Magic blade is not a physical attack, but a magic attack, so it can cut mist.

However, a right hand suddenly appeared out of the mist, and gripped my magic blade.

「…To think you’ll catch my blade first.」

The demon seems to have regenerated only his right hand first, clad it with magic, and forcibly grabbed my magic blade.

His concentration of magic is extraordinary.

The level of his magic seems to be abnormal even among demons with high magic power; a special kind of demon.

「I’m not gonna just let you leave alive.」

When I said that,

「…….That’s my line.」

His head and left hand formed from the mist.

Currently, only his right hand, left hand, and head, which appeared from the mist, floated in mid-air. It was an eerie sight to say the least.

「Is that so… then don’t try to run away.」

I erased the magic blade that was grabbed, and cut him again with another magic blade at point blank range.

I can see both his hands. So I cut in a way where the demon won’t be able to catch it.

The demon began to deploy multiple magic barriers to prevent my magic blade.

Trying to defend simply confirms that my magic blade is effective against the mist.


The demon’s magic barriers prevented some of my magic blade slashes.

But most of my slashes cut the mist.


Every time my magic blade cuts the mist, the demon’s head groaned in pain.

It seems to be working after all.

As I tried to unleash more slashes, the demon’s right hand moved in a strange manner.

It disappeared for an instant, and appeared at a spot not possible for a living creature.

The right hand grew from the elbow of his left hand, and grabbed my right arm as I tried to slash.

「…I got you.」

The demon’s face distorted happily.

He seems to have made a gap in his magic barrier without hesitation of being cut.

And led me to a slash.

In other words, I seem to have fallen into his trap.

「Quite smart for a cockroach, aren’t you?」

「It’s just you who are stupid. Inferior creature.」

Then, the mist began to return to the shape of a demon.

The right hand which gripped my right arm also returned to its original position from the left elbow.

「I won’t let you!」

To interfere with the regeneration, I attacked the demon.

Because my right arm was still gripped, I shot magic bullets into the demon from my left hand.

「Did you think that level of attack will work on me?」

While taking direct hits from the magic bullets, he still had an eerie smile on his face.

However, there was still a reaction. Not a fatal wound, but there was damage.

In that case, just keep attacking.

When I was shooting magic bullets incessantly, magic began to gather in the demon’s right hand.

He was trying to burn off my right arm with strong magic.


I concentrate the attack on the demon’s right hand.

The attack on the right hand is something which needs to gather magic first.

In other words, the demon can’t activate it immediately. It’s magic which needs preparation.

It’s definitely going to be a very strong attack. It will be bad if I let him activate it.

I fired relentlessly at the demon’s right hand.

However, even with my relentless attack, the demon does not let go of my right hand.

「Like I said, your attacks won’t work!」

At the same time as he cried out, flames burst out of the demon’s mouth.

He was trying to burn my face from point blank range.

I put up a barrier to prevent the flames.

At the same time, the demon’s right hand shone brightly. The flames that came out of his mouth was a decoy.

By forcing me to defend the flames, he was planning to take my right hand, his real target.

「Grovel before me! Worm!」

At the same time as the demon cried out happily, his right hand exploded.



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