134. Information Exchange with the Disciples

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134. Information Exchange with the Disciples

When Rose noticed Rosetta’s arrival, she rushed up to her sister and gave her a big hug. Rose then told her sister about how we all stayed together.

「Thank you, Will, Saria, for staying with Rose.」Rosetta said, bowing her head.

「Don’t worry about it. I was also able to learn what Saria’s life was like in the nursery.」

「Saria also had a lot of fun!」Saria exclaimed.

「Even so, thank you so much.」

Rosetta thanked us again and again. After that, she joined us for breakfast.

「Rosetta. What happened after I left?」I asked, while wiping Saria’s mouth.

Yesterday, Regina and I rushed towards Xenovia on Rubeum. And although Dion was a little slower than us, he, too, rushed back to the royal capital on Dura. Meanwhile, Rosetta flew back on the academy wyvern together with Arti and Tina.

「Things were quiet on our end. I’m guessing it was harder for you Will, wasn’t it?」

「About so. It was quite difficult. We will have a meeting in the president’s office later today.」

「I see… I’m off for today. My master seemed to be tired.」

Rosetta’s master is the Hero Regina. She probably went to say hello before coming to the nursery.

「Are Arti and Tina taking the day off too?」

「That’s right. We were told it’s important to rest. We are also prohibited from training.」

For the past few days, everyone has been working their bodies vigorously.

Playing with the child dragons in the match with Dura.

Using physical strength to keep steady while flying on the back of a wyvern for hours.

It wouldn’t be strange if they were tired.

「Shall I look after Saria-chan and RunRun when you go to the president’s office?」Rosetta asked.

「Is that alright?」

「Yeah, of course. How about you, Saria-chan? Want to play with this big sister?」

「Yup!」Saria replied happily.

I decided to leave Saria and RunRun in Rosetta’s care.

After all, I want to get back to Saria as soon as the meeting in the president’s office is over.

After breakfast, I headed to the president’s office with the rest of the godbeasts except RunRun.

On a side note, Fay fell asleep again immediately after eating breakfast.

In the battle with the demon yesterday, Fay shared a lot of magical power with me. Therefore, she might still be feeling exhausted.

「Thank you for your hard work. Get a good sleep.」

I put Fay in my pocket and gently stroked her. She seemed to be the most exhausted compared to Shiro, Fluffy, and Rubeum. I’ll let her eat and sleep as much as she wants.

When I arrived at the president’s office, all four of my disciples were already present.

「Thank you, Master, for coming so early in the morning.」Xenovia said, running up to me.

「Same goes for you, Xenovia. Didn’t you just return?」

「No, I’m completely fine! Because I’m still young!」

「Oh, I see?」

Xenovia is an elf, so her appearance age and body age are still young.

However, her actual age itself is about 130 years old. She is not young in that sense.

But, after deliberate consideration, I decided it would be better not to bring up her age.

I headed to the couch where I always sit.

Xenovia returned to where she was sitting earlier; beside Milt, so I sat across from Milt.

Then, Dion immediately served tea and sweets.

「Thank you, Dion.」

「No, it’s nothing much.」

With that said, Dion sat next to me. Shiro quickly picked up the sweets and climbed onto Dion’s head. And started munching on the sweets on Dion’s head. Although he had just eaten breakfast, Shiro still wants to eat more.

「Shiro. The candy crumbs are falling on Dion.」


「I don’t mind, Master.」Dion said, smiling happily.

Just as he was saying that, two arms sneaked under my armpit from behind and lifted me up. The perpetrator was Regina.

「Before Master arrived, we shared information with each other.」Regina said, while smoothly sitting down on the couch as she sat me on her lap.

「So you have already shared information? That should make this quick then.」

「That’s right.」Regina said, as she took a piece of candy and brought it near my mouth.「Master, is it delicious?」

「Oh? Oh… Thank you.」

Since I had just eaten breakfast, I was not hungry. However, I ate it because it wasn’t a big deal.

It tasted very good, at least.

「Eat a lot and grow up big~」

Her attitude towards me has changed to how one would deal with a young child since yesterday.

Maybe that’s how she is starting to see me. It can’t be helped, so I simply decided to accept the sweets that Regina fed me.

Dion did not seem perturbed even when his master was treated like an infant.

With Shiro still on his head, he began to speak with a serious expression.

「I shall start first. This latest attack was launched by the Tenebris Cult.」

「Well, that’s right.」

Dion seems to explain even things which are near certain without omitting them. I suppose that would be helpful.

「Yes. And the enemy’s total strength was one beastkin and sixteen demons.」

「…That’s quite a lot.」

Hearing this number, you can feel the seriousness of the Tenebris Cult.

「Moreover, four of the sixteen demons transformed into beastkins.」

「Considering the transformation, it might be better to count it as twelve demons and five beastkins!」Regina said, while feeding me another sweet.

Then, Milt took out a demon’s core from his magic bag and placed it on the desk.

The core belonged to the demon I defeated.

「Master. One thing that should be especially noted, is this core.」

There was a deep wrinkle between Milt’s eyebrows as he said so.

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