138. Future Plan

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138. Future Plan

Xenovia smiled while looking at Rubeum acting bashful.

And then she turned to me and said,「There is no doubt that it was a big blow to the Cult.」

「We haven’t completed our investigations yet, so we can’t let our guard down.」Dion reminded her.

「Yes, I know.」

「If so, that’s good.」

Dion himself probably believes that it was a big blow. But he reminded us so that we don’t become lax.

Looking at my relieved disciples, I asked.

「Assuming that it is indeed a big setback for the Cult, what do you think their next move will be?」

「For the time being, they won’t be able to move properly. They will withdraw and strengthen their defenses.」

Apparently, Regina is optimistic.

「It’s unlikely that they will withdraw. They will most likely start moving behind the scenes to regain power.」

Xenovia is a little more pessimistic than Regina.

「Dion, Milt, what do you think?」

「Hmm… I think they will be observing the situation for now.」

「As for me… I think there is a possibility of a fierce counterattack.」

Among the disciples, Milt seems to be the most pessimistic.

「Milt, why do you think so?」

「I can’t really say for sure since we don’t have detailed information, but…」

「An intuition?」

「You can say that.」

「That said, I am sure you have some basis for that intuition, right?」Dion, with a gentle tone, urged Milt to speak his thoughts.

「The Cardinals are the highest executives, the supreme leaders of the Cult. I think the demons will attack following the Cardinal’s death.」

「They would try to earn credit to become a Cardinal?」Regina asked.

「I’ve killed big executives in the past, but I don’t think the demons attacked back then.」Xenovia said, tilting her head.

「But the highest you’ve killed is only an Archbishop, right?」Milt said.

「That’s true, but…」

It seems to be the first time that a Cardinal has been killed in the nearly 100 year battle between the Salvation Organization and the Cult.

「I think a Cardinal and an Archbishop are very different.」Milt said.

「What do you mean?」

「There is no higher position than a Cardinal.」


Regina still didn’t seem to understand yet, so Milt began explaining politely.

If there is a Cardinal when an Archbishop dies, it is the Cardinal who decides the successor for the vacant position.

However, if a Cardinal dies, there is no superior to appoint one.

「It’s just a guess, but… I think it would be a matter of discussion between the three Cardinals.」

「Well, I think so too.」

「In which case, deciding an Archbishop to rise to the Cardinal position would become a political situation.」

If the Archbishop recommended by one Cardinal ascends to the position of Cardinal, then that Cardinal’s influence within the Cult will grow bigger.

All three Cardinals surely understand this, so they each would recommend an Archbishop who works under them.

「So now, let’s say that the Archbishop recommended by one of the Cardinals achieved a meritorious deed. Then the other two Cardinal’s wouldn’t be able to oppose that Archbishop’s rise to position.」


Regina seems to be convinced too.

It would be a great achievement if the Cardinal candidate killed the executives of the Salvation Organization.

It would be even more decisive if they could kill one of the members of the Council of Sages.

「So I think we have to be especially careful now.」

「An internal power struggle, huh. Hmm, it’s certainly possible. Good thinking, Milt.」

When I praised him, Milt looked to be a little shy.

「Well, it could also be a needless worry, though.」Milt said.

「We don’t lose anything by being wary. We should also inform our executives to be vigilant.」Xenovia said.

「Then, Xenovia, please inform them.」

「That’s fine, but what about you, Dion?」

「I will try to get some inside information on the Cult.」

「Then, I shall subdue any demons as soon as they are found.」

That would probably be the best for Regina, who is the best at fighting and not much else.

「Please join me on the Cardinal core’s examination, Master.」

「All right.」

「How lucky. Milt gets to be with Master.」Regina said, sounding envious.

「It is a mage’s privilege.」Milt said, smirking.

After that, all the disciples started to move.

I also began the investigation with Milt.


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