140. Will’s Blessing

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140. Will’s Blessing

It was a little unexpected that all four of my disciples were gathered at Dura’s house.

It would seem that we were not called here for a house tour.

I took Rubeum out of the baby sling.

Rubeum flew towards Dura, and began stroking his head.

Since I stroke his head often, he might have seen it as an expression of endearment.

After confirming that Dura was happy, I asked Dion.

「So, what’s the matter?」

「First of all, I wanted to show Dura’s house to you, Master.」

In case of emergency, there may be times I would have to get on Dura’s back.

In such a case, it would be a problem if I didn’t know where his house was.

「We built it near Master’s room, but…」

「You wanted it to be near Rubeum, correct? I don’t mind.」

「Thank you.」

「You can even connect a passage from my room to this house.」I said, casually.

「Is that ok?」Dura asked, with great vigour.

「Yeah, I don’t mind.」

「Rubeum is okay with that too. Kyuru~」

「Thank you very much. I am most humbled.」Dura said, bowing his head.

「…If that’s the case, let’s construct a passage.」Dion said.

「Dion, thank you.」Dura said.

「No, it’s alright.」

Even if you connect a passage, you cannot make a large enough passage that can allow someone as large as Dura to pass through.

Will it be a passage for me and Rubeum to come and go?

For the time being, I decided to leave all matters relating to the passage to Dion.

「Secondly, if it’s alright with you, Master, about the blessing…」

「Oh, right, Regina mentioned that.」

The blessing Dion is talking about is the blessing of a God granted by an apostle.

The other day, the apostle of the Dragon God, godkin Rubeum, blessed the dragons.

Thereupon, even a child dragon was able to speak the human language. His fighting power was also significantly improved.

「I am the apostle of the Human God, but I am also the apostle of various gods.」

「Yes, if it is alright with Master…」Milt started.

「We would like to experiment and see if Master can really grant blessings!」

「Regina, calling it an experiment is rude towards Master.」Milt rebuked.

「Yeah, yeah.」Regina just brushed it off.

「We have confirmed that Master can take away blessings, but we still haven’t confirmed if you can grant them.」

Xenovia is talking about the time my cousins lost their blessings.

If I could grant blessings, it would be a big plus for future battles.

「Okay. Let’s try it. Line up.」

「Thank you!」

「But are you really sure you want to bless us?」

「Of course.」

I don’t think blessings should be given without thought.

Especially if it improves abilities.

However, I have known my disciples since their childhood.

Each one of them is a good guy. I have no problem giving them a blessing.

The disciples lined up side by side.

From the right, Dion, Xenovia, Regina, Milt.

「Then, we’ll start with Dion.」

「Yes, Master.」

The tall Dion, lowered down to his knees, and bowed his head.

Even I, a short eight-year-old child, can now touch his head.

Following Dion, Xenovia and others bow their heads.

I touched Dion’s head.

「Human God, Magic God, Sword God, War God, Fighting God, Water God, Flame God, Wind god, Thunder god…」

I called out the names of the gods who made me their apostle.

I also called on Metal God, Blacksmith God, Hunting God, Earth God and more.

After that,

「Grant Dion Edel Aqua with the grace and blessing of the gods.」

The moment I chanted that, I felt a mysterious feeling.

Something flowed through me to Dion – that kind of feeling.

「How do you feel, Dion?」

「I experienced a mysterious feeling.」

「I see. Do you feel stronger?」

「…It’s still too soon to tell.」

And then, I also blessed Xenovia and the others.

The disciples all seemed to have experienced a mysterious feeling.

However, they couldn’t tell if they had become stronger.

「This is the first time I’m granting blessings, so I don’t know if this is okay…」

「It’s okay. Kyuru-」Rubeum said, sitting on Dura’s head and watching the situation all the while.

「Are you sure?」

「Yeah. It’s the same as I did. Kyuru.」

It is encouraging to have an experienced person who gave blessings to dozens of dragons earlier say so.

「The dragons weren’t self-aware either. Kyuru.」

Speaking of which, I remember that the dragons who became able to speak human language were not very aware of it.

「Hey, I’ll go check it real quick!」Regina said, and ran out.

She’s most likely going to check with Milt’s love-value measuring device.

「Dion, Xenovia, Milt, you should all go too.」

When I said that, everyone went out of Dura’s house.

As I expected, they, too, seemed to be interested in the results.

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