142. Presence Detection and Presence Concealment

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142. Presence Detection and Presence Concealment

「Can you actually show me the absorption?」I asked Rubeum.

「Okay, but softly. Kyuru.」

「Leave it to me.」

I shoot a very weak magic bullet at Rubeum.

The moment it came into contact with Rubeum’s scale, the magic bullet disappeared.



Dion and Dura were impressed.

It was indeed a wonderful ability.

「I could only absorb it because it was a weak magic bullet. Kyuru.」

「Even if it is weak, magic bullets are still magic bullets. Absorbing it is quite substantial.」

「As Master says, the mana of magic bullets is incomparable to the mana of magic detection.」

No matter how weak it is, magic bullets are offensive magic aimed at destroying.

The amount of mana is incomparable to non-destructive magic for detection purposes.

「If you can absorb magic bullets, then you won’t get detected in magic detection.」


「Although, I don’t think the Cardinal was using magic absorption, correct?」Regina asked.

「That’s right. There is probably no one else who can use it other than Rubeum.」

「Then, did he match his mana wavelength to ours?」

「I don’t think that’s the case, either.」

「What do you mean, Master?」

I explained more after thinking a little.

The disciples who were at the spot were Xenovia and Regina; they’re both poor magic users.

The rest were from the intelligence unit of the Salvation Organization.

「It’s a concealment technique that doesn’t get caught in the detection of the Salvation Organization.」

So, it’s a pretty good concealment technique

However, I noticed the existence of the Cardinal after being pointed out by Rubeum.

In other words, the Cardinal’s concealment ability is not as good as Rubeum.

If Rubeum was seriously hidden, it would be difficult for me to notice.

「Rubeum. Do you have any tips for finding hidden targets?」

「Kyuru…」Rubeum thought seriously for a while.

「When there is a person hiding, the surroundings feel strange.」


「It’s more like the surroundings are distorted than the main body.」

It’s probably a slight difference that you wouldn’t notice unless you were aware of it.

「I’ll erase my presence, so close your eyes and try to detect me.」


We all closed our eyes and Rubeum erased his presence.

It felt as if he was completely gone.

「Wow, Ruu-chan. Even though you’re so close, I almost couldn’t notice you.」

「Kyuru.」Rubeum’s voice echoed from nowhere.

Milt and I started our magic detection.

The whereabouts of everyone except Rubeum were immediately known.

However, Rubeum does not get caught in the magic detection.

「Wonderful. It’s as he really isn’t there.」

「Milt, don’t search for Ruu. Look for something strange.」

「Something strange?」

「Yeah. Kyuru.」

Something strange, huh… I’ll try again.

「I don’t feel anything strange.」

「That’s right. I don’t either, Master.」

Milt and I still could not sense it with our magic detection.

「I see. I think I may have understood.」Regina quietly muttered.

「What? No way?!」

It was no wonder that Milt was surprised. I was also surprised, after all.

Regina wasn’t using magic to detect.

「Don’t sound so surprised.」Regina said.

「Regina, you aren’t using magic, are you?」

「That’s right, but I can still sense presences in my own way.」

When it comes to Regina, it may be possible to do that.

「It’s kind of mind-boggling that you can do that without magic.」Milt said.

「If the target is far away, then my detection loses to a mage, but if they’re close, I can manage it somehow!」

With my eyes still closed, I can’t tell what expression Regina is making, but there is no doubt she’s making a triumphant face.

「Regina. Can you tell me what it feels like?」

「I’ll try since you asked, Master.」

And Regina started explaining her detection.

Where there is no presence, it seems that there is a sense of discomfort.

The space where there really is nothing and the space where Rubeum is, is slightly different.

「What’s the difference?」

「How should I put it… It’s hard to feel the space.」


Regina’s explanation was really difficult to understand.

If I had to summarize what she’s saying, it would be that there is “nothing” where Rubeum is.

「I do not understand.」


Milt and Dion shook their heads.

「Somehow, I think I understand.」Xenovia said.

「You understood that, Xenovia?」

「Yes, Master. There is “nothing” there.」

「…I see.」

Regina and Xenovia, who do not use magic, came to notice Rubeum first.

「Milt, Dion. Maybe the sensation is more difficult to understand for mages.」

「Master, what do you mean? Please teach me.」

Hearing Milt’s words reminded me of the past.

When he was little, Milt often asked me to teach him stuff, just like this.

「We tend to rely too much on magic.」

「Then what do Regina and Xenovia rely on?」

「Senses… or rather, pure mana.」

「Pure mana?」

I heard Dion’s voice coming from a fairly high position.

And we concentrated on searching for Rubeum’s presence using mana.

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