135. Information Exchange with the Disciples (2)

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135. Information Exchange with the Disciples (2)

「Isn’t that the core of the demon I defeated? It was a very troublesome enemy.」

「Yes. There are a number of anomalies in this core.」

There were dark circles under the Milt’s eyes.

He was probably analyzing the core overnight.

I am a little worried about him because he was physically the oldest of my disciples.

「…Milt, are you okay?」

「Yes. I am fine. Thank you for your concern, Master.」Milt said, with a smile.

And he resumed the explanation.

「A new technology is used in this core.」

「What kind of technology is it?」

According to Milt’s explanation, the core itself seems to be the original body of the demon.

The original body was shrunk, and the flesh scraped off, until only the magic stone and the meat sticking to it were left. Moreover, it seems that another demon’s magic stone was embedded onto it to make it serve as a reserve mana tank.

「What do you think is the purpose of making such a body?」

「The biggest advantage is that there will be no vital points.」

Milt nodded in agreement to my statement.

「It’s function as a mana tank is also troublesome, but having no vitals is more troublesome.」Regina said, while throwing a sweet into her mouth.

「Sure, separating the vital point is troublesome, but I don’t think it’s more troublesome than a demon transforming into a beastkin.」I said to Milt.

「In terms of pure offensive capabilities, certainly a beastkin is more troublesome.」Milt agreed.

The demon I fought was indeed troublesome, but in terms of offensive power, it was still within the levels of a demon. You can defeat it as long as you find the vital point. However, if it transforms into a beastkin, both offensive and defensive power will shoot up.

「What was the objective of this enemy?」I asked Milt.

「I shall explain regarding that.」

Dion answered instead. So I silently urged him to continue.

「This core belonged to one of the leaders of the Tenebris Cult. A Cardinal.」

「I see…」

No wonder he was so strong.

「He was the commander who was in charge of the attack. Defeating him was a great achievement, Master.」Dion smiled happily.

I also understood the reason why the demon I defeated was keeping itself hidden even though it was so strong. The commander cannot be on the front line. That’s why it was hidden.

「By the way… How high is the Cardinal position in the Tenebris Cult?」

I don’t know much about the Tenebris Cult, after all.

「Cardinal is the highest position in the Tainebris Cult.」Dion said, pointing to the Cardinal’s core.「Including this, there are four Cardinals in the Tenebris Cult.」

「No, to be exact, there were four! Master defeated one, so now there are only three left.」Regina exclaimed, and happily stroked my head.

Then, Dion politely explained to me about the structure of the Cult.

The highest decision-making body of the Tenebris Cult is the Cardinals.

The Cardinal body is composed of four demons.

Since one has died now, there are only three members in the Cardinal.

In addition, there are executives such as Archbishops and Bishops under the Cardinals.

And most of the executives of the Tenebris Cult seem to be demons.

「The twelve demons and five beastkins which participated in the attack were most likely his subordinates.」

「I see. Maybe he didn’t transform into a beastkin because he was a Cardinal.」

「It might be just as you say, Master.」

Dion agreed with me, but Regina didn’t seem to understand well.

While stroking my head more violently with her right hand, she hugged me closer with her left arm.

「What do you mean, Master?」

「Being a leader meaning he is the command tower. So, transforming into a beastkin isn’t suitable for giving instructions.」

「Because it can’t speak words?」

「That’s right. It will be difficult to even make gestures.」

The beastkins I’ve fought did not speak any words.

It just growled like a beast.

Even if offensive power shoots up, it will be difficult to preserve the chain of command.

「I see… I guess so.」Regina said, and started thinking a little.「I understand that it would be difficult to take command, but what about the intelligence of the beastkin itself?」

「I don’t know for sure.」Dion said.

「Dion, please tell us what you think. It doesn’t matter even if it’s just your intuition.」

「Hmm… At the very least, I don’t think it becomes smarter than when it is a demon.」

Then Dion gave various examples of why he thought so. He seems to have decided from their coordination and the way they retreated during the battle.

「I also agree with Dion.」

「I agree.」

Milt and Xenovia also agreed with Dion.

Regina seemed to be convinced when she heard that.

「If transforming into a beastkin lowers your intelligence and ability to communicate, it’s no wonder that the Cardinal didn’t transform.」

「In comparison, it makes more sense to separate the core out of the body.」

You can still give instructions and your intelligence does not fall. It is also suitable for hiding one’s presence by reducing the supply of mana from the core, which is the main body. The core is small, so there are many ways to hide it. Its fighting power is also higher than that of an average demon, and a hidden vital point makes it even harder to kill.

「It truly is troublesome.」

And Milt nodded in agreement to Dion’s words.

「I have another thing to report regarding it.」Milt said, and placed an ore next to the core on the table.

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