13 – The Tenebris Cult


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After parting with Will, Arti headed towards the far end of the Academy of Heroes’ main building.
Her walking pace was considerably quicker than when she was with Will.
Will is still young, that’s why Arti kept a slow pace for him to keep up.
Arti stopped before the front door at the far end of the main building. The door automatically opened.
The person inside was already aware of Arti’s arrival.
Arti entered, walked forward ten steps and stood firm.
「Master, I have returned」
「Well done. So, how was Will Wolms?」
「His behaviour does not seem like that of an eight year old. His intelligence and courage is
also high」
「I see. Hmmm…, so it’s true…」
Arti’s master, the Sword Saint Xenovia Edel Barling, stood up from her chair with a serious look.
Xenovia was Edelfuss’ disciple in Will’s past life, who is also now a member of the Council of Sages.

Xenovia slowly started to walk around the room. It’s a force of habit while she is thinking.
Xenovia is a long-lived elf even among the human race. Though she is one hundred twenty years old, she looks like she hasn’t aged a day.
She looks like a beautiful maiden just like she did a hundred years ago.

Arti spoke out to Xenovia who was thinking silently.

「However, the only guardian deity of Will Wolms is the Human God」
「…Is what you’re saying true?」

Xenovia was surprised by this fact and stopped walking. She opened her eyes and looked up to the sky.

「So, he isn’t the one?」
「The one?」
「… No, nothing. It is a personal matter」

Xenovia started thinking and walked around again.
Arti silently watched her master roam around the room.

「… Arti, did anything strange happen?」

Arti pondered for a while.
What was her master actually asking about?
Arti seriously considered if there was a deeper meaning to her master’s question.
Xenovia sighed while looking at Arti.

「I am not trying to test you right now, Arti」
「I just want to know if there was anything strange when you were with him, no matter how small it might have been」
「…there was an instance where I was asked if there were any cases of consciousness being blown to someplace else while using the love measuring device」

Xenovia stiffened for a moment.
「…… Oh? Hmm? I wonder what that means…」
Arti waited silently.
Because she judged that it was her master’s self-question.

「I will have to check it with Milt」

Milt the small sage, Milt Edel Valiras is the beloved child of the Genie.
A direct disciple of Edelfuss, also one of the members of Council of Sages, and is the creator of the love measuring device.

「Shall I act as a messenger to Sage Milt?」,asked Arti.
「There is no need for that」

After a while, Xenovia smiled at Arti.
Arti concluded that her master must have come up with an idea.

「Arti, what was your impression of Will Wolms?」
The question has changed from “How was Will Wolms?” to “What did you think of Will Wolms?”
In other words, a subjective opinion was required.

Her master was seeking for her subjective impression.
So, Arti chose her next words carefully.
She always tended to search for the true meaning in her master’s words.

「…He was very…, Will Wolms was a very kind person」
「Hmm? Anything else?」

Xenovia stopped in front of Arti, with interest blooming on her face.
「He is a hardworking, full of love for his sister, calm, intelligent and honest person」
「Well, well. Arti seems to have a good impression on Will」
「… perhaps so」

Xenovia started walking again, around Arti this time.

「Arti, his guardian deity is only the Human God but…」
「What do you think of Will’s talent?」
「I think it is natural to think he has no special talent since his guardian deity is only the Human God」
「Yes, but what do you feel about Will’s talent?」

Again, the question changed from “what you think?” to “what you feel?”.
So, a more subjective opinion was sought.
Understanding that, Arti calmly tried to judge Will’s qualities without taking his guardian deity into consideration.

Though Arti is an apprentice, she is still a member of the Salvation Organization.
And her talents were recognised by the sword saint and became a direct disciple of the sword saint.
In general terms, she is already a first-rate warrior.
Naturally she would have the eyes to evaluate talents.

「…he holds extraordinary talent」
「Hou?」 Xenovia exclaimed astonished.
「I have never seen so much talent in my life」

Arti had observed Will while they were walking together.
The way he walks, the posture of his body, the suppressing of his magic power, none of them resembles that of an ordinary eight year old boy.

Even within the Salvation Organization, there is none as talented as Will.
His talent is possibly on par with the members of the Council of Sages.
Arti had thought so.

She was secretly astonished when she found out Will’s only guardian deity was the Human God.
「I see. Then Arti, continue to follow Will」

After giving instructions to Arti, Xenovia pulled out a practice sword and began swinging it.
Arti watched Xenovia’s movements.
The sword saint had wonderful form as usual. One can learn new things just from watching her.

Xenovia noticed Arti watching her, and asked without stopping her swings.

「Arti, do you have any questions?」
「Master, why did you tell me to go fetch Will Wolms?」
「Hm? Haven’t I explained already? Because we anticipated there to be obstruction」

Arti was not convinced by that answer.
Although she is still an apprentice, there is no reason for a member of the Salvation Organization to go directly there.
So Arti silently looked at Master Xenovia.

「…you are not convinced, I see」
「I apologize」
「No, it’s alright. That kind of thought process is important too」
「Thank you」

And after a while, Arti asked her master.

「Is it related to the Beast of Calamity, Tenebris?」
「Well, can’t fault you for thinking so」

Xenovia said so and smiled.
The Demon King, Beast of Calamity, goes by many different names. One of them is Tenebris.

「What else are you thinking about, Arti?」

Xenovia would like to know what kind of thoughts her disciple was having.
Arti concluded as such.

「When you meant obstruction, did you actually mean the Tenebris Cult?」
The Tenebris Cult is a secret cult that fanatically believes in the Beast of Calamity.
Although not publicly known, the Salvation Organization was originally created to oppose the Tenebris Cult.
The truth is it was not created to fight against the Beast of Calamity.

The Council of Sages, that is, the disciples of Edelfuss, thought that their master had completely destroyed the Beast of Calamity.

So it was impossible to create an organization to fight against the Beast of Calamity.
In the process of fighting with the Tenebris Cult, they had learned that the Beast of Calamity was not completely destroyed.
Currently, the work of the Salvation Organization is to fight the Tenebris Cult and prepare countermeasures against the Beast of Calamity.

Arti holds the lowest seat in the Salvation Organization.
And she was ordered by a member of the Council of Sages, Xenovia.
So it is natural to think that Will’s protection is related to the Tenebris Cult.

「Arti thinks that Will Wolms’ mission is related to Tenebris?」
「Hmm, let’s see…」

Xenovia stopped swinging her sword and started thinking. Then she walked towards Arti.

「Well, good job」
Xenovia gently smiled and patted Arti’s head.

「I have a reason I can’t tell for now. I will tell you when I can」
「You can leave now」

And so, Arti bowed and exited the room.



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