125. Demon vs Eight Year Old (3)

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125. Demon vs Eight Year Old (3)

When my blows first started landing, the demon was quite agitated.

However, his expression soon changed to that of confidence.

Perhaps because the power behind my blow wasn’t as strong as it looks.

There is a limit to the body of an eight year old regardless of how much the physical abilities were strengthened by magic.

「Brat! You will regret underestimating me!」

The demon shifted to offense, not caring to dodge my blow.

The demon’s black flame clad fist targeted my body.

I don’t dodge it and entrust the defence to Fluffy.

At the same time as the demon’s fist struck my body, my kick landed on his temple.

The demon’s black flame clad fist was stopped by my magic barrier and Fluffy’s body.

However, my kick didn’t stop at the temple. It cut through the temple of the demon.

From temple to eyeball to nose bridge to the other eyeball to opposite temple.

In order to land this blow, I threw punches and kicks without much force behind them.

First, I made him not want to grab me, and then made the demon think my blow wasn’t anything to be afraid of.

I made him drop his guard against my kick, and launched a magic blade from my leg

It was not a kick. Rather, a magic blade launched from my leg.

It cut and tore through the demon’s head..

「How surprising. You have a really big brain.」

「…… Ki, Kiki, Kisa…… Ma」

A demon is not a human. It’s a monster.

So it can talk and move without a brain.

Still, its articulation seems to be affected. Of course, the movements have now become dull, too.

In other words, this is a golden opportunity.

I swing my right hand to cut the demon’s body with a magic blade.

At that moment, the demon’s left hand moved at super-high speed and grabbed my right hand.

The loss of the brain has reduced the demon’s thinking ability.

Therefore, it might have grabbed my arm reflexively.

「Go… Got….. Y… you」

In a state where half of its head was gone from eyes and above, the demon muttered.

The mouth slowly distorted.

(Is he laughing?)

I sensed danger and tried to distance myself by jumping backwards.

For that reason, I hastily cut down the demon’s left arm.

But, because I didn’t expect to be grabbed in the first place, my reaction was delayed by a split second.


A strange sound echoed, and a golden flash was shot from the demon’s distorted mouth.

My delay in evading it was only a split second.

But that split second was too long.

Still, I dodged the first two shots at the last minute by breaking my posture and bending my body backwards greatly.

However, the third cannot be dodged.

I tried to put up a barrier to defend it, but it shattered easily.

I narrowly managed to avoid it from hitting my chest.

The golden flash penetrated my shoulder.


Intense pain ran.

Not only that, but I felt a dull pain as though my body was eroded by poison

The wound was not hot, but for some reason it was intensely cold.

It felt as though my body heat flowed out of the wound at a rapid rate.

Chills ran from the core of my body..

「Wo… Won…t ……forgive」

The demon moved quickly without the upper half of its head and left arm.

It was an abnormal speed.

It felt as though the demon was getting faster and faster after losing its brain. Is it because he’s moving without thinking?

The demon might be moving only by pure reflex.

My reaction was delayed because I was suffering from severe pain.

The demon rushed at the fallen me as though to stomp me.

「Do demons have a brain in spinal cord too?」

I endured the pain and profuse sweating, and erected a magic barrier with my right hand.

I stopped the demon’s rush at the last minute.

When I managed to stop the demon’s rush, he was straddling on top of me.

The demon’s face closed in on mine. Within the range of a breath.

And with his remaining hand, the right hand, he grabbed my neck.

I stretched the barrier to my neck and prevented him from choking me.

The demon didn’t care about the barrier and grabbed my neck firmly.

Fluffy, who covered my body, attacked the demon’s right hand.

Smoke came out from the palm of the demon’s right hand.

The demon’s right hand was melting due to Fluffy’s attack.

He should be in severe pain.

However, the demon does not move at all because there was no brain.

His flesh melted through to the bones, but the demon did not falter at all.

He kept pinning down my neck.

The current demon has no brain and eyes. But he knows that he’s got me.

The demon laughed with his mouth. His sharp fangs were clearly visible.

His drool dripped down on me.

「Tch, that’s nasty. Oi!」

I want to avoid the drool, but I can’t afford to.

The reason is that the demon’s mouth was opened wide again. The back of the mouth began to glow golden.

「Bloody hell!」

He’s going to shoot the golden flash again.

This time at point blank range. Moreover, my body is pinned down by the demon.

There is no way to avoid it.

If I can’t defend nor avoid, then I either have to attack and escape or deflect the attack.

I shot magic bullets into the demon and slashed it with a magic blade at the same time.


And the demon shot the golden flash from his mouth.


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