129. Contact

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129. Contact

Regina was sitting on a three-meter tall rock.

Her greatsword resting on her shoulder.

「Xenovia. Master. You’re late!」

「I think it’s Regina who is too fast.」

「You’re making me blush, Master!」

Regina hid her cheek with the other hand which was not holding the sword.

I checked the surroundings again.

There were three piles of ashes. Most likely the carcasses of the beastkins.

The rock Regina was sitting on was probably summoned by the magic of the beastkins.

It must have used something similar to Meteor Strike.

There were many large rocks lying around. Some of them were cut with a sword; the clean cut surfaces were visible.

After that, we moved with the post-processing of the corpses.

I healed Xenovia and Regina’s wounds with healing magic.

Both of them only sustained surface wounds, and no major wounds.

After finishing that, I called down Rubeum.

Soon Rubeum descended to the ground.

「Rubeum. You were very helpful, thank you.」

「Kyuru kyuru.」

When I patted his head, Rubeum cried out pleasantly.

「Even so, you did well in noticing the intelligence unit.」

「Kyuru. I noticed as I was circling over the sky and observed the ground.」

Rubeum seems to be good at discovering concealment magic, after all.

It seems that he noticed it as soon as I started fighting the demon.

However, because the fight was intense, he simply kept an eye on them because I couldn’t afford to deal with it at that time.

And after I defeated the demon, the people in hiding began to move.

Rubeum couldn’t let them escape, so he decided to attack and let us know where they were.

「It would have been too hard to come down and explain verbally. Kyuru」

「Certainly. That was a good move.」

When time is of the essence, it’s difficult to explain the location verbally.

Even more so, when they have begun to move.

They were moving from the position of 50 meters to the south-southwest to the southeast direction.

And he has to explain each of the five’s individual locations.

By the time he finished explaining, the enemy would’ve probably escaped.

When Xenovia heard Rubeum’s explanation, she patted him.

「It was a good decision, Rubeum.」


Rubeum happily shook his tail.

Regina also says while patting Rubeum’s body.

「You really helped me as well. Rubeum was really fast.」

「If it weren’t for Rubeum, we would have been much later in our arrival.」

When I said that, Regina also nodded in agreement.

「Dion hasn’t arrived yet, after all.」

I explained to Xenovia that Dion was riding on Dura.

I also reported on Arti, Xenovia’s disciple.

「Is that so? The battle was tough, so it was helpful.」Xenovia said.

Xenovia’s hand which was patting Rubeum became gentler.

She seems to be showing appreciation for Rubeum.

「Speaking of, where is Dion right now? What do you think, Master?」

Regina asked me, and I thought about it.

「…Let’s see. Dura is pretty fast, too.」

「It’s as you say, Master! I think he should have arrived soon, but…」

However, it is possible that Dura was forcing himself to accelerate.

It wouldn’t be strange if he ran out of stamina mid-way and that affected their arrival.

「There’s no use thinking about it. Let’s ask Dion.」

Regina tried to call from the Transceiver Ring.

Before she called, a voice came from the other side of the line.

『Can you hear me? If you’re occupied, you don’t have to answer.』

「Dion, what is it? We’re done over here.」

『Is that so? That is a very good news.』

「Where are you now?」

『Near the Royal Capital. Because there was a separate unit, I am intercepting them.』

「I’ll be right there.」

『You don’t really have to hurry. I will be able to finish this on my own.』

「…I see.」

『This call is to report that I won’t be able to come as your back up.』

「Okay, but we’ll also head over there.」

We were silently listening to the conversation between Dion and Regina.

In the case of one-to-many reports, it is often smoother to have one person talk.

『Then, I will also head straight to the Royal Capital』 Milt said.

「That would be best, Milt.」

Milt was riding a regular wyvern, so it will still take a long time for him to arrive.

He will arrive much later after we get to the Royal Capital.

「Dion, be careful.」

Dion will be careful even if I don’t say it, but I say it just in case.

『Yes. Thank you.』

Dion thanked me and the call ended.

I hurried up and got on Rubeum’s back.

Regina also climbed behind me as though it was a given.

「I think I should be the one to go, Regina.」

「You should be tired right, Xenovia? There’s no time to argue about it! Let’s hurry, Master.」

「All right. Rubeum」

「Kyuru.」 Rubeum cried, and ascended.

「I will be there soon too!」

Xenovia shouted.

「Aa, be careful!」

When I shouted back, Rubeum accelerated.

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