128. Post-Battle Processing

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128. Post-Battle Processing

I think for a little, while looking at the demon’s core.

「Human becomes a demon, and demon becomes a beastkin.」

And this magic stone of the demon is covered in flesh.

Perhaps Tenebris Cult is researching body reconstruction magic.

No, I’m not sure whether the word “reconstruction” is appropriate.

「Alteration… transformation… No, it’s “evolution”.」

Humans wouldn’t consider becoming a demon as “evolution”.

But within the Tenebris Cult at least, they must think of it as “evolution”.

In addition, as a result of “evolution” from human to demon, and from demon to beastkin, combat power increases dramatically.

「This demon was also considerably stronger because he took out the core, his vital point, from his body.」

A large number of other magic stones embedded around the core probably serves the purpose of a magic tank, like a reservoir.

In which case, you can boost your magic amount in proportion to the number of magic stones.

It will also be possible to fight battles in succession by replacing the magic stones when you get a chance.

And above all, having the vital point away from the heart of the battle is a tremendous advantage.

If the core was still in the body, the fight would have been settled with Shiro’s magic bullet.

「It would be better to assume that they are researching the augmentation of combat power.」

Right now, the Salvation Organization holds the high ground in the battle between the two sides.

However, if there was a breakthrough in the Cult’s research, who knows what will happen.

I put the core in the magic bag, and returned to the broken down body of the demon.

「Let’s put the demon’s body in this magic bag, too.」

I’ll investigate it with Milt later.

After settling that, I looked at Rubeum, who was still in the sky.

Rubeum continued to circle in the sky.

I waved over to Rubeum to pick me up.


However, Rubeum continued to circle around.

There’s no way Rubeum didn’t notice me.

In other words, something else might have happened.

As I observed carefully, Rubeum began to shoot magic bullets from his mouth.

Five shots in all. And he doesn’t seem to be shooting at random.

「…Something did happen.」

I hurriedly searched the surroundings with magic detection. Carefully examined where Rubeum’s magic bullets landed.

「So there are still some enemies in hiding.」

I ran to the nearest enemy right away.

And soon, I saw an enemy hiding his magic and presence with concealment magic.


He noticed me approaching and stiffened.

For a moment, I thought it was a human being, but it was not human. It had slight characterizations of a demon.

Something like a half-demon.

Most likely a human implanted with demon cells.

I cut the enemy’s neck with a magic blade by closing the distance instantly.

His concealment magic was high level, but obviously just a small fry.

It’s probably the intelligence unit of the Tenebris cult.

If it’s the intelligence unit, I absolutely have to defeat everyone quickly.

The reason is that I can’t afford to let them bring back even the smallest information.

I really want to investigate the corpse, but that can wait.

I turned to the next one without stopping.

Rubeum continued to shoot magic bullets from the sky.

Thanks to that, I easily understood the enemy’s location and which way he was running.

The half-demon’s escape itself doesn’t seem to be that fast.

To be precise, it was faster than an ordinary human, but slower than an average demon.

In other words, it was a whole lot slower than me, who’s strengthened by magic.

I caught up to the second one immediately, and finished him in one blow.

Soon after I had finished him, Xenovia came.

「That was a really fast, good movement.」

There should be no enemies left around, but Xenovia spoke in the tone of president.

「President. Are the beastkins defeated?」

「Regina is taking care of them. She should have taken them all down by now.」

「As expected of Regina-sama.」

Regina seems to have overpowered three beastkins.

So Xenovia left it to Regina, and rushed towards me it seems.

Xenovia realized that I was fighting someone because of the intense magic exchange between me and the demon.

While Xenovia was heading towards me, Rubeum’s magic bullets rained down.

Therefore, she sensed that the situation had changed.

So she proceeded to move to annihilate the intelligence unit.

It seems that Xenovia defeated three while I was defeating two of the half-demons.

「Will. Rubeum is smart. Thanks to the magic bullets, I could grasp the situation very easily.」

「Honestly. It was super helpful.」

I looked over to the sky.

Rubeum was still circling.

There was probably no more enemy nearby because he did not shoot anymore magic bullets.

「Rubeum himself is good at concealment, so maybe he’s good at seeing through them.」

「That’s reassuring.」

Then, Xenovia and I split up and recovered the corpses of the half-demons.

When that was over, we headed over to Regina.

If there was any sudden change on Regina’s side, Rubeum, observing from the sky, would let us know.

So there was no particular need to hurry.

However, it would be bad to make Regina wait.

Thus, we rushed towards her.

The closer we got to Regina, the more the landscape changed.

Trees were uprooted and there were several craters on the ground.

A huge amount of trees were smouldering

And further ahead, was the figure of Regina.

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