133. Nursery

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133. Nursery

Saria, Rose and RunRun are always together in the nursery.

Since Rosetta will be returning late, Rose would have to spend the night alone.

Of course, there are also nursery staff and other children, but it would certainly feel lonely not to have her closest friends, Saria and RunRun.

Even though Rose acts like an older sister to Saria, she is still a five-year-old child.

「Saria, are you going to stay?」I asked.

「Un!」Saria nodded.

Saria probably thought Rose would be lonely.

A very kind child.

However, I was worried about leaving my little sister alone and returning to the dorm.

「Saria-chan. I will be okay, you know? I am your big sister, after all!」Rose said, stroking Saria’s head.

「Saria simply wants to stay in the nursery. Right, RunRun?」Saria asked, looking at RunRun.

「Wo-Woof?」RunRun looked perplexed.

Runrun would probably prefer to be with me, as he was glancing repeatedly at me.

I gently stroked RunRun’s head, and talked to the nursery staff.

「Excuse me, is it alright if I stayed here too…?」

「Oh, we don’t mind. We also have children older than you, Will-san.」

Come to think of it, I am also an eight-year-old child.

「Thank you. I apologize for the inconvenience.」

「No, it’s all right.」

And then I turned towards Saria and Rose.

「I decided to stay here too, so let’s all stay together.」

「Yay!」「Woof! Woof!」

Saria and RunRun were pleased.

「Ah, thank you, Will-niichan.」

Rose also seemed relieved to be able to stay with Saria and RunRun.

I suppose I could also check out how life in the nursery goes.

We all ate dinner and decided to take a bath after.

The nursery also has a bath facility that can accommodate more than a dozen people at once.

Bathing seems to be separate for men and women. Both men and women work at the nursery, after all.

I decided to take a bath together with the boys in the nursery.

Shiro, Fluffy, Rubeum, and Fay were not allowed to enter the bath, as expected.

I left them with Saria and Rose who came out of the bath first. The godbeasts were all tired, so they didn’t make much noise.

I had Saria and Rose put them to bed.

「Good night, Shiro-chan!」



Saria was like a mother putting the kids to sleep.

RunRun was watching over them, so I was able to take a bath without much worry.

Staff washed the toddlers, while one of the older children helped wash a child younger than himself.

I also decided to help and wash the younger children.

「Hyah! Hyah!」

「Hey, hey, don’t move around so much.」

I quickly washed a child who was just too hyper.

He only seemed to be slightly older than Saria. Around 4-years-old, I’m guessing?

He was so mischievous, and just would not stand still.

「I’ll wash your head next!」

「Today… I played a game!」

「I see. That’s amazing.」

「Yea! It was so cool!」

While I was washing the boy’s head, the staff called out.

「Will-kun, you are so helpful!」

「I’m used to washing Saria all the time.」

「Is that so? You’re also a child, but so independent already.」

I was praised by the staff. I am an 8-year-old child and also have a child’s body, so it can’t be helped.

After washing the body, we entered the bathtub.

Even in the bathtub, the children were playing around.

Compared to Saria, they were pretty naughty.

After that, I got out of the bath and went to check on everyone.

Saria and Rose were already asleep. Hugging Shiro and Rubeum, sleeping comfortably.

Fay and Fluffy were sleeping beside the pillow.

「They were pretty tired, huh.」

I stroke their heads, and put a blanket over them.

RunRun, who was watching over them, came closer and nudged my hand with his nose.

「Thank you very much, RunRun.」


RunRun silently wagged his tail.

I decided to borrow the bed next to Saria and Rose to sleep.

When I asked the staff, it seems that that bed is the one RunRun usually sleeps in.

After that, I hugged RunRun and went to sleep. It was fluffy and very comfortable.

The next day, I was awakened by the energetic Saria and Rose.

After waking up, we all had breakfast together.

「Ummmm, so delicious!!」Fay exclaimed, while stuffing herself stupid with the breakfast.

I even started wondering where all that food went in her less than 100cm body.

「Mee, mee~」

Fay was almost as bad as Shiro, who always stuffs his face into the milk bowl.

Maybe she burns energy while sleeping and is quite hungry.

「Fay-chan, sugoi!」Saria said, looking impressed.

「Sugoi!」the rest of the kids echoed.

It seems that children with small appetites started eating a lot as well. Probably because they were inspired by Fay. The staff were so grateful.

And in the middle of the meal, Rosetta showed up.

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