130. Royal Capital

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130. Royal Capital

Xenovia should have come here on her wyvern, too.

But we didn’t know where Xenovia’s wyvern was.

If Regina remained back, it would have taken her some time to find the wyvern.

Therefore, this assignment of members is inevitable.

However, Xenovia is the president of the academy.

So, I understand Xenovia’s desire of wanting to rush to the Royal Capital – the academy – first.

「We left behind Xenovia, so we have to protect the Royal Capital and the academy in her stead, by all means.」

「That’s right, Master.」

Regina also had a serious expression.

I gently stroked Rubeum’s neck.

「Rubeum, are you all right? Aren’t you tired?」

「Kyuru. No problem!」

Rubeum replied encouragingly.

But Rubeum flew at full speed to deliver us to the Devil’s Forest.

After that, there was almost no time to rest.

During my battle, he was using magic to survey the surroundings while circling in the sky.

And when the enemy started to escape, he shot off magic bullets.

There’s no way he wasn’t tired.

「I’d like to tell you not to force yourself, but… Sorry. We need to get there as soon as possible.」

「It’s okay. I am not forcing myself! Kyurururu」

I stroked Rubeum’s neck again.

I’ll let him sleep as much as he wants later.

Then I looked at Shiro, Fluffy, and Fay who were in my clothes.

「Su, su.」

Fay was sleeping very comfortably.

「……mee…Puyu Puyu」

Shiro was also sleeping well. While talking in his sleep, he chewed on Fluffy’s body.

I want to let both Fay and Shiro rest for a while.

It would be better not to count them into the fight.


Fluffy, who was being chewed on by Shiro, was awake.

However, Fluffy seemed to be tired, too. It would be better not to expect him to play an active part like in the battle with the demon.

「You can sleep, Fluffy.」


I gently stroked Fay, Shiro, and Fluffy from the top of my clothes.

And I looked at Regina.

「Regina. Are you okay?」

「I’m fine. I can still take on another five beastkin on my own!」

「That’s amazing.」

Regina doesn’t seem to be exaggerating.

That is really amazing.

「Rather than me, aren’t you more tired, Master?」

「Well, I am tired. I took down one of the demons who were hiding.」

I haven’t reported in detail to everyone about the demon I fought.

I didn’t have time, and I thought of explaining it after getting back to the academy.

「Is that so? To defeat a demon at the age of eight, as expected of Master.」

Regina hugged me from behind, saying that.

「Master can rest. I’ll kill all the enemies! And Dion will also be there.」

「That’s reassuring.」


It takes five hours to walk from the Devil’s Forest to the academy. Even the excellent wyverns of the academy will take twenty minutes.

However, Rubeum reached the Royal Capital in less than 10 minutes.

「That’s amazing, Ruu. You’re really fast!」

Regina slapped Rubeum’s head while saying that.

「Kyuru. Ruu is very fast.」

Rubeum seems to have taken a liking to the nickname of “Ruu” given by Regina.

And I observed the situation on the ground.

「There is no sign of combat going on, but…」

「Did Dion defeat all of them already?」

「…No, probably not.」

If the enemies were small fry, Regina’s prediction is also plausible.

However, Dion would not have called if it was just a simple small fry.

There are also a lot of excellent members of the Salvation Organization in the academy, after all.

「Kyuru. I found Dion. We’ll go there.」

Rubeum found Dion before me and Regina. He seems to have good eyes, after all.

His ability to sense presences might be a cut above the rest.

「Aa, Rubeum… I can see him, too.」

「Oh, it’s true. Dion is there.」

Since Rubeum told us the direction, me and Regina were able to find Dion right away.

「It seems to be over. How unfortunate.」Regina said.

「No, that is obviously a better outcome.」

「Well, I guess there is that too.」

We arrived near Dion while having that exchange.

Dion was further south of the academy.

It was a meadow surrounded by a forest, which was about a 15-minute walk away.

It was quite far from the highway.

Dion probably lured them away so as to not involve passers-by.

Rubeum gracefully landed in the immediate vicinity of Dion.

「That was fast. As expected of Rubeum.」


「Thank you for your work, Holy Monarch.」

Dura, who was near Dion, bowed his head towards Rubeum.


Rubeum cried, and kindly patted Dura’s head.

「It’s more than I deserve…」

Dura expressed his thanks.

Regina and I got off of Rubeum quickly and observed the surroundings.

Three demon corpses and one carcass of beastkin lay around.

Visual confirmation of the enemy is insufficient. So, I search the surroundings with magic. There seems to be no enemy left.

However, you never know who might be watching from where. So I hid my mouth and prevented lip reading.

「Did you defeat them all, Dion?」

「No, no. I defeated them with Dura.」

「No, no. Dion defeated them all.」

「That’s not true. You were very helpful.」

「No, no.」

Dion and Dura complimented each other in a circle.

Perhaps, Dion fought at the front and Dura helped from the back.

「Excellent. Kyuru.」

「I-I am undeserving of such words.」

While the dragons were doing that, I examined the demons and the beastkin.

「These guys are quite strong. Dion is amazing.」

「No, no. I was just lucky.」

Perhaps Regina and Dion are about equally strong.

But it’s not like I can just ask「Which one of you is stronger?」

Because that would ignite a competition between them, and that would be troublesome.

I contacted Xenovia and Milt to let them know that it’s all right now.

Xenovia seems to have gone to pick up Arti and the rest, just in case.

If that’s the case, I feel relieved.

「For the time being, we pulled through the attack. Does this happen often?」

「No, Master. We’ve never had anything as large-scale as this before.」

「I see.」

We will have to gather information then.

Which is to say, it’s no use thinking about it until we have sufficient information.

For now, we should just be happy that we pulled through this large-scale attack.

Perhaps the Tenebris Cult put a lot of effort into this attack.

Since we prevented it completely, the Cult will not be able to make any moves for a while.

「We’ll think about it after returning to the academy. Let’s clean up here and go home.」

「Yes, it’s as you say, Master!」

「I agree.」

Then, me, Dion and Regina, split up and processed the corpses.

After finishing up, all of us returned to the academy.

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