132. Discussion in the President’s Office (2)

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132. Discussion in the President’s Office (2)

When the Tenebris Cult launched their attack, Milt was off on his own away from the academy. Perhaps he had an important job to take care of.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Master.」Milt said, as he walked into the room, and sat across from me.

Then Dion quickly served tea and sweets to Milt. He seems to have prepared them in anticipation of Milt’s return. Dion is ever so kind.

By the way, Shiro, who was atop Dion’s head, was absentmindedly chewing on his sweets.

Milt doesn’t seem to be surprised by Shiro atop Dion’s head nor Dion’s actions.

「Thank you, Dion.」

「I kept it lukewarm, so you can drink it right away.」

「Oh, thank you very much. I was actually thirsty.」

Milt gulped down the tea all at once.

It seems that he was really thirsty. He probably rushed back here in a hurry.

Milt’s body was the most aged among my disciples.

If he rushed here, no wonder he’d be tired.

「Thank you for your hard work. So, where were you, Milt?」

「I went to deal with demons that appeared suddenly, Master.」

「Is that so?」

Apparently, the enemy’s attack was on a larger scale than I had expected.

Dion and Regina also seemed to be interested, and asked Milt about the size of the enemy. Simultaneously, they gave him the information about the enemy they faced.

My disciples arranged the magic stones obtained from the demons on the desk while exchanging information about them. I carefully listened to them.

「I also want to hear from Xenovia.」Dion said, as the information exchange came to an end.

「I wonder if we should have a full-scale discussion when Xenovia returns tomorrow.」Regina asked, glancing at me.

「That would be a good idea.」

Dion will probably be collecting information from the intelligence division of the Salvation Organization. And Milt will be analyzing the magic stones.

「What about the demon that you defeated, Master?」Milt asked.

「That demon was pretty strong. Shiro, Fluffy, and Fay helped me.」

On a side note, the divine spirit of the Human God, Fay, was sleeping soundly in my pocket.

I took out the core of the demon that I defeated and placed it on the desk.

Flesh still stuck around the large magic stone, and many other smaller magic stones were attached to the flesh.

「Master, what is this?」Regina asked.

「Have you never seen something like this either, Regina?」

「I have never seen a magic stone so strange-looking!」Regina exclaimed.

「What about Milt and Dion?」

「I haven’t seen it either.」

「This is the first time I am seeing something like this.」

It seems that even Milt and Dion didn’t know.

Apparently, it was a new type of demon.

「Master, tell us more about the battle with that demon!」Regina said, excitedly.

「Sure, of course.」

I was feeling tired, and it would be troublesome to explain again after Xenovia returned tomorrow. However, it is better to share the information quickly.

I explained the battle with the demon to my disciples.

Regina, Dion, and Milt listened with a serious expression.

「This is just a guess, but… it could have been one of the higher ups.」Dion said.

「What do you mean?」

「Maybe it was one of the leaders of Tenebris Cult.」

「Master. Can I borrow this core? I want to investigate it.」Milt asked, pointing at the core.

「Of course.」

「Thank you.」

「Master is amazing! If you defeated one of the leaders, it could be a serious blow to the Cult!」Regina said, stroking my head.

「Is that still a possibility?」

When I asked that, Dion nodded, with a serious look.

「Yes. It’s still possible. We’ll investigate to confirm the information as soon as possible.」

「I’ll leave it to you then.」

The disciples all started to move.

Thus, I went to pick up Saria at the nursery. I did not forget to collect Shiro from above Dion’s head, and headed for the nursery together.

The time is already in the evening.

When I arrived at the nursery, Saria and RunRun ran up to me.

「Anicha! Welcome back!」

「I’m home, Saria. RunRun.」


「Were you a good girl?」

「I was! I was!」

Saria replied cheerfully. And RunRun shook his tail vigorously.

At that time, Rosetta’s sister, Rose, came over.

Rose’s tail was also swaying happily.

「Will-niichan! Welcome back!」

「Rose, were you a good girl too?」


「Thank you for always playing with Saria.」


Rose then looked around.

She was looking especially behind me. Probably searching for Rosetta.

Unable to find Rosetta even after searching, Rose tilted her head.

「Where is onee-chan?」

「Rosetta will be back tomorrow.」

「……I see.」

Rose looked lonely.

Her ears drooped down and her tail hung down spiritless.

「Anicha, Saria will also stay in the nursery until tomorrow!」Saria said, looking at Rose.

Saria’s intention seemed to be firm.

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  1. …Milt’s a traitor, isn’t he? Youngest disciple, but looks oldest due to his humanity. Was conveniently far away to take care of demons, but I heard no details. And he was REALLY far away. The demons knew a lot about who was where, which implicates a leak. That demon that died left a big flag that indicates he might return… and his core just entered Milt’s hands to “investigate” it. Is this the situation where, due to feeling his limits from age, Milt turns against humanity? I hope not. It feels like there’s a lot of hints that he will, though.

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