14 – Morning of Entrance Exam


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Today was the morning after I measured the guardian deity love.
I woke up in the same bed as Saria, RunRun and Fluffy.
I wanted to sleep in a little more, but RunRun kept licking my face.

「Anicha! Good morning!」
「Woof, Woof!」
「Good morning, Saria. Thanks for waking me up, RunRun」
RunRun turned around while stretching his belly and wagged his tail.

「Anicha, I am hungry!」
「Pigi! Pigi!」
「So, Saria, RunRun and Fluffy are all hungry is it? Let’s go to the cafeteria then」

Saria seems to have taken a liking to the meals served at the cafeteria of Academy of Heroes.
It tastes delicious, full of nutrition and we can eat as much as we want.
It makes perfect sense for Saria to take a liking to it.
RunRun and Fluffy seemed to like the food for monster familiars that they ate yesterday.

「Even though it is so huge, there is no one here!」
「You’re right. All the students of the Academy of Heroes are supposedly outside on practical training」
「Oh that’s the reason」
「If I become a student of the Academy of Heroes…」
「Anicha will definitely succeed!」
「Thank you, Saria. But I would be away from the academy often」

To get real experience of fighting a monster, I will have to go outside the Academy.
Depending on the location, I might have to be away for more than one or two nights. In the meantime, Saria would be all alone in the Academy.
In fact, it would be nice if I could bring Saria along with me…

「… Saria will be alright! I can stay at home safely!」,said Saria.
「I see that’s great to hear」

Saria smiled and hugged Fluffy.

I also kindly patted Fluffy, even if it looks like this, Fluffy is still a godkin of Slime God.
I am greatly thankful to both Dog God and Slime God, although they are not my masters.

「I guess I have to formally name my slime too」

Fluffy seems to be saying 「I’m happy」.
I can somewhat understand what Fluffy was saying.
It might be because it is a godkin of the Slime God.

Saria calls it Fluffy, so I was also calling it Fluffy.
However, I want to formally name it.
I don’t want to make the same mistakes as I did when I was a child, when I named Luxcanis as RunRun.

「Fluffy is Fluffy!」
「Saria, are you sure you want to name it Fluffy?」

Fluffy seems to want to be named as such too. If the slime itself likes the name then everything is fine.

「Okay, you are officially ‘Fluffy’ from now on!」
「Pigi! Pigi–!」

We all went to the cafeteria and ate breakfast delightfully.

「Anicha! It was delicious!」

It felt wonderful to give Saria a life where she can eat delicious food every day.
I have been eating nutritionally good food until now, but the taste was often lacking.

Naturally, the food given by the main family was always lacking in both taste and amount.
That was compensated for by the birds and wild plants, RunRun and I find, and the food that the retainers shared.
The food served by the retainers was often delicious.
However, the birds and wild plants were simply baked without using water or salt. It can’t even be called cooking.

「Saria, I have put you through a lot」
「Anicha, Saria is fine!」
I patted Saria’s head as she smiled as bright as the Sun.

At the same time, Arti came to meet us.

「Will Wolms, let’s head to the exam hall」
「Arti, thank you for meeting me but… aren’t you busy too?」
「No, I am free. I am totally free」said Arti.

Does she not have any work to do because she’s an apprentice?
Or maybe she is under house-arrest for something she did?
For the time being, it may be best not to touch on the subject of Arti’s work.

As I was thinking of certain concerns of mine, Arti plainly spoke.

「Will RunRun and slime be coming along?」
「Slime has officially been named Fluffy」
「I see, then, will RunRun and Fluffy be coming along?」
Arti politely restated.

「Since they are monster familiars, they can accompany me to the exam?」
「That’s right, if you have the ability to manipulate monster familiar, you can pass with that alone」

I looked at RunRun and Fluffy.
「Anicha! Saria will be alright!」

I thought a little about how I didn’t want to make Saria feel lonely.
However, if I managed to enter the Academy, then there will surely be times when Saria will have to be alone.
It might be better to let her get used to it.
「Then, can you wait alone Saria?」
「Yup, I got it!」

After that, I left Saria at the nursery and headed towards the entrance examination hall.
The entrance exam hall was at a separate building from the main building and the dormitory.

「This is as far as I go」
「Thank you for everything, Arti」
「No, don’t worry about it」

It would seem that nobody else except the examinees and examiners are allowed to enter the hall.

「Good luck」
「Thank you」

I walked into the exam hall together with RunRun and Fluffy.
RunRun followed me closely by my side, while Fluffy rode on my right shoulder.

「Oi! Beast boy!」
「Aah, look at that crooked nose!」

As soon as I entered the hall, I was discovered by the two scions.



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