124. Demon vs Eight Year Old (2)

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124. Demon vs Eight Year Old (2)

The magic attack from the demon’s right arm should have blown off my right arm.

However, it was the demon’s right arm that exploded.

「What the…」

The demon muttered with a look of shock.

「Serves you right.」

I pretended to know what just happened.

Agitatedly, the demon jumped back and distanced himself.

However, I was also equally shocked.

I attacked the demon’s right hand, trying to free my right arm. And I failed.

I was already thinking about how to recover and reconstruct my right arm after it was blown off.

However, my right arm came out safely, and instead, it was the demon’s right arm that was blown off.

I looked at my right arm.

It was covered with an extremely thin membrane.

I didn’t even notice it at all.


Fluffy cried in a small voice.

(Thank you very much, you saved me.)

I also thanked it in a small voice so that the demon couldn’t hear us.

Fluffy prevented the demon’s magic attack with its own body.

Fluffy seems to have covered my body long before the demon gripped my arm.

Probably when we jumped off from Rubeum’s back.

Fluffy and I have a very good magic affinity. Our nature of magic is also very similar.

That’s why I didn’t feel anything out of place when it covered my whole body.

Still, I would have noticed it in a calmer scenario.

But I strengthened my body with magic, fell at super high speed, and a fierce fight immediately began with the demon. With all that happening, I couldn’t afford to pay attention to the slight differences in skin sensation.

So I didn’t realize that Fluffy was protecting me.

「…That’s impossible! What did you do?」

The demon shouted with a mixed expression of anger and shock on his face.

「Is there any point in telling someone who is gonna die?」

I acted triumphant as if everything went according to plan.

In truth, I don’t really understand it either.

Perhaps Fluffy had covered a wide area of my body. And the moment my right arm was about to be gripped, Fluffy focused on protecting my right arm.

From the fact that the demon’s right arm was blown off, it is certain that Fluffy was not only protecting me.

Previously, when we fought the beastkin, tail of Tenebris.

Fluffy covered the cut surface of the beastkin with its own body, absorbed the golden smoke that spewed out, and inhibited the beastkin’s regeneration.

The golden smoke that the beastkin spewed out of its wound for regeneration was a little similar to the demon’s mist.

Perhaps Fluffy melted the surface of the demon’s arm and absorbed the mist. While the demon was reconstructing his body, Fluffy was in contact with the demon’s right arm all the while. And, the skin and flesh of the demon were melted and absorbed, and eroded quite deeply. Which affected the magic circuit in his body. Therefore, the demon’s magic ran amok within his body, did not activate properly, and exploded in the demon’s arms.

It is something only Fluffy can do.

「…Don’t underestimate me, inferior creature. You’re the one who’s going to die!」

The demon screamed and attacked.

His exploded right arm gradually began to regenerate.

And his whole body was enveloped in black flames.

The black flame is a magic series of the Demon King “Beast of Calamity”.

I don’t want to touch it because it would inflict a curse.

So, I took distance from the demon to counterattack.

「I won’t let you escape!」

The demon fired consecutive black fireballs.

I jumped sideways to dodge the black fireballs and move around the demon in a circle.

The black fireballs hit the ground where I was standing, burning and melting the soil.

「How about this!?」

At the same time, the demon produced about thirty black fireballs and spread them to the surroundings.

And when the demon made strange gestures with his right hand, a circle of black flame about three meters high erupted from the ground.

The radius of the circle was about ten meters.

Me and the demon were caught inside the circle of black flames.

It’s something like a cage of black flames.

「You can’t run away anymore.」

Saying that, the demon smiled happily. What a nasty smile.

He probably set up the black flame cage while shooting the black fireballs.

「That’s my line.」

I closed the distance at once. Aiming a powerful kick at the demon’s temple with my right foot.

Right away, the demon caught my right leg with his left arm.

I smiled for a moment.

In a hurry, the demon let go of my right leg and took distance.

The scenario where his right arm was blown off by Fluffy probably crossed his mind.

And currently, the demon was clad in black flames all over.

Due to the kick, my leg touched the black flames.

You won’t get out safe after coming into contact with the curse inflicting black flames.

However, I was unaffected.

The reason for that is Fluffy was covering my whole body.

But, the demon does not know that. So, it is natural that he would be vigilant.

「It was a great opportunity to counterattack, wasn’t it? Was it okay to let go of my leg?」

「…Shut up!」

After giving the impression that he can’t easily grab my body, I continue unleashing blows.

Swing punches and shoot kicks.

I’m sure the demon wants to grab my body, but he can’t.

That’s why he tries to dodge skillfully with martial arts techniques.

The physical abilities of a demon is far superior to that of an eight year old.

However, I, who was trained by the gods, was superior in martial arts techniques.

My blows mixed with truth and falsehood, began to land on the demon accurately.

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