127. Demon vs Eight Year Old (5)

Translator: Saitama-sensei Editor:Ryunakama

127. Demon vs Eight Year Old (5)


What I fired was a lightning strike.

A lightning strike of the same power as a flash of lightning from the sky. A thunderous roar rang out.

At the same time, the radial lightning strike ran through the demon’s upper body.

The lightning then flowed to the melted pool which used to be the demon’s skull and arm.

Then, it ran towards the black flame.

Me and the demon were surrounded by a circle of black flame with a radius of ten meters.

The black flame is a magic series of the Beast of Calamity.

The demon called this black flame a “cage”.

「…I see now.」

While I was doing that, the upper body of the demon returned to its original shape with every passing moment.

My arm was still inside him.

The demon laughed as his mouth regenerated.

「…I got you.」

「You don’t understand, do you? I’m the one who’s got you.」

「What the hell do you mea–」

The moment the demon tried to say something, I struck his body with lightning again.

It flowed through the demon’s body and was discharged to the surroundings.

「That kind of lighting doesn’t work on me!」

The demon screamed happily and opened his mouth.

He’s probably trying to shoot a golden flash from his mouth again.

However, the demon hardened with his mouth wide open.

「What’s up… You can’t shoot that flash no more?」

「…W-What did you do?」

「Take a good look around.」


The demon looked up, and his eyes widened in shock.

The black flame that surrounded us was gone.

「Did you think it was just some normal lightning? It’s a lightning made of magic!」

It seems that the demon finally understood what that meant.

「Ki, Kichama…」

「Oh, it seems your words are beginning to slur again.」

Even when Fluffy blew his arm off, the demon regenerated immediately.

Even when Shiro’s white magic bullets landed, there was not any significant damage despite his body being gouged out by the bullets.

In other words, the core of the demon is likely to be outside the body.

「It is lightning made from magic. Which makes it easy to find the flow of magic.」

Ordinary lightning flows easily through metal.

But what I released was a magic ray; lightning which can easily flow along the flow of magic.

I fired the lightning from within the demon’s body.

As a result, lightning flowed along the body and that which was connected to the body by magic.

「The lightning was not to deal damage. It was to find your core.」

The lightning struck the remains of the arm and skull on the ground, which were connected to the demon’s body by magic.

And the lighting even flowed along the black flames.

In other words, the black flame did not continue to burn because it was activated, but because the demon kept supplying it with magic.

Even when his body melted, the “cage” was maintained by supplying magic to it.

There is no point in maintaining a “cage” in that state.

In the first place, the black flame is not really a “cage” for neither me nor the demon.

All I have to do is use magic to jump over the encirclement.

In other words, “cage” is a deception.

The black flame that surrounded me held another meaning.

Thus, I came to the conclusion that the core was hidden in the black flame.

After that, I searched his flow of magic with lightning, especially the parts where there was a dense concentration of magic, found the core, and destroyed it with a magic lance.

Because of the lightning overflowing in his body, the demon never noticed the magic lance.

「It wasn’t that the magic was flowing from the body to the black flame, but the magic was flowing from the core to the body.」


He was probably trying to say「won’t forgive」,but couldn’t articulate well.

It’s because the demon’s body was breaking down.

「I… I w-w-on-t -b-be d-des-tr-o-yed…」

「Just die quietly.」

I crushed the demon’s body with a magic bullet.

His core has already been destroyed.

Therefore, the demon’s body collapsed easily. There were no signs of regeneration.

This time, he seems to be defeated for good.

「Let’s inspect the core just in case.」

I stood up and headed towards the core.

As I walked there, I cast healing magic on my burnt arm due to the golden flash.

Can’t forget to dispel the curse either.

Just in case, I cast healing magic and curse dispelling magic on both Shiro and Fluffy.

Shiro was sleeping in my clothes with only his head sticking out of my clothes.

He showed no signs of waking up even after casting magic.

He was sleeping comfortably after exhausting himself.

I patted Shiro’s head.

「Thank you very much. Fluffy, thank you, too.」


Fluffy, who covered my whole body, went back to its normal form and went into my clothes.

I patted Fluffy as well.

By the way, Fay, the divine spirit of the Human God, had been sleeping all the while.

「Thank you, Fay.」

Fay wasn’t simply sleeping.

She was replenishing my magic.

My exterior tank of magic so to speak.

She is an extremely important existence for my eight-year old young body.

After tending a little to the god-beasts and the divine spirit, I headed to the core of the demon.

「…Is this it?」

The core was about the size of a human’s head and had a clean hole in it.

The hole was left by my magic lance.

It had cracks running, but not by that much.

「It’s still in good condition.」

It will make it easier to investigate.

The center of the core contained a large, dense magic stone.

This magic stone can be said to be of especially high quality even among demons.

In other words, he was one of the most powerful demons even among demons.

「The area around the magic stone is covered with flesh… and embedded with a number of other magic stones.」

Perhaps the flesh that covered the magic stone was originally from the demon’s body.

I can’t tell for sure without looking into it, but I think that’s a possibility.

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