126. Demon vs Eight Year Old (4)

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126. Demon vs Eight Year Old (4)

Before the golden flash of light was shot, my attacks landed on the demon’s body.

The magic bullets shattered the demon’s barrier easily and gouged its body.

Whereas, the magic blade ripped apart the demon’s body. I also slashed the right arm pinning down my neck.

I tried to escape, but the demon readied the golden flash before I could run away.

I put up magic barriers continuously to reduce the damage caused by the golden flash by even a little.

I prepared myself for the barriers to be broken and didn’t expect to block the damage from the golden flash entirely.

When the demon shoots the golden flash, simply being alive is all I can hope for.

As long as I survive, I can kill the demon.


The demon shot the golden flash. A loud noise resounded.

I was resolved for death. But…….


I was alive.

Rather, not even a single one of the magic barriers that I put up were broken.

Three golden flashes were shot from the demon’s mouth.

Two shots created a large hole in the ground near me. And the last shot flew into the sky.

「Gi… Gigi…」

The demon was groaning in a way that didn’t make sense.

Looking closely, there was a big hole gaping in the demon’s chest.

Blood dripped down from the wound, and the cross section of the spine and internal organs can be seen.

Because the heart was blown off, blood does not pump out vigorously.

The demon was no longer able to utter meaningful words.

With the spinal cord destroyed, he probably it even lost the slightest thinking ability that was remaining.

At the same time as losing his thinking ability, he also received an attack which made a hole that big in his chest

Naturally, his aim would be off. That’s why the flash didn’t hit me.

But still,

「A hole?」

It was certainly not due to my magic bullet.

And right then,


Shiro, who was hiding in my clothes, sticks out his head. For some reason, he didn’t look very lively. His body size was as usual. However, the horns were slightly bigger.

The tip of the horns shone strongly,


From the end of Shiro’s horns, three white magic bullets were shot quietly in succession.

The magic bullets flew slowly.

It’s slower than a fly, and was similar to a mosquito’s flying speed.

However, for the demon who has lost eyes, brain, hands, and spine, there was no avoiding it

The white magic bullets hit the demon’s body and there seemed to be no shock at all.

As if it had hit nothing, Shiro’s magic bullet proceeded as is. It was sucked into the demon’s body slowly and surely.

When Shiro’s magic bullet came out from the demon’s back, there was a perfect circle of a hole gaping wide open.

「…That’s a lot of power.」


Shiro had a triumphant-look. However, he was exhausted.

Shiro’s white magic bullets seem to consume a lot of magic.

His complexion hasn’t changed, but Shiro’s magic was running out.

For some reason, I understood it without a doubt. Perhaps because we are both fellow Apostles.

It was Shiro who made the large hole in the demon’s chest and prevented the golden flash from hitting me.

Shiro’s magic bullets flew as slow as ever.

However, the demon did not notice Shiro. No, he might have noticed, but didn’t care.

And before the golden flash was shot, the distance between me and the demon was extremely short.

Even if the demon were to care about Shiro, he would not have been able to avoid it without a brain.

The demon was defeated thanks to Shiro. Or so I thought, but the demon began to transform again.

The lower body remained intact, but the upper body melted.

The arms and the top part of the skull which was slashed away, began to melt on the ground.

If left alone, they will rejoin and regenerate.

「Is this guy immortal?」

I muttered without thinking, but there is no such thing as an immortal living creature.

It is debatable whether a demon is a living creature.

But even the Beast of Calamity, which is a fallen god, can be killed.

There is no way that a mere demon is immortal.


Shiro shot a magic bullet at the demon.

However, because of exhaustion, he only managed one small magic bullet.

The magic bullet flew slowly and hit the melted upper body.

It hit without sound, and shaved a clean circle onto the demon’s body.

It seems to be doing definitive damage.

However, because of its small size, the damage itself is not significant.

Besides, I can’t force Shiro any more.

「Shiro, you saved me. Leave the rest to me and rest.」


The power of Shiro’s magic bullets was now higher than when we fought the beastkin.

Both Fluffy and Shiro seem to have grown stronger.

I can’t afford to lose either.

「You demons are really troublesome.」

I thrusted my arm into the melted upper body of the demon.

Of course, my hand was clad with magic.

When I cleaned the toilet with my bare hands, I clad it with magic so as not to touch the filth.

The same thing applied here.

「…To think the experience of cleaning a toilet can be useful at a time like this.」

You never know what will be useful and when.

「Well then, let’s start cleaning this filth.」

I fired lightning from the hand thrusted into the demon’s upper body.


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