139. Dura’s House

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139. Dura’s House

Next day. After completing my daily early morning training, I headed to Milt’s lab. Saria and Run Run were at the nursery.

The highest priority target we had to examine was the Cardinal’s core.

And we also have to examine the corpse of the tail of Tenebris, the beastkin.

I also want to solve the secret behind how a human transforms into a demon and from demon to a beastkin.

「The body modification technology of the Tenebris Cult is quite advanced.」I said to Milt, while we examined.

「Yes. It pains me to admit it, but theirs is much better than us.」

「Be that as it may, I wouldn’t want to imitate it.」

「That’s right, of course.」Milt said, with a laugh.

We analyze body modification technology as a countermeasure. Not to modify our own bodies.

「Was the Cult’s technology high since the beginning?」

「No… It only swiftly improved recently.」

「…What happened?」

「I do not know.」

Maybe they have an excellent guy who oversees their technological unit.

「For the time being, let’s wait for the result of Dion’s information gathering.」

And we proceeded with the examination while talking.

「Even so, your skill has improved a lot, Milt.」

「I-Is that so? Well, it has been 100 years.」

「It is still amazing.」

「T-Thank you very much…」Milt said, tears rolling down the corners of his eyes.
「What happened?」

「I’m sorry, it’s nothing.」

Milt must have gone through a lot of trouble during those hundred years. I gently hugged Milt and stroked his head.

A long time ago… More than a hundred years ago, I did this often when Milt used to cry.

When I recalled those memories and was immersed in sentiment,

「Are you in here, Master?」Regina came in without knocking, and stood stunned when she saw the scene.「Oh, sorry.」she said.

「Wait, wait.」I said, as Regina awkwardly tried to leave.

I broke the hug with Milt, and asked.

「Is there something you need?」

「Yes, that’s right, but I’m not in a hurry.」

Regina probably said that in consideration of Milt, who she views as her little brother.

However, Milt had already stopped crying, so she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.

「It’s okay. Just tell me.」

「Dion wants you to come to Dura’s house.」

「Is the house completed?」

「Yeah. And he also wanted Ruu-chan to come along.」

「Ok, let’s go.」

「Milt, you come too.」Regina said.

「…Hmm? Okay.」

We were just about to pause the corpse examination, so we were able to leave immediately.

Regina guided us to Dura’s house.

Since we were outside, we can never know how many eyes are on us. Therefore, I walked behind Milt, carrying his luggage, so that I would look like Milt’s disciple.

After a short walk, we arrived in front of Dura’s house.

The newly built house was very close to the dormitory.

No, it would be more accurate to say that it is closer to my room than to the student dormitory.

If you jump out of the window of my room, the house is just right there.

Dura came to serve Rubeum.

Therefore, it may be natural that it is close to Rubeum’s residence, that is, my room.

「Wow, it’s quite big.」

「…You never noticed?」Milt asked, in a master-like tone.

「I knew it was under construction…」

But I didn’t know it was Dura’s house.

「It’s big. Kyuru.」Rubeum said, from Dura’s handmade baby sling.

I don’t know if it’s really comfortable, but, recently, whenever we move from place to place, Rubeum always goes into the baby sling.

「It’s a house for a big dragon to live in, after all.」

The house is smaller compared to the pen where more than a dozen wyverns lived. However, it is considerably larger than the houses where people live.

Dura’s length from his head to the tip of the tail exceeds 10 meters, and his height is 4 meters. The house is designed large enough for Dura to spend his time at ease.

The length and width of the house was 100m, and the height was 20 metres. And it seems to be semi-underground. The student dormitory exposure to the sun was taken into consideration, it seems.

「That’s a good design!」Regina said.

「Is that so? I think it’s too simple, though.」Milt said.

SInce they made it in a hurry, I think they couldn’t elaborate on the design.

「I like this kind of design.」

「You think so too, right, Will? It looks really good.」Regina said, in a delighted tone.

When she tried to open the house’ huge door, almost at the same time, the door opened from the other side.

「GRR. Welcome, everyone.」

「Kyuru. Good morning, Dura.」

「A very good morning. Please, come inside.」Dura urged us to enter the house.

Talking outside makes us stand out, after all.

I entered inside, still following behind Milt.

Shiro and Fluffy also came in quietly.

When all of us went inside, the door was closed.

「Master. We have been waiting for you.」

Dion and Xenovia were already waiting inside Dura’s house.

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