131. Discussion in the President’s Office

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131. Discussion in the President’s Office

After overcoming the Cult’s major assault, I, Dion, and Regina, returned to the academy after finishing clean up.

I, Regina and the godbeasts got on Rubeum’s back, while Dion rode on Dura.

Immediately after arriving at the academy, Dion gave out orders to build a house for Dura.

Then, he took Dura to where the Wyverns lived.

「Dura-san. I am sorry, but please stay here for a while…」

「It is alright.」

「I think the house will be completed within a few days at the latest, so please wait.」

Dura was to temporarily stay with the wyverns until the house was completed.

The wyverns seemed nervous and uncomfortable with Dura’s appearance, who was much bigger than themselves.

Despite that, the wyverns did not cry out nor rampage. As expected of the academy wyverns.

Looking at the wyverns acting restless, Dion carefully introduced Dura. Still, the wyverns were restless.

Thereupon, Dura started licking the faces of the wyverns.



Licking the face is an expression of recognizing a friend among intelligent dragons.

It was probably transmitted to the wyvern on an instinctual level that Dura recognized them as a friend.

Immediately, the wyverns quieted down.

Dura and the wyverns became friends, so we headed to the president’s office without worry.

We waited for a good while in the president’s office, but Xenovia still hadn’t returned.

Xenovia went to pick up Arti, Tina, and Rosetta, so it’s obvious.

So I didn’t worry much and tried to sit down comfortably on the couch.

When I tried to sit down, Regina held me from behind, as though it was a given.

Regina was short and small, so she wants to pet someone smaller than herself, I suppose.

「You are so cute, Master.」 Regina said while stroking my head.

「That is rude.」 Dion said.

By the way, Shiro was on Dion’s head. Whereas, Fluffy was on my lap.

「Don’t worry. I’m just a child right now.」

「If you say so, Master.」

「HmmHmm.」 Regina stroked my head in a good mood.

I was feeling tired, so I started dozing off.

I am an eight-year-old still, after all. It was only natural I was exhausted so quickly.

Dion was saying something, but I left it up to him for the time being.

How long has it been?

When I woke up, I was still held by Regina.

「Xenovia is taking a long time. I wonder if something happened? What do you think, Master?」 Regina asked.

「How long has it been?」

「About two hours.」

That much time has passed while I slept?

I seemed to have completely slept off. It’s understandable since I’m a child.

However, thanks to the sleep, I was feeling completely refreshed.

As expected of a child’s body, recovery is fast.

「…Xenovia is supposed to bring back Arti and the rest, right?」

「That’s right, but…」

「Then I wouldn’t call it late just yet.」

From the place where we and Arti were separated, it takes about 5 hours to fly on a wyvern.

Arti is heading here from there. And Xenovia is supposed to pick them up from there.

It will take at least 2 hours for Xenovia to meet up with the girls.

Moreover, Xenovia’s wyvern flew a lot, so it would be tired.

Considering a wyvern’s physical strength, Xenovia can’t fly at full speed for the whole journey.

Of course, it will take some time.

And Xenovia can also contact her disciple, Arti, through the transceiver ring. So it might not take too much time to meet up. Naturally, she can also contact us immediately if anything happens.

So I was not particularly worried.


「I wonder if they were able to meet up…」 Regina murmured worriedly.

「Let’s contact her just in case.」 Dion said, and activated his transceiver ring.

「Xenovia. How are things on your side?」

『I am fine. I am on the way back with the girls.』

「I see. We’ve already reached the academy. You don’t have to hurry.」

『In that case… Is it okay to arrive tomorrow?』

「No problem. Is there any trouble?」

『No trouble, but my wyvern is tired…』

Xenovia’s wyvern has been flying non-stop, so it’s no surprise that it would be tired.

「Then you can just arrive tomorrow. I will take care of things over here.」

『Sorry, Dion. By the way, where is master?』

Xenovia said “master”, which meant Rosetta and Tina were not nearby. So I spoke without restraint.

「I’m here. Be careful, Xenovia.」

『Yes. Apologies for making you wait.』

We exchanged brief words and cut the call.

Approximately five minutes later, Milt came into the president’s office.


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