141. Dura’s House and Rubeum’s Unique Ability

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141. Dura’s House and Rubeum’s Unique Ability

On the other hand, since my disciples were gone, I decided to take a leisurely tour of Dura’s house.

From the huge entrance to the place where we are now, there was just a large, empty space.

「Since I’m huge, I need a lot of space to move around.」

「I suppose it would be hard to move around too much indoors.」

「Yes. The bedroom is this way.」

Following Dura’s guidance, we proceeded to the back and went through a large door which connected to another room. There was something like a round basket with a diameter of about 15 meters in that room. The huge basket contained a futon-like soft material.

「Do you sleep in that?」



Rubeum flew towards Dura’s bed and sat in it.

Shiro and Fluffy also ran up to Rubeum.

「It’s so soft! Kyurururu」「Memee!」「Pigi!」

「I am humbled!」Dura said.

After that, we moved to another room. There were various devices and materials placed there.

「This is my workshop.」

「For clothing?」


It was Dura who made the Rubeum’s baby sling.

Dura excels in clothing-related skills.

「There are also smithing tools.」

「Oh, it’s a complete workshop.」

Overall, it was better than the smithing setup in my room.

「Will, you are welcome to use it at any time.」

「Are you sure?」

「Of course.」

That’s a very kind offer.

I would like to come here when I have some free time.

When talking to Dura about the equipment in the room, my disciples returned.

「So, how was it?」

「Yes. The love value had risen across the board.」Dion said.

「That’s good to hear!」

It seems that the blessings worked.

「I will do my best not to disappoint the gods and you, Master.」

「Blessing can’t show its true value without effort.」

「Yes, it is as you say, Master.」

The disciples seem to be determined to work harder. That’s reassuring.

「Master, Rubeum-dono, I have one last request.」Dion said.

「Hmm? What is it?」

「What’s up? Kyuru.」

「Rubeum-dono, I would like you to show me your concealment technique.」


And then, Rubeum began his lecture.

「This is how you erase your presence. Kyururu.」

「How do you hide from magic detection?」

「Hmm, I do it unconsciously… that’s it.」

Rubeum had a hard time putting it into words.

It can be difficult to explain what you do instinctually.

Rubeum’s explanation was difficult to follow, but I listened to it seriously.

「…In other words, make the mana emitted by the user not react to you?」

「Maybe? Kyuru.」

It’s not about not reacting to the mana, but rather make the mana not react to you. The explanation was extremely difficult to understand.

「What does that mean?」

Just as I thought, Regina didn’t seem to get it.

Not only Regina, but Xenovia and Dion have also not caught up with the explanation.

Only Milt and I understood.

「Um. It’s hard to explain, but…」

I decided to start explaining from the mechanism behind magic detection, so that even Regina can understand it.

When searching with magic, you basically emit mana.

You analyze the emitted mana when it reacts after hitting something.

The accuracy of the analysis depends on the ability of the mage.

「Master. I know all that, but what does it mean to make the mana not react to you?」

Regina’s question was justified. Though, it is extremely difficult to explain.

It is difficult to hide from magic detection. This is because living things always have a small amount of mana.

Your own mana reacts to the mana used in magic detection.

Therefore, general concealment techniques suppress your mana so it doesn’t react.

That way, unless you are moving around too much, the enemy will not detect you.

However, if the mage’s ability is high enough, it will be possible to detect you even if your mana does not react.

If you are a highly capable mage, you will be able to search for things that specifically do not have mana.

Depending on the proficiency of the ability, it is even possible to detect that a person with a mana signature was there until a while ago.

To hide from such a proficient mage, just making your mana not react is not good enough.

「In order not to be noticed by the other party, it is necessary to tune the wavelength of your mana to the other party’s mana.」

「Eh, you can do that?」

「Usually you can’t, but Rubeum has, in fact, completely masked himself from my detection.」

「In other words, he immediately detected Master’s mana wavelength and adjusted his own?」

「That’s the basics. But that’s not all.」

During my first battle with Rubeum, the light from my magic did not reach him at all.

「Rubeum matched my mana wavelength and at the same time absorbed my mana.」

「Kyuru. Yes, that’s it. Magic spells, rather than mana, can be absorbed to some extent.」

「The magic itself?」

「Yes, if it’s weak enough. Kyuru.」

「…That’s amazing.」


Rubeum shyly, flapped around his tail.

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