137. Rubeum’s Accomplishment

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137. Rubeum’s Accomplishment

「Rubeum, how does your ability to sense and hide presence work?」Milt asked.

「Kyuru, I don’t know.」Rubeum shook his head after thinking for a while.

「Is that so…」Milt looked quite disappointed.

「Rubeum’s ability to detect and hide presence is by birth. So it would be difficult to explain, right?」

「It may be exactly as you say, Master.」

「Rubeum-san, will you help us understand it?」Dion asked.

「Since Dion is asking, I don’t mind, kyuru. It won’t hurt, right?」

「Of course not.」

「Leaving aside the ability to hide presence, our current presence detection technology is lacking quite a bit.」Regina said, while stroking me and Rubeum.

「Is that so? Kyuru」.

「Yes, our intelligence unit couldn’t detect the movement of the Cult.」Dion said.

Which means, the Salvation Organization lost to the Tenebris Cult’s presence concealment technique.

Dion, who is in charge of the intelligence unit, naturally would feel a sense of crisis.

「Have something like this ever happened before?」I asked.

「No, it hasn’t.」Dion answered.

Milt, Xenovia, and Regina nodded.

「Information is a major reason why we were able to hold the upper hand against the Cult.」

The Salvation Organization was completely behind in response to this large-scale attack.

We were only able to push back the Cult because Rubeum’s speed was unexpected in the enemy’s plan.

In addition, the strength of my disciples was probably greater than the Cult expected.

「And Master’s presence also made a great difference.」

「Yes, it is as Dion says. The enemy could have never expected that.」Xenovia said.

「We should keep Master’s existence a secret from the Cult from here on too.」

I agree. The existence of the students, including myself, should not be known to the Cult.

「Even so, we were out of luck.」Regina said, while picking up a sweet from the desk.

「How so?」

「The Cult’s attack just so overlapped at the same time Milt left.」


Everyone was speechless.

Regina, who was munching on sweets, tilted her head.

「What? Did I say something strange?」

Regina doesn’t seem to have realized yet, so, as her master, I’ll have to teach her.

「That itself is the enemy’s diversion.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. Dion is sensing a crisis because we were caught in the diversion.」

「I see…」

Regina is in charge of combat, so it can’t be helped. Although she has the highest combat prowess, she is not good at realizing or breaking through enemy plans.

「But, wouldn’t the Cult want to keep the excavation of sub-Mithril a secret?」

「I don’t think so.」

「What do you mean, Master?」

「Well, we only realized that sub-Mithril ore is important because we got our hands on a Cardinal’s core.」

Without the Cardinal’s core, we wouldn’t pay attention to the sub-Mithril ore.

We would have thought that mining was just a diversion to lure Milt.

And the Cardinal himself had no plans to participate in the battle.

In fact, neither the intelligence unit nor the combat unit of the Salvation Organization noticed.

On the contrary, even Regina and Xenovia, members of the Council of Sages, were unaware.

I also noticed the Cardinal for the first time after being pointed out by Rubeum.

The enemy’s concealment magic was almost perfect.

「Rubeum’s existence was too unexpected for the Cult.」


There is no way the Cult would have imagined Rubeum’s sharp ability to detect presence.

「That’s right. As expected, Ruu-chan.」Regina praised Rubeum.

「Rubeum, who discovered the Cardinal first, and Master, who defeated the Cardinal, deserve the biggest credit.」Xenovia said.

「Well, most of it still belongs to Rubeum.」


「He also found the enemy intelligence unit lurking nearby after defeating the Cardinal.」

「It’s exactly as you say, Master.」Dion agreed with me.

Rubeum was also the only one who noticed the enemy’s intelligence unit.

「I’m scared to think what would have happened if they were successful in bringing back the information.」Dion said.

「And not being able to bring back the information is a huge blow for the Cult.」

If the information had been brought back, the Cult would’ve most likely gained the upper hand against the battle with the Salvation Organization in the future.

「Thank you very much, Rubeum.」

「Thank you. You indirectly saved a lot of the lives of our students.」

Complimented by Dion and Regina, Rubeum started feeling very shy.


He was happily shaking his tail, and nudging his head against my thighs.

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